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Question regarding my TRT

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  • Question regarding my TRT

    I have been on trt continuous for a couple years now. I have been on 180mg / week continuously. I am 36 years old and my dr has me get labs and a checkup once a year. There has never been any stoppage or other chemicals used in conjunction with my treatment. Does this approach sound unsafe or unheard of? I certainly would like your opinion. Thanks in advance!

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    you are def looking for the drs answer on this but id assume if your labs are all good things are fine. (looking for a educated answer on this also)
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      In case anyone else is looking for an answer, its been my experience that the frequency of testing varies from doctor to doctor. When I started HRT I was tested every six months. Levels got too high so now Im tested every three months while my levels are adjusted. Went to see a different doc (was thinking of switching over to the VA to save money) and found out that they only test once a year.