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Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier : who takes it and why?

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  • Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier : who takes it and why?

    Man i havent wanted to see a fight this badly in a long time. I dont pretend to be an MMA expert so stick with me.....

    Both are extremely aggressive (I believe Cormier more likely to get mad and do something stupid).

    Both are extremely extremely athletic and agile (visually i want to say Jones is more so, but Cormier has shown some insane athleticism in his lifetime).

    Both are very powerful (Cormier being more powerful).

    Both are great wrestlers (Cormier obviously being a MUCH better wrestler...for you wrestlers he destroyed Damian Hahn in his trials finals to qualify for Olympics which is just stupid).

    Id say Jones is a very good striker with crazy range, while Cormier would be good but not great.

    Ok guys school me. What do you think?

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    I think because Jones is so seasoned and Cormier is not completely proven yet that everyone is underestimating him. Remember that every great fighter was once an unknown or underdog. They have all had to win fights near the beginning of their career where not much was known about them and they were counted out and expected to lose. I think this may be Cormiers fight.

    I seriously doubt Cormier gets knocked out. He would have to be put out cold to stay down (i just think hes too tough). I think this more than likely goes the distance unless Cormier catches Jones (unlikely). I dont think either can be submitted. This ends either on points striking in favor of Jones or takedowns in favor of Cormier.
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      My heart says Cormier, my head says Jones.

      That being said, Cormier spars with a better fighter than Jones...
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        I think Jones is to MMA what Phil Heath is to bodybuilding: unbeatable for the foreseeable future.


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          Originally posted by Michael_Edwards
          are you a fan of Michael Bisping or Connor McGreggor from Ireland
          Neither. With Mma I go with people > country

          used to be fan of GSP, now like Weidman, Rory McDonald, and anyone that fights a Diaz brother or anyone that fights quitter BJ Penn
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            Agree with a post earlier. Head is saying Jones, Heart is saying Cormier. Cormier trains with Cain, so I believe he'll be ready and won't be surprised if he takes it. I'm hoping DC takes this. Hard fight to pick though.
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              Originally posted by Michael_Edwards
              Anderson Silva fights Nick Diaz.. i'll be rooting for Diaz,ha... Weidman i root for and McDonald..was not a GSP fan.
              i am a Vitor Belfort,Rua and Overeem fan.(top strikers)
              Diaz and his ugly brother show no respect to the fans, the industry or their opponents. Weidman is a middle and McDonald is a welter. Must admit that Overeem is box office. The way he pussified Brock was fun to watch.
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                I honestly dont think Cormier comes out aggressive. I say he fights a counterfight, looks for openings and takedowns and the opportunity to wear Jones down. As Jones tires THEN Cormier will pressure. He is training with Valesquez who will have him in TOP shape and his gas tank will be full. My guess is Cormier looks to keep it close and wear Jones down and slowly pull away.

                It is to Jones advantage if Cormier pushes early or gets angry at any point and comes straight offense. I think Cormier will be prepared for that, though. Jones more than likely wants to keep his distance and utilize his reach and kicks. I have a feeling Cormier may sit on a few kicks and take Jones down.

                Speculation is fun, but we never know til fight day!
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                  I have to go with Cormier. Jones is going to have a much tougher time with him than people think. Remember Comier is a former heavyweight and was a smaller one at that. So the lack of size and reach won't factor in as much as people think as Cormier is used to it. He's beaten some guys with a sizable height and reach advantage over him. Jones's best bet is going to be to keep the fight at a distance. Up close in a clinch I thing he will have more trouble with Cormier than people think and Comier is versitle and strong enough to go toe to toe with Jones. Just look at Cormier vs Frank Mir. He tossed around some pretty big men. Cormier not only has knockout power but he has heavyweight knockout power putting 240-260 pound men to sleep. Jones has beaten some great names but none of those guys were used to fighting the size advantage and were as we'll rounded as Cormier.
                  Rashad-wrestling not on Cormier's level and has pillow hand punching power
                  Rampage- great punching but he stopped wrestling pretty much once he left Pride
                  Michida-his stick and move style only works when your not trying to get by a almost five foot swinging ax
                  Vitor-really fast hands and decent power but no wrestling (although his jujitsu did almost finish the jones fight early)
                  Shogun-arguably not even close to the same shogun of Pride but his reputation was a go at you 110% death brawl. That style can't beat the size advantage of a Jones.
                  Gust-great fight. With his size and ability I think he will be the man to beat the winner of Cormier vs Jones
                  hopefully it will be a great fight but I am going against the masses and picking Cormier.


