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UFC vs Boxing vs Kickboxing

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  • UFC vs Boxing vs Kickboxing

    Which sport do you find the most entertaining to watch?
    U mirin brah?

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    ... everyone knows my answer!

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      i was a big fan of boxing until i started watching ufc. There is just much more going on in it than two men punching each other in the face. still love boxing just not as much


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        i only want to be known as the best ever is that too much to ask? -bj penn


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          K-1 kickboxing not the MMA is by far the most entertaining thing on PPV. Its where you can seen Bob Sapp destroy his apponents with ease. You will never see Fedor trying to fuck with the beast.


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            My first love in the fight game will always be Boxing.

            But now a days MMA with Pride & UFC have caught my attention.

            Boxing can come back strong but they someone to go on another dominate run like Tyson did at the start of his career. Or maybe someone who can talk trash and back it up as much or even more than Ali did his day. Right now there is just no big name or big talent in boxing that jumps out at people.

            Thought guys like Mayweather and Roy Jones would change that, but hasn't worked out that way.

            People seems to still prefer stars in the Heavyweight division, and there were its most lacking.

            UFC sports talented and flamboyant guys in just about all of their weight classes.



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              UFC, i prefer to watch brutal fights...blood, hammer throws to the face, choke holds..etc etc


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                muay thai,,

                ufc is great untill they wrestle on the ground for 5 mins humping each other.


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                  I would like to say boxing but it has all gone to shit a litle bit, so i voted for UFC.

                  One thing that i think about sometimes is, all of these people have jumped on the UFC bandwagon and say that boxing is shit, but when do they cheer the loudest?

                  When there is a standup battle and the fighters are beating the shit out of each other or someone gets KO'd. Not when they are wrestling on being pussys up agaist the cage.


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                    Pfff have any of them fight to the death with a trained navy seal instructor. All will die.

                    None are real world, real life fighting so all mean nothing on the street. As for skill UFC is the worst of all above, it is a joke.


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                      I love boxing, the pool of genetically gifted boxers like Ali, foreman, Liston, are gone. I think the last real Good heavy weight is probably..maybe Larry Holmes. I would have said Evander, but other than Ridick boe and him knocking out Mike tyson. His fights were ok.

                      Evander fought an hold, heavy George Foreman, and wasn't able to knock him out or hurt him seriously. So that shows you how great Foreman really was. Even by Evanders own mouth, he said Foreman hits were the worst he ever got in his career, it wasn't even Ridick B. You can take it a step further and and analyse HOW GREAT Ali was. To take a beating from A prime Foreman, and KNOCK HIM OUT!! SOMETHING EVANDER COULDN'T DO.
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                        I too love boxing. And Boxing is not just about the Heavyweight division. There are 17 other weight classes and many other countries around the world follow the sport intensely. North America is just too fixated on the Heavyweights. Another thing, I don't understand the constant Boxing vs MMA debates. One can be a fan of boxing or mma or both. It is a personal preference like liking the NFL over MLB. Just like what you like and enjoy it.