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Fitness Modelling? Before & Afters? Confused!

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  • Fitness Modelling? Before & Afters? Confused!

    What's up everybody,

    Long story short. I have decent genetics and am in the worst shape of my life. I went from being 6'0" and 245lbs down to 198lbs @ 6% I'm back up to 230lbs as work, marriage and other obligations have taken up most of my free time.

    However, I have re-found my motivation to get back in the gym and go balls to the wall. However, I'm tired of chasing the size game and intend on dropping back down to a healthy and fit 200lbs and under 8% bodyfat.

    When I am slim, I have a very 'Mens Health' appealing physique.

    I wouldn't mind getting into the fitness industry as a male fitness model for some extra cash would be nice.

    I generally train with minimal supplements and was wondering if there was any companies or resources I could contact before my transformation for either possible endorsement deals or further information?

    Any help is appreciated and I'm lookin' forward to posting both my before and after pics.

    Take it easy brothers and sisters.