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  • Tren side effects


    Have you noticed tren to have very negative effects on blood work of your patients?

    if so, what was most negatively effected?

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    Anabolic doc I also would like to know how to avoid the progesterone side effect of fatigue on deca. Doc rxed it and I increased my test dose and that didn't help . I'm on trt . Only thing that kind of helps the Lethargy is a beta agonist. I seriously cannot imagine how these pros deal with the progesterone fatigue.


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      Tren sides are over rated. Get acetate and not enanthate as u can stop use quickly if it does turnout to be intolerable. Likely case is that you'll be fine running a good half a gram of tren without any issues tho


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        The basic trend side effects include hair loss,acne and higher blood pressure.Dosing factor is also very important for better effect just take 50mg-100mg per day.

        polyaspartic acid


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          I would stick with acetate tbh. Also no need to go higher than 600mg/week and run for 8 weeks before dropping. Insomnia and night sweats is a common side
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              I did 12 weeks of test cyp in only at 250mg a week. First time. I feel great too, definitely see gains and better mood.
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                Yes - the known side effects of steroids are well documented in scientific literature and aren’t really up for debate. However, the severity and frequency of serious negative side effects are vastly exaggerated by the media and by people who haven’t bothered to research the subject. You can also have next to zero side effects if you are sensible.

                Personally over the years, with my own eyes, on my own body, I’ve seen the following:

                Lowering of natural testosterone levels (all).

                Negative effects on cholesterol profile (all).

                Estrogen-related sides like water retention.

                Liver impacts (orals).

                Red face (sustanon).

                Acne (higher dosage).

                Libido changes (up or down depending on the drugs used).

                Pains in joints (winstrol).

                Insomnia (tren).

                Blood pressure increase.

                …and probably most of the others you can think of too. My “experimentation” days are over now though - so my cycles consist of a sensible dose of testosterone over a sensible number of weeks, with sensible breaks in between cycles and sensible PCT / OCT. Any side effects I get are manageable and temporary.

                Dosage is really what makes the difference.