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    And now something special for those of you who have been training for years, yet for some reason have reached a plateau or sticking point you just can't seem to get past.

    **** *******, Gerard Dente and Victor Martinez are standing by at the ready to help you overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of the physique you have worked so hard and long for!

    If your mantra is "Give me muscle or give me death" then this is the challenge for you!

    Submit your stories and photos here, for a chance to be one of 4 lucky people who will be expertly advised by our Team over a 16 week period.

    Good luck everyone!
    "The only lack or limitation is in your own mind."


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    i was once very overweight in highschool and i always sat and home and played video games, never did anything, i then decided i was tired of being fat so i starved myself to about average weight for my size, and i started lifting, i put on some muscle from beginner gains, then it came to a hault, i looked in the mirror and was still not happy, to me i was still fat. but everyone else told me i looked good. so i dieted hard for months doing tons of cardio and lost 20 pounds, some muscle, and for the past couple months ive been slowly trying to bulk without trying to get fat, im still not happy with my body "fat wise" and i want to put on muscle so i can one day compete, i know i need to get 200+ but right now im only in the 150s. i got a long journey to go but i need help!!!

    "Leg Day Is Business"
    Layne Norton


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      3 years ago, I was diagnosed with a unnamed neuromuscular disease that's metabolic. It results in Rhabdomyolytis like symptoms with CPK levels in the thousands. For years I couldn't workout. Doctor's orders. Recently I notice it is exasperated by high intensity leg training only. This condition requires me have a diet compose of more carbs than proteins. See my story below for more info.

      **MY STORY**
      Three years ago I tried to take my life back by quitting smoking, eating right and weight training. I wanted to rebuild the body. A long story short, I wound up in the hospital twice with CPK levels first at 6,500 and the second time at 53,000! I was diagnosed with some unnamed neuromuscular disease that's metabolic and deals with turning food to energy. It would completely ATROPHY my muscles and I'd waste. Exercise would just make it happen faster. Anyway, I was told to forget about exercise, especially weight lifting. I lapsed back to my old ways after being dealt this blow. I wasted to a very malnourished looking & unhealthy 130 lbs. at 5'7.
      On 6/1/2006, I said to hell with it. It's my life. If doctors can't / won't help me work this out then I'll go it alone. That day I quit smoking and started working out everyday with VERY light weights on a resistant rod system. Every day I worked every muscle group with very little weight. Overtime I added a LITTLE more weight. Later I added an extra set.
      In 11/06 I decided to take on the ultimate test, I got a serious home gym and crossed over to using cables and free weights. This was what doctors said would do me in. I went full throttle, which led to another set back in 12/06. My CPK levels hit 6,100 and another hospital stay. I had to stop training for a month!
      In February, against doctor's orders and family wishes, I started training again. I started out the way I did in June. I did a little bit and a little bit more each day. By mid March I was lifting pretty heavy, and training every day. I've kept my levels below 200. Plus, I started gaining muscle.
      I hired Dave Pulcinella to be my bodybuilding sensei/nutrition in May. I joined a gym and got PT as well. Recently, my PT quit on me b/c I can't afford him. My wife's real ill and her medical bills come first. All I could offer him was $20 cash an hour.
      So here I am today, still training. I feel great and stronger. Nothing is going to stop me!
      I've been busting my hump for months working out. Up to 156 and trying to get bigger. All that gym time is starting to show a little. Recently, I did have 2 set backs on 9/10 I reached 7352 and on 10/08/2007 I reached 5573. A few days after each incident my CPK totals went back to normal. Both occurred during weeks I did not follow my diet strictly. The best doctors at University Of Pennsylvania just blow me off & say "well, don't exercise" They have an idea what the cause is, but Dr. Lauren Elman, who is the head of the neuromuscular dept. at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, told me medical technology is currently unable to diagnose my disease. She said it is a metabolic muscular myopathy. They were originally convinced it was a form of MD and even signed me up with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. That was a scary period. But later the muscle stains came back negative. So I'm in this limbo state.

      BTW, thanks to Dave & John so much. I love No Bull Radio w/ the Muscle Mob. It makes me laugh and informs me every day. It put a BIG smile on my face. Thank you both soooo much.


