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Q and A with the Anabolic Doc: Thomas Oconnor

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  • Originally posted by Wayne View Post
    HI DOC
    I have read and searched most of the info you have written on the subject of cholesterol and controlling it ,
    I have attached some blood work results as you can see my HDL is always ok but my LDL is always high i cant find a DR with any real knowledge on treatment or Statins here in Australia ?? and i train 2 Drs they are just not up to speed on bodybuilders, From what i have read i am thinking a low dose say 20mg of a statin would be advisable , i have even purchased provocol (pravastatin )

    A little history, yes i use HRT and higher dosed when i compete my protocol currently was written for me By Dave Palumbo so its well thought out and you would be familiar with his theorys, I never any orals I am 50 years old and have been competing for 28 years over 60 shows and in great health

    The issue is my LDLs have been high for quite some time and im concerned in regards to this long tearm

    I realise your a busy man and would appreciate and feedback ,
    Also can you direct me to where to find your Articles ? i have searched and am having no luck
    Thank you

    BTW if theres somewhere you can direct me to im happy to pay for your advice and time
    imlive in Australia


    • Hey Doc....
      I'm a 34 year old male who has always been in great shape, very active and athletic my entire life. I'm 6'3'' and 250lbs, and still maintain a 34 inch waist. I have used AAS off and on for a few years, nothing to major or hard core. After each cycle, and some PCT, my body would recover to its normal levels and I would feel fine. Last spring I might have over done it. From May all the way through the end of August I had used Deca and Anavar as my cycle. I started off the Deca with 1cc every 6 days for about 3 weeks. After that I went down to every 5 days for about 3 weeks, then every 4 days for another 3 weeks and finally every 3 days for another couple more weeks. That was the peak of the cycle, which was around the beginning of August. Then I noticed I was getting a huge amount of acne on my back. I got a ton of white heads all over my back and they were painful to pop. I then started to go back up the ladder and spread out the injections back up to 4 days, then 5 days and finally 6 days until I was done. In total I used almost 4 bottles of Deca, I would get about 10cc's or about 10 injections per bottle. With the Anavar (which were 20mg per tablet) I started off with 40mg a day for a couple of weeks and worked my way up to 80mg's a day soon after that. I used the Anavar all the way from May through September and stopped after that. Of course while I was on all this, I had an endless amount of energy and the sex drive and stamina of an 18 year old. After the Deca was finished, I had used HCG as my PCT. I did 1 IU a day for 10 days. After a couple of weeks I could feel my sex drive starting to slip away, so I did another round of HCG. It still didn't seem to help and I lost my sex drive and libido along with feeling sluggish and tired all the time. This went on for about a month and I finally went to see my doctor. After a few tests I found out my test level was at 95. So my doctor gave me a prescription of Testim 1% gel to use every day. After a month on this, my test level went up to about 320, but I still didn't feel like my old self just yet. Even before using AAS, I was always very energetic and had a naturally high sex drive (which my wife loves). So the doctor decided to try the Androgel 1.62%. It's been about another month and I feel as though this is still not enough, so I started to use 3 pumps per shoulder every day of the Androgel. My energy level has improved some, but my sex drive is still not where it used to be and it's a struggle. I have another check up and lab for my test level coming up soon but I'm pretty sure my doctor doesn't have much knowledge in the HRT department and wants to play it safe in my case. But every guy is different. I want to know if my body will recover on its own or am I stuck with HRT for the rest of my life? I have talked to a number of people about all this and some say that because I did so much Deca, and not enough HCG that it suppressed my natural test level and that it should recover on its own in a couple of months or so. Is this true? I was also told I should have done some Clomid along with the HCG to help me recover. Should I try another round of HCG or some other PCT to help me get back to normal, or would I be wasting my time? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


      • In dire need of Guidance..

