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  • biggredd story

    I started lifting around 1992 to try and get rid of some fat. I did pretty good and added some muscle but never did get rid of my fat and then after I graduated from high school I got away from it for a while. Around 2003 I started to try and take it a little more serious and then my father had a stroke and had to medically retire from his job and go on social security. My mother was already on social security because of her terminal illnesses. Needless to say, my Mom and Dad could not live on their income of social security, it was barely enough to cover their house note and insurance. My wife and I decided to build an addition on the back of their house so we could help take care of them .

    While we were building the addition I ran into an old friend at a seminar with Jay Cutler at the gym and my friend and I decided to start training together and he has helped me a lot. I did get back into training and more dedicated than before. We went several times a week after work and on weekends while we were building the addition on my parent’s house and it was going real good. Then Hurricane Katrina hit on August 29, 2005, which was also my birthday, and we lost our home and most of the contents, we were in the area on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that had the 30 foot storm surge. We were blessed that we did not loose any lives but it is still hard to look at everything you have worked for be destroyed in a matter of hours. We had to stay with my uncle with 16 other family members till we were able to move in to FEMA trailers.

    Also, my wife and I were out of work for many months because of the storm damage to our places of employment. A month after the storm I almost lost my mother to e-coli poisoning and she was in the hospital for a little over a week and then the day after she went home, we had to have the ambulance pick up my father because we thought he was having another stroke, but it turned out that his blood oxygen was low so they took him to the hospital and found out he had fluid on his lungs and diagnosed him with non-Hodgkin’s leukemia. He was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and then things started getting a little better, work started back up and the gym opened back up, and we moved into two FEMA trailers while my brother, uncle and myself are building our new home. It has been hard working 40 hour work weeks at the shipyard as a pipefitter and then trying to work on the house on nights and weekends, but I still manage to get to the gym, sometimes as early as 3:30 a.m. and as late as midnight.

    Just when we thought things were getting better, my wife and I were back at work, we were building our home and I was going to the gym on a regular basis, on September 2, 2007, we had to have the ambulance pick up my father again, The doctors said he was very dehydrated so they admitted him while they were running test and then found a mass around his colon and said he had colitis real bad and sepsis all in his body. They sent off some biopsies for testing and while they were waiting on the results he started swelling all over his body and then stopped breathing. They had to do emergency surgery on him that night and the surgeon did not even close him up because he did not expect him to make it through the night. The doctor found a blood clot in the main artery going to his small intestines that killed almost all of his small intestine. One of the other doctors told us that the surgeon saved my fathers life because they usually do not find that type blood clot till an autopsy is performed. He was in the hospital for over a month, and then had to stay in bed for about 3 weeks till he healed. The doctor is waiting till he is completely healed before they do anything about the mass around his colon which the doctor believes is either colon or rectal cancer. I was out of work for another 7 weeks straight and I still miss work from time to time for doctor appointments for Mom and Dad. It is hard to try and stay focused and positive when you constantly have something tragic happening in your life. Please don’