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        is there an email addy to send it too

        Elite Prep Athlete


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          Originally posted by supermannpc View Post
          is there an email addy to send it too

          Submit your stories and photos here, for a chance to be one of 4 lucky people who will be expertly advised by our Team over a 16 week period.
          "The only lack or limitation is in your own mind."


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            give me muscle or give me death

            My story is like most everyone elses. When I was in the 8th grade I weighed over a 160 pounds. I was the fat ass everyone made fun of. I then entered highschool and decided to do the football thing which I was very happy with I lost about 30 pounds and gained a little muscle. I fell out of focus for a while and stopped working out and eating right and by the time I graduated I was 210 pounds at about 30% bodyfat. One day I picked up an issue of MD and was spark was ignited again. I then fell in love with bodybuilding and it is a huge part of my life now. The only problem is that I am a 21 year old college student with no money. So getting the supps and powders I need is a hard thing to do. I'm trying to eat right but that can get expensive also. So I have gained weight back. I have hit a wall like no other using the same weights for about 6 months, it's saddens me. Hopefully the people there at MD would be generous enough to help a brother out, if not you guys rock anyways so keep it real, no bullshit.


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              Just want say good luck to everyone entering this transformation! I will be here on behalf of MHP to answer any product, or general questions you may have.

              Best of Luck!


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                Originally posted by The AdMan View Post
                Submit your stories and photos here, for a chance to be one of 4 lucky people who will be expertly advised by our Team over a 16 week period.
                my storry is a little bit diverent.I'm Erwin living in Belgium.38years old.Body building kept me goiing when time's got hard!!really hard.most of my live i whas a truck driver.driving over whole of Europe.Even in yoguslavia durin the war.A few years ago i looked in the mirror at 3 oclock in the morning and said"fuck this" i have to do something of a sport.i never whas a fat truckdriver.Always around the 68kilo.150pound.i started body building and my body weight whent in 2years to 210pound.without steroids really!i whas goiing to shows like the mr univerese in england etc...I really got in the sport.Even got to germany to visit Marcus 2004 i got hurt in my back falling in a pit.I could not train for 3weeks and whas resting at home.I whas asked by a frind of me to drive a truck to spain.because i could not train i said ok.On the way back france custom found 8000 pound of hasj.(the stuff you its called hasj)hidden in the trailler.Jail in the south of france is hell.I lost 60pound in 4months.They did not let me work out and put me almost every day with another person.they do this to make you talk.I bailled out got home at christmass night.In januari 2005 i started working out again with a body weight of 149pound at 7% body fat.after 2years i gained 50pound.No steroids just eating.a couple of months ago i whas 99kilo.230?pound.But my problems did not end there....afther 15years me and my girlfrind are breaking up.could not eat or sleep and body weight dropt down.lost 20pound.Got to sell the house the cars...she takes the dog also....Above all i lost my job also!!But the thing that kept me goiing whas body building.Otherwise i already shot myself i think.Even in that terriblle jail al i got to think of whas working out again....I am always been inspiart by DON YOUNGBLOOD.He also started body building around 33years and whas at the top at 50years old.He whas also a truck driver.I had contact by e-mail and he whas a great guy i think?My goals are the same Doiing a show ,more muscle and with asistence of palumbo this must be a dream comme true...I think this challenge is great.real working people.I only take protein powders.Nothing else.MD is the best.always looking forward to the next issue.youre the best.take care


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                  Will’s Testimony

