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plz help asap im always getting sick

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  • plz help asap im always getting sick

    dear doc im 29 and been asthmatic since 4. im using seretide 500 once in morn and at night, im also on salbutamol 100mcg twice in morning and twice at night, ive currently got a chest infection so they give me predislone 6tabs in 1 go and clarithromycin 500mg to be taken 1 tab twice aday. last year i had 12 chest infections and seem to be getting worse. i eat a healthy diet when im not ill and take all my muti-vits vit c and so on. is there any vits or products you could reccomend to stop me picking up any little virus thats going around because i catch what ever is going about, i also drink alkaline water and use steroids about 4 cycles a year, 1 would look like this 750mg sus p/w deca 400mg p/w and 1mg of arimadex eod and some times d-bol at 40mg aday, i really hope you can help im willing to give anything a try thank you

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    How much mold is in your house?