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                    That is a great point. Cormier has handled big dudes including Silva (not saying hes on Jones level, but you get it hes a 6'4 hwt) and done some absolutely unheard of shit already in his short career with his wrestling.... literally launching, slamming, tossing and tripping as if the person was allowing it. Cormier is a gamer and up to the task. I take Cormier

                    FFWD to 1:20 and just WATCH
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                      I would not bet the house on anyone in this fight. This fight is too close to call. But Cormier wins via unanimous decision it and here is why.

                      Jones has looked unstoppable in his reign as light heavy weight champion and his only real test came in the form of Alexander Gustaffson mainly due to the fact that Jones didnt have control of the range as he usually does in every fight. Jones has never fought someone like Cormier. Cormier is by far the best and most powerful wrestler Jones will have ever faced. Sure Sonnen and Rashad are good wrestlers but no near the level of Cormier and they are both undersized light heavies. (Sonnen fought at 185 most of his career and there is talk of Rashad moving down to middle weight also) What makes Jones so great is that no one will engage him. If you get to close he will clinch with you control you and likely take you down. If you stay on the outside like most fighters do he will pick you apart and put you away in the 3rd or 4th round. Many fear getting to close to engage due to the fact they fear getting taken down something Cormier doesnt have to worry about. Im not saying Jones wont take Cormier down but if he does get a takedown or 2 he wont be able to control Cormier or do much damage before DC gets up. Another thing many people are not talking about is the hand speed of DC I think this ultimately makes the difference. While Jones has a great diversity in his striking he lacks knockout power and doesnt have the pure boxing speed that DC has. Cormier does have knockout power and some decent kicks of his own. In the end DC will not sit on the outside he will attack put pressure on Jones land some takedowns do a little damage on the ground and when standing will be able to connect more often and much cleaner than Jones due to the speed advantage. Jones' resume may look impressive but lets see who he has all beat shall we. Also as mentioned above DC trains with the baddest man on the planet on a daily basis Cain Velasquez a dominant heavyweight champion so Jones will not be scared or intimidated one bit by Jones as I think alot of his opponents are.

                      Shogun= beat Forrest Griffen for the belt and was claerly never the fighter he was in pride.
                      Rampage= poor mma wrestling could never commit to attack due to fear of being taken down
                      Rashad= Rashad stayed on the outside the entire fight and never really engaged not sure why but you cant win against Jones like this.
                      Sonnen= Sonnen talked a great game but was severely outsized and out muscled. Not to mention his poor stand up game Jones had no respect for.
                      Vitor= tremendous fighter but Jones' wrestling decided this fight
                      Gustaffson= Very close fight which Jones was losing until late in the 4th round when he landed a vicious spinning elbow. He was not able to take Gus down and actually Gus took him down twice. The reason Gus was able to do this was because Jones didnt have the control of the range in which the fight took place like he usually does. DC will also take that advantage away from him and thats what it takes to win the fight against Jones.


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                        This is the last fight i would even try to guess on. Two super high level guys are going to clash sat night and i have no idea who will win. Both have the edge in different areas so lets just see how it goes Jan 3rd.
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                          Originally posted by Michael_Edwards
                          put all your money on Jones unless he plans on throwing the fight..
                          he beat Rashad Evans easily who is similar only better then Cormier
                          Cormier is a great wrestler who has improved his striking since his Strikeforce fights.
                          i wouldnt say he has great knock out power or more power or weapons then Jones when it comes to stirking
                          Cormier fought Big Foot Silva and Barnet in Strikeforce tournament, he avoided having to fight Fedor Emelianko or Overeem in the tournament
                          (this when Overeem would of tossed him around like a rag doll or Fedor would of knocked him out)
                          but Cormier has improved alot since then but Jones has fought the best of the best and won every time.
                          Gustaffason was his hardest fight since Jones's reach,height and take downs were nullified.
                          Cormier will be lucky if he can get Jones down and if he does will not do much damage.
                          Jones will have the height and reach advantage which makes him hard to strike with.
                          i'm looking foward to the fight but not giving Cormier much of chance, maybe 25% max.
                          Good analysis
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                            Sending my son to this for his Christmas present. His pick is Cormier, because he says his wrestling is too good.


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                              Originally posted by GeorgeUK View Post
                              Diaz and his ugly brother show no respect to the fans, the industry or their opponents. Weidman is a middle and McDonald is a welter. Must admit that Overeem is box office. The way he pussified Brock was fun to watch.
                              im not saying this as brocks excuse but brock was all kinds of fucked up with his insides which led to him leaving ufc but then again who knows for just saying what i read about his conditions
                              That's what she said -Michael Scott-