                  Will’s Testimony

                  The year was 1978, I was born in Vietnam and shortly after the war had ended my family and I came to America. As a child, I grew up poor and discontent with life. These circumstances made me a bitter and angry person. As a child, I blamed all my misery on God. My hatred for God ran deep within me that it even led me to raise my fist towards heaven and curse the God I didn’t know.
                  I grew up in a Christian home. I was taught the Biblical Stories and how we should live as Christian people. But those words and stories were meaningless to me and my attendance to church was solely to please my father.
                  As my frustrations with life increased, I began to set my ways in a rebellious lifestyle. I simply chose to live my life the way I saw fit. I chose drugs, drinking, stealing, robbery, gambling, fighting, and revenge as my way of living. Everything I did was chaotic to me and those around me, but these were the choices I made to fulfill my emptiness.
                  As eternal fate would see it, one day, while driving down the road with some friends we crashed head-on into the side of an industrial truck. The car came to a dead stop and I saw my life flash in front of me. I remember them placing me onto the ambulance bed and at that moment the only thing that came to my mind was death. I knew in my heart, that if died there on that ambulance bed I would be going straight to Hell. And an overcoming fear came over me and I asked God that if He allowed me to make it through I would change my life for Him.
                  But not even a month after that serious situation, I got back into drugs, drinking, and everything else, but this time around I got into these things much deeper. My earlier promise to God was just a sad joke. I became worse and worse over time.
                  Then out of nowhere, towards the end of high school a light would begin to shine from God. Something inside me would begin to transform my very being. I became motivated to do less drugs and alcohol. I even devoted some efforts to schooling. It paid off and I saw my way to community college then eventually to a university.
                  I excelled in school, had a beautiful girlfriend, started bodybuilding to repair my beaten down body, went back to church, and was climbing the corporate ladder at work. I thought I had it all at the time, so I thought to myself, “Why do I even need the Lord.” This self-righteous attitude didn’t last long and I got back into drugs and drinking.
                  But you know, God does work in mysterious ways. It was a cold winter’s night, my friend and I decided to go out drinking. On our way back home, my friend lost control of the car on the icy road at over 90 miles-per-hour. As the vehicle lost control, I saw myself in that same situation almost ten years ago. I said to myself there is no way I am getting out of this one again for God had already given me a chance and I walked away from it. I gave up and accepted the fact that I was on my way to Hell. Needless to say, God was again mercifully to me and that night I walked away from a crash that some claimed should have killed me.
                  From that point on, everything that this world had to offer me would eventually lose its worth. Power, wealth, and worldly success meant nothing. How could it compare with the very value of my soul? God showed me that nothing from drinking to the mighty dollar was ever going to satisfy my soul.
                  Eventually, I could no longer run from God. His Spirit weighed heavily on my soul. Day by day, He was convicting me of my sins and showed me the need for His forgiveness and grace. Eventually, I came to confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.
                  Today, I live a more glorious life than I ever dreamed possible. He has given me a new life out here in California. A renew vigor, a healthier body, my own business but most importantly a NEW SOUL. I still have to fight sin everyday and deal with life’s problems, but now I live life with a victorious and joyful attitude because of the full knowledge that Christ has forgiven all my sins.
                  You could call me a fool for not seeing the many signs from God. But I learned from the Holy Bible that I was always spiritual dead and had no power within myself to ever respond to the Gospel of Christ. I learned it was never within me to “change or make that decision for Christ,” but it is the sole Will and Power of God that saves people.
                  As Ephesians 2:8 proclaims; “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.”
                  In closing, I know that the Lord used bodybuilding to help me become a more focused and mentally stronger person and I used that same mentality I learned from training to run my business today. I am 29 years of age now (as of October 31, 1978) and always told myself and friends that I would like to compete once before I hit the tender age of 30. It is becoming increasingly harder to do so and I need some type of motivation. I have been a natural all my life and started from a weight of 135 pounds and today I am 205 pounds (mostly fat, LOL). My passion for bodybuilding was so strong I got my AA in Exercise Science and focused many of my classes around Weight Training Theory and Nutrition. For me, it is now about a new motivation. Thanks for taking the time to read my story MD!

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                    In school I was the fat kid's fat kid - 200 lbs in 8th grade, up to 275 by the time I was 16. I did well academically, entering college at 16, but at the expense of my health: I was over 40% BF - morbidly obese!

                    I joined the Y and started doing lots of cardio - 2 hours a day, 7 days a week for about a year and got to 190. I was stuck there for a few years, and then down to 142 by the time I got into grad school at about 14% BF.

                    I had no idea how to eat; I was pretty much on a starvation diet. On top of that, I was raised as a vegetarian so I did not have many good food options anyway. I lost lots of fat, but also tons of muscle - fat-fat to fat-skinny. Next few years - got married, got a real job, bought a home and fat all over again - back up to nearly 200 lbs with virtually no muscle gain.

