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On TRT question about my treatment

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  • On TRT question about my treatment

    Brief history, 38 years old have never been heavy aas user and decided to quit everything when my youngest daughter was born and focus on being healthier instead of big. After a year off I had all the symptoms of low T so my doc referred me to an endo. My test was at 85 scale 220-1000. After tons of blood work and an mri on my pituitary he put me on trt. A year later my dose is at 3/4 ml (200mg per ml) per week. My last bloodwork showed my test levels were : total 372 (220-1000) with free%: 3.8(0.5 - 3.2) and free: 140.2(40 - 240) He also has me on a low dose of t4 25mcg a day because my tsh was in the low range, which I'm not sure is necessary.

    I feel better, but I don't think I'm in the optimal range for my age. The endo was happy with my bloodwork but it still is in the lower end and at my age I would really like to at least be in the middle. I just want to feel the way I should, I'm not looking to abuse anything. He has been reluctant to increase the dosage (and tries to push the cream on me) each time. Is there really an optimal range for a persons age or is treatment mainly done based on symptoms? To me it seems that my trt protocol that I follow as prescribed should have my levels a little better if I'm going to commit to a life of doing it. I have an appointment next week and I want to approach this the right way and decide if he is the dr. for me or if I need to find a new one.

    My other question is my last prescription was filled with name brand test because they were out of generic. This was 5 weeks ago. I have noticed a marked improvement in the gym and everywhere else at the same dosage. Is this in my head or have you noticed varying results between generic and prescription test?

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    I've been on HRT for a little over a year and have wondered the same thing about different brands of cypronate. I was origonally filling my prescriptions at a military hospital. Eventually I switched to a local pharmacy because the military pharmacy would only give me a months worth of test at a time; not a big deal until it was time for a refill. They would only refill (for retirees) by phone, the day after I was due for an injection, and then it would be between 3-6 days before it was ready for pick up. I was injecting 1ml every week so six days without was a big deal. The local pharmacy gives me a 10ml bottle of a different brand, no problem with picking up refills when I need them, but I have noticed a difference and my blood levels have dropped. I can not say for certain that it is solely due to the brand change as my levels had gotten too high with the origonal brand and I have had to reduce the amount I inject. What I can say for certain is that when I went from injecting 1ml a week to .7 my levels dropped from 1500 to 425 over a period of 6 months (they had been right at 1000 for months, at 1ml per week, with the old brand). When my dosage was increased to .8 ml my blood levels went to 625. Last time I saw my endo he said he'll keep increasing until Im at the upper level of the scale, as I don't function well at the level I'm at. My next appt is this month and I should be increase to .9 ml, will post my numbers after my next blood draw in three months.

    Also, I don't know if this would impact the scores, but during this time, I started smoking again.