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T-3 and clen timing in a Pre- contest stack

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  • T-3 and clen timing in a Pre- contest stack

    So my question pertains to a portion of my pre contest stack. I am 10 weeks and 3 days out, and I am at 10% bf now. My plan was to use; prop, tren ace (both eod), oral whinny, Arimidex daily, t-3 and clen. My question is whether I should begin the first six weeks with a daily dose of t-3 or if I should stick strictly to the anabolic elements and leave the t-3 and clen till 4-6 weeks out. Any advice would be helpful and much appreciated.

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    What's your diet an cardio schedule?

    How long have you been on Anabolics?

    Have you done a show before?

    How many cycles
    Have you done?

    Post FDB AND RDB


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      either answer his fuckin' question or don't you condescending jack ass.


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        Trying to help...
        Clen and T3 timing can be done 1 of 3 ways according to a few different gurus I paid years ago

        A general question of "when" I can't add any value to without some other info

        Thanks for you input Ritch


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          Contact us at [email protected]