                    About 2.5 years ago I finally I started to see the light and through reading lots of MD, the boards and a few good personal trainers (they are out there) got some sense into me. I dieted pretty well back to 145 with gaining some muscle. My wife finally got me eating meat and I was off to the races - I'm now nearly 180 and on a reasonable track to more.

                    So why me? I'm really struggling to find good personal trainers. The 3 decent trainers I've had have all quit personal training, plus they were really only good for getting me started - I'm now in better shape than all of them. I need the real expert advice that Dave, Gerard and Victor can provide.

                    I am committed to entering an INBF amateur contest in August '08. Read all about it on a previous thread - I know that I am not as far as many entering their first contest, but this is a tremendous motivator for me. Again this expert advice will be tremendously useful as I begin my prep for this contest in a few months.


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                      My Shot

                      I didn't play sports in school or start working out when I was 12. I touched a weight for the first time at 18 but the local gym closed after a couple months and I didn't go much anyway. Flash forward I'm 22 and decide to go back to trying to work out. I didn't really grow much over the next few years but I read a lot and grew a little and really fell into a decent groove though I did take many breaks. Two years ago I moved from my home of C-town (Cleveland, OH) to Phoenix, AZ huge change. There's gyms everywhere out here and so many more people workout, sure most of them are just sheep wandering around not doing much but they keep the gyms open at least. And being out here has really made a difference in me.
                      I've been consistent since moving and have gone from 215lbs in Oct. '05 to my current 255-260 lbs. I'm 6'4" so the numbers are just relative. But I'm bulking right now and am planning to be between 270-280 by the end of January. I don't think I'm anywhere near where I could be. I work 24hr shifts so my normal gym schedule is 2 on 1 off which works well for me. On my current bulk though I'm actually getting up at 4:00am before work so I'm actually 8 on 1 off at this time. I usually cook first thing in the morning 1-1.5lbs chicken and 1lb ground beef for the day. I've found that rice and potatoes work best for me. Omega 3 eggs and Irish oats or cream of wheat is my breakfast. Unlike some guys I also drink a lot of skim milk. I'm lucky in that I don't have trouble in eating enough to gain weight like some guys but I also get fat easily. My main supplements are Whey, a multivitamin, beta-alanine, kre-alkyline creatine, caffeine and arginine.
                      I feel that with the assistance of the great guys at MD and MHP I could take my physique to another level. I'm still new to lifting and know I have plenty of room to grow and a big frame to fill out. I'm hoping to get in this to get further ideas and help push myself further. Thanks for the consideration and good luck to everyone in their own endeavors.

                      -Props to **** ******* for S.M.A.R.T. training.-
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                        Here are the pictures for my post.

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                          GIVE ME MUSCLE OR GIVE ME DEATH

                          My name is Justin Vance. I am 18 years old, 6 foot 2 and 230 pounds. I would consider myself fit more than I would "jacked". I first started to train serious when I saw Evan Centopani on the cover of MD when it said his young age. If he can do it, why can't I. My goals are set very high, but lately I feel like I have been going 100 miles an hour but keep on swerving. I think that with the right direction and advice, I could become a champion. I am a very determined individual and am starting to become well educated about fitness and nutrition which is the field I would like to go into. If I was chosen as one of the 4, I would not be doing this to impress anyone or bragging rights, I would be doing it as a goal I would set for myself. I want to be a champion, I will be one. I guess I was blessed with decent genetics, I have generally large calves measuring at 17.5 inches and a back of 47.5. Thank you for your time.


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                            Matt's story

