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davidbb Part 2!

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  • davidbb Part 2!

    Well it's been a few weeks since the challenge finished. I've relaxed whilst my kids have been off school for their summer holidays, they return to school on wednesday and today is the day I return to my diet.

    Since the end of the challenge I have gained back 10lbs, most of that ws in the first week after the challenge. I am still in the same size clothes as a few weeks ago so I presume most of the weight gain is simply my glycogen stores filling up.

    With 16 weeks till christmas my aim is to diet hard until then, the first 3 weeks I will ease into training and cardio, and hit the diet/supps full on, by then I should have lost the 10lbs I gained and then it will be full throttle towards christmas.

    Hopefully I can source some MHP supplements at a halfway reasonable price here in England (they are not easy to find ) If not I will have to take what I can get.

    Right now i'm 218lbs, my goal is to lose another 40lbs, maybe less if my abs show up earlier.

    That's it for now, I will update periodically, and for anyone thinking about doing the next challenge I am here to answer any questions.
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