        Hey Doc,
        I started using PEDs last summer when a friend told me it was the only way I was gonna ever look like Arnold.. my first cycle had great success on about 300 mg Test a week for like a regular 8-12 week cycle I went from around 170 to 200 lbs and then went off for a short time before I decided to go at it again with another 12 week cycle this time with 300mg deca added on with 500mg test I then gained another 20 lbs and got up to 220 lbs but it seemed like I hit a wall (I think mainly because of a weak diet). So I went off again, this time for a little longer and came close to 200 lbs again (I was also taking some clomid at the end of the cycles) So I went back on again with the same cycle with diff type of test and gained up to about 226 I think I hit again but stopped gaining at a point again I think because of a weak diet.. So Times passed since then and I acquired a new job in another state about 8 hours from home living with my dad now. That transition was pretty brutal and it seemed like I lost a lot of my gains in muscle even though I have some how stayed at 200 lbs with my poor diet I obviously lost a large amount of strength and am going off for a full 8 weeks this time. Other than that I feel pretty normal other than being tiered which brings me to my main point. My new job starts at 10:40pm and continues to 6:40am.. It completely blows but I get paid more which helps with student loans. I have tried to find some sort of method to this madness but it hasn't seemed to be working very well.. I try to go to bed after I eat a meal around 830am and then wake up at around 330pm to get some meals cooked ate and then get a lift in before I go to work monday through friday and then have the weekends off. This has been hell for me I can hardly stay on my sleep schedule and normally take more days off during the week for lifting than I normally would and even if I finally get on track my weekend destroys it again because I am so tiered and usually am not hungry since I'm not working and just sitting around.. If thats not enough I will sometimes go home on weekends every 2 or 3 weeks or whenever we get laid off for longer periods of time.. I have a schedule but my life schedule makes the other one almost impossible to follow.. Recently after our last lay off I came back and started working. Over the whole lay off period I was eating like shit because of not enough money spending time with family/friends. But now that I am back I have taken one of the biggest initiatives to make a meal plan to follow and start writing a workout log week to week. Being completely off the juice its been hard but out of my efforts to eat when i don't sleep days away I gained up to 210 lbs after working chest but then went back down to 207 lbs 2 days later... My mind set is to do the best I can until my next cycle which should be within the next month. This time I am adding dbol to the beginning of the cycle. I guess my question is, is there any hope for me? or is my schedule and lack of discipline going to destroy my dreams of becoming pro.. Is it pointless to do the cycle with my schedule? Or do you have any suggestions to help combat my schedule or words of advice...? What do I need to do to make this work? What am I doing wrong? I feel like if I really stick to my meal plan 100% this next cycle I could at least get up to 230 if that is possible for me..

        Please give me some advice it's been really hard and my friend that was helping me back home isn't really doing much for me.
        Thanks for taking your time to read this

        One other thing I wanted to add separated from that is because of my failures and continues loss back to 200 lbs I am considering getting right back on after I'm done with this next cycle.. Is that a terrible Idea? I have heard that is what the pros do and was wondering the safest way to do it.. I'm willing to pay money for all the help you could give me.. and I would love to have you as a doctor but don't think I live in your vicinity.

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        • hi doc. i have a question for you!
          i am 20 years old,i have been training for 5 years and i would like to lose
          body fat. i tried some fat burners but they didn't do anything for me.

          i would like to try ephedrine. which is the right dosage for you?
          thanks doc


          • Question Doc-Thomas O'Connor

            Lets say for example i want to inject Deca on my Buttocks or Outer Thigh.

            Can i use a needle that is 0.5 inches???

            If not what should the needle length be minimum???



            • Detection time of Pro chem one rip 200

              Hi doc. Can you help me with the Detection time of Pro chem one rip 200Can you please inform me of the estimated time pro chem one rip 200 can be detected in a urine sample please. I have been given various time frames. does the fact the Trenbolone-Acetate is compounded with test propinate reduce the detection time or is that just a rumour? I've heard 4 weeks, 5 months so unsure on what to listen too.


              • great thread,thank u


                • Hi Doc, Do you feel that Dostinex (Cabergoline) is effective in helping to improve sexual function and ED in non-steroid users? Is there any draw backs to using Dostinex consistently for a few months at a time and stopping?
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                  • I have been on HRT, for low T, for about the last 3 1/2 years. I started at 1 cc every week, I am now at 0.8cc every week. I was working out regularly when I first started and the gains were good, the last 1 - 1 1/2 yr working out has been hit and miss. I haven't cycled off the"T" since I started, as I said it was low. My question is have I screwed up the receptors, etc. to make good gains. I don't want to "abuse" but I do want to take advantage of what I have available.


                    • Good luck getting a answer in here....

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                      • Doctor Thomas

                        Best Regards, muchos saludos,

                        Doc terrible doubt, wha is the REAL and I mean REAL detection time and life in the body of the Substance Boldenone since 2002 another colleague in Anabolics 2002 and other versions put that apparent maximum detection time for equipoise boldenone is until 5 months after last injection however another sources and some chematography analysis claim that even after last injections after 1 year, after 12 months the substance can be detected in the body. May you please help us answering this questions mainly for avoiding some problems regarding competition and "cleanleness". Your help will be appreciated.


                        • contact me at [email protected]