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    Give me muscle or give me death

    Here are the pictures for my post.
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      So yeah...
      I'm 19 years old and have been interested in weights since I was about 13. I had a bit of an eating disorder, and at age 14 weighed about 120lbs at 5'9. It was eventually broken by a couple of extreme occurrences, and then the journey started at about 16 I'd say.
      The summer after sophomore year, I lifeguarded for the YMCA and had nothing better to do with my time than work and workout before or after my shifts. That summer I gained about 30 lbs. going from 130 to about 160. Granted this wasn't shredded muscle, and was most likely caused by the lethargic lifestyle + weight training. I liked what happened and wanted to continue getting bigger, but was constantly set back by injuries (broken arm from inline skating, and fractured arm-road rash-and puncture wounds from a motorcycle crash). So progress was always hindered but my determination was 2nd to NONE! You'd see me in the gym still bandaged up lifting what I could. This, of course, wasn't the smartest choice but no harm done.
      I graduated high school at about 165 and 10-11% bf.
      Once I got to college I hit the gym and the (buffet style) cafeteria daily and gained about 15 lbs. my first semester....coming to about 185.
      It has been a year since then and I've had a lot of crap happen, but one thing has remained constant- my training and nutrition!
      I'm a bit ocd when it comes to this, and do fairly well living in a dorm. My closet doesn't exactly look like a normal guy's would as it is filled with canned chicken, olive oil, powders and all that jazz.
      The thing is I weigh about 182 lbs now at approximately 6-8% bf....and that's after "bulking" for a year!!!!!!
      I know the first thought is he's simply not eating enough, and that's most likely correct. But given where I'm at, and what I have to work with (since gaining quite a bit more knowledge I'm not really able to eat much of the crap they serve in the cafeteria), so I feel that this contest would do me a lot of good. I could really use the extra macros from some free supplements and it'd be more than an honor to be a part of a transformation challenge and show you all and myself what can happen.

      For reference: I'm natural (pretty obvious) and want to size up enough to hopefully compete in a year or two. My nutrition is dead on and simply lacks the amount needed for faster growth. That is, dead on until one of you three tell me otherwise... discount code- JNG800


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          ....sorry for the pictures being so big. Tried to resize afterward but couldn't figure out how too.
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            thankyou for your stories we need everyone to put your pics up before we can consider your body mind and soul makeover.

            [email protected]


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              Here is my pic for my earlier submission.


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                Team MD and MHP please help

                hey guys hows it going? hopefully well. so pretty much my story is im an eighteen your old male looking to make it in the bodybuilding world. i really feel that this is my sport and as long as my beliefs are endless as will be my progress. i come from a single parent household. me and my mom, we live with my grandparents ive never known my dad and ive always wanted to become something so great that one day he can see me and realize what he missed out on and what better way to do it then with what i love most in life bodybuilding. the best part of my day has to be going to the gym every night and pushing myself as hard as i can in order to make consistent gains. in april of 2005 i started out at 5'8", 125lbs with around 7 percent bodyfat now after almost two years im at 5'8" 190lbs at 15 percent bodyfat. i work an 8 - 5 job to pay for school next year and ive already spent half of my money ive been saving on supplements so if you guys/girls would consider me for a shot at this challenge i really believe i can make beyond amazing gains and after seeing victor at the 2007 mr olympia thats more than enough motivation for a life time. if you guys/girls do get a chance to read over my life story haha thanks for taking the time. much respect and good luck to whoever you do choose if not me someone else.

                email: [email protected]


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                  Hey, Mr G...
                  When is this supposed to go down, er- when will the selected be selected?
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                    Hi my name is Lus Pinto ,im 19 years old, im 58 and im bulking right now and im arround 210 /215 pounds (around 95 kilos). And im from portugal.

                    ive first had contact with the weights because i was a big fan of wrestling (ROH/TNA,etc...) and in that days i was starting b-boying (i dont do it any more but i still like to see an good form of alternative art)so i could have more strenght and muscular shape.

                    So i started training , and i started looking for info , and the more i read (especially about nutrion) the more i wanted to know, and then i began understanding what bodybuilding was and it became my life...

                    i consider myself a bright person(not a genius,but i do like every little info i can get about bodybuilding or aother subjects) fortunatly im some one who thinks for itself and tries diferent things to see what works , because science it is very important , but theres nothing like taking your own conclusions, because in science what works today doenst work tomorrow.
                    and there is nothing like taking your own conclusions

                    right now im working one body part a day (5 day per week so its Chest/Bicep-Tricep/Shoulders-Traps/Quads-Hams/Back-Light Tricep(because i have a someone what of a bad genetic for tricep) around 18/20 sets for bodypart around 7-10 reps or by feeling and a good mix of drop sets , compound sets, etc...
                    and everybody that i know knows me for having some of the more "hardcore" or hard workouts and for having a lot of streght for my age (not my words , but the ppl who see me train). and every body says i bust my ass every day i set in the gym.