                            There comes crossroads in every journey where one must decide to continue, go back, or choose a different route. At this moment I am at that point. Well turning back has never been an option for me, so I am now searching for a different path and I feel this transformation challenge is it. Im not going to give you a sob story to guilt you into picking me. We all have trials and tribulations in our life, plus I never want to receive merit based on strugle in my life. I want to earn every reward with hardwork and dedication. As a young kid I grew up having a very athletic and active childhood. The town I was raised in was very athletics involved. I was never the star, never the hero, just a hardworking part of the team. The only accolades I ever received were compliments on my heart and dedication. Even though I played sports and was strong and athletic I never really looked the part and always had body image issues. I wasn't fat just sort of short and chubby. My friends teased me but in a harmles joking way but it still hurt. Finnaly college arrived and I got the chance to re-invent myself. My body responded to weightlifting and I finnaly found something I was gifted at. Working out became an addiction, a love, a lifestyle. Still the ridicule came from my peers. They didn't understand the obsession they made fun of my protein, my water jugs, my tight shirts. Hovever I didn't care. Finnaly I found something that gave me selfconfidence and changed my life. I've been lifting now for 11 years on and off Ive made great gains and learned so much about nutrition and my body and now I have begun passing on my love to others and encouraging people around me. But this is where my crossroad lies. What now? I just got married in may and have normal job that finnaly allows my to eat and train like a bodybuilder. I have bulked up from 170 to 202 and I have decided to do my first show in may in fortwalton beach, florida. I feel like I need a purpose for the hours I spend in the gym torturing my body. A purpose bigger than just so I can feel good about my body. This show will finnaly give me the chance to be the best I know I can be. I have the potential, I have the dedication and sacrifice, now I just need the tools to put all the ingredients together. I wanted to hire **** ******* to do my diet and contest prep, but I can't afford it at this time so this challenge would be my blessing. I am truly hardcore and feel I am only a few steps from being a successful natural bodybuilder. Please just give me the chance I know in my heart I am exactly what you are looking for.

                            Thanks, Matt Magera


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                              I'm in....

                              So here I am, a competitor who hasn't competed in over two years but has the opportunity to get back into some competitions in 2008, as such I would be remiss if I didn't at least take a stab at this opportunity.

                              My journey in this game started about 4 years ago, although I've been lifting weights for 10 years, most of those years were specifically geared towards hockey. I entered myself in a couple competions, spurred on by my girlfriend (figure competitor) and did decent considering that I had no experience and was doing everything on my own. Motivated by these placings I became a sponge for knowledge, I read everything I could get my hands on, I was always researching a new diet, supplement, training style, etc. When the next year came around I was pumped and ready to go. I had hired a nutritionist to help with my prep and actually had a plan to follow. When the show came around I ended up placing even worse than I had the first year (doing things on my own). This was very disappointing considering all the time, effort and money I had spent on the competition. I had still planned on doing another competition that year but my girlfriend had done really well at provincials, qualifying for both nationals and world qualifiers, since she was doing so well, I had to put any future plans of competing on hold because financially we could only have one of us competing.

                              A couple months after her last contest we made a move across Canada (from the prairies to the east coast) the move alone was expensive but me being unemployed for the 4 months following it was even worse. The whole time though I kept myself motivated to lift as I was hoping to have the opportunity to compete out here. We didn't really have money for gym memberships so we were working out at a very poor quality university gym, but still at about 20 weeks we started dieting. I was doing it on my own again (couldn't afford any assistance), but after over 8 weeks of dieting I wasn't really seeing much progress, I'm pretty sure that I had lost as much muscle as fat. I had combined what I had learned from my first three shows, but the results just were not happening for me. Once again, financial concerns came up and we had to decide who would do the show, because I wasn't really progressing (as we thought I should have been) we decided that once again she would do the show and I would just watch. At that time I was dieting from about 240 down to around 200, which is about what I had done for previous shows. Zoom, to today, now I'm closer to 270, I am slightly stronger, which is to be expected, but regarding dropping weight, I seem to have lost contact with my body as what used to work, no longer does. I went to see a doctor to get blood test done to rule out any health issues, when they came back he basically told me that genetics are taking hold on my body and that I wouldn't be able to get down to the condition that I would need to be in to compete.....can you believe that, straight from a doctors mouth, bascially telling me to quit because I'll never be able to do it!?!? While I am extremely motivated to prove him wrong, I am having trouble doing it. I see this opportunity as a chance to maximize my muscle while cutting off the fat. I see an opportunity to get back into competitive shape, to actually be on-stage again rather than just int the crowd.

                              My goals are, as they've always been since I've started this journey, to compete and win my way to a natural pro status, I've always envisioned being one of the biggest guys to step on a natural stage as a legitimate drug-free athlete. I've been "big", now I want to be "big and shredded". I want to thank, MD, **** *******, Gerard Dente/MHP for providing us all with such a fantastic opportunity.

                              Pic from my first show:

                              Current pics:

                              Currently: PowerBuilding