I've always followed things like this challenge and thought of how cool it would be to take part in something like this. So when I saw this opurtunity I got pretty excited. Especially being able to get advice from guys like dave, victor and gerarde and to be able to try all the mhp stuff. I was always very skinny and could never gain weight and people would always comment that I was skinny and needed to eat more. The thing was I ate tons of food but did not lift weights so it never turned into muscle. I first started lifting about 14 months ago at the age of 24 and weighed 160lbs at 6'1". I knew absolutely nothing, had no muscle and could barely do the basic lifts but was instantly hooked on this great sport. With help from a trainer and hours and hours of research I have learned a great deal about nutrition, recovery and technique and now weigh in at 200 lbs with low bodyfat. My stregnth is descent but not where I would like it to be and I still am not where I want to be in order to do my first show. I plan on competing in april of 2009 at the vermont npc show as a heavyweight. I take in around 4500 calories, 1.5 grams of protien per lb, and 3 grams of carbs per lb along with healthy fats from nuts ,oil and flaxseed. I am extremly strict with my diet but do cheat atleast one day a week. I take protien, no preworkout and waxy maize post workout with some creatine. I once tried a test booster and gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks. With that all said i do not have the money to really go all out on supplements and would love the oppotunity to gain more knowledge along with the chance to see what I can achieve with great supplements,

Thank you,
Shannon Lonergan

ps. I didn't have any pics to send but could get some within the next week.