                    Im not saying im gonna be the next Mr. O (not that i dont want to be but i belive at this age no one knows the really potencial), but im really an hardworker , me nutrition is dead on (never NEVER miss a meal) im always thinking ways to make progress, and all i need i some one to belive me (i know i do), because i think it is the most important thing ever to belive in your self ( i dont even imagine what a little faith on yourself can do...)

                    belive in yourself i love my girlfriend and ive been with her for 3 years now im from portugal and she live in brazil,I met her online and we clicked, a sparkle lighted , i was 15 at the time and we really like eachother we talked all days for hours, then 5 months after i met her i decided im conviced my mom that i would go to brazil (so my mom ended up coming with me to brazil) so we went... till this day we are still toghether apart by one ocean everytime we have an vacation we try to fly to each other country to be together) it sucks that we have to be apart so many months, but when im close to her everything is worth it , and im proud to say that neither i or my girlfirend had ever cheated each other (ever).

                    see i belive my realationship is like bodybuilding if you really want it bad enough you can do it, you may have to sacrifice yourself alot,but if you really enjoy it , every sacrifice is worth , and there is no excuses for no doing it...ever!

                    ive been bodybuilding for 2 and a half years now and it was become by far a life style for me... all my friend say im nuts for eating every 2 to 2 hours. but its natural for me now a days i really enjoy it inst any sacrifice for me like an old saying from my country "Quem corre por gosto no cansa" it means who runs for taste(passion) doesnt get tired.

                    ps1-Muscular development and No bull radio rock

                    if im selected i dont mind paying the airfaire to USA... i hope tha i will be selected even if im not im planning to go to America to work with the best( here in portugal is kind of hard not really that much knowledge) and pursuit your dream.

                    remember ppl... follow your dream... belive in yourself!

                    PS- im gonna try to post the pics ASAP
                    PS2- im natural right now altought i want to start juicing next year(no i dont have any problem saying this because if you want to get to a certain level you have to juice, its just a question of choice...)

                    Thanks for giving this chance to the ppl that belive in themselves and if i dont get selected all i can say to the persons who get selected is ...
                    trust yourself ...follow your dream
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                      hey GrayBull pretty nice phisique im natural to i would mind a healty competition with us both if we both got selected
                      what do you say?


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                        give me muscle or give me death

                        I hope it isn't to late to apply!! well my story goes like this i began working out when i was thirteen years old with some waits that i had at home. I use to workout with the shows they use to give on espn2 like "
                        gotta sweat" with corey everson and flex appeal with kiana something. after my mother canceled the cable i stopped working out. when i got to high school i started working out again i had a bodybuilding class and i would also work out after class. when i became a senior in high school i stopped working out again because i had night school. In 2002 i enlisted in the army reserves when i came out of basic training i weighed 174lbs but due to lack of motivation i went up to my highest weight of 230lbs i started working out again in may when i was able to afford a membership at the local recreational park gym. i currently weigh 207lbs and have to kids with a third on the way and am working two jobs. i am currently taking sarmx, t-bomb II and up your mass whenever i can afford to get them. i read Muscular Development every month and try to implement what ever info that i can here is a photo of me. it will be in the next post


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                          this is me and my son about a year ago


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                            Hopefully this isn't coming too late as I will definitley represent this competition well if chosen!

                            My story is like this. In 2002, I was one of the top golfers in the state of Virginia. I had scholarship offers to many of the nations top schools. I chose one close to home beacuse of a girlfriend (shoot me). Needless to say we broke up, but it got worse. Before my first collegiate season even started, I tore my labrum. While rehabbing I was approached by abercrombie and fitch to do some modeling. The agent specifically asked for "ab shots." Well I was the all american kid, I ate cheeseburgers and chicken fingers like Ronnie Coleman eats grits and eggwhites. My diet sucked and i had never lifted a weight in my life. I asked around and got some awful mens health! I did read it tho, and it kept tellin me dont eat this dont eat that. Well within a matter of a month I wasn't eating anything. To make it worse I was then diagnosed with annorexia nervosa. I seriously, at 123lbs, did not think i was lean enough! Four months later someone very dear to me helped me snap out of it! I then became on a mission to get big. So far I have successfully reached 175lbs. So many people are complimentary of what I have built for myself but I know it can be better with the right guidance! I promise that I have just as much drive as the guys getting on stage, but have never had anyone to point me in the right direction!

                            There it is, let me do this challenge and i WILL tear it up!


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                              Originally posted by backlash__pinto View Post
                              hey GrayBull pretty nice phisique im natural to i would mind a healty competition with us both if we both got selected
                              what do you say?
                              Yeah man...that'd be great!! It would just make the challege more fun, with even more motivation. NOT THAT EITHER OF US ARE LACKING IN THAT DEPARTMENT (or so it reads in your story). Get some pictures posted, man. They can't select you until you have them up!!
                     discount code- JNG800


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                                do we need to post pictures in order to be selected and if so is it too late to get the pics in?