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  • Average free serum testosterone

    Which group has on average the most free natural test in the blood?. The reason I ask this is because I have reached a high level of development after years of training and don't exactly want to juice yet as I'm only 19 years old and I would like to really reach my genetic peak or close before ever touching a chem. I would like to know if free test peaks in the late teens or in the mid 20's to know if it's going to get any better than this and how much better it's going to get. I want to know the difference between average free test in a late teen and average free test on a mid 20s guy.

    Current stats after 4-5 years of training with a good diet that kept getting better:
    5' 9''
    188 lbs morning fasted with all 8 visible abs and the obliques so like 8-10% bf range.
    16'' arms cold
    25'' thighs cold
    16.25'' calves cold
    40'' chest cold
    33'' waist empty stomach

    never touched even a ph.

    I appreciate any input.

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    You can continue to improve until at least your 30. Mind you there are many different aspects as cardio, strength, indurance, and definition.

    You should not be even midly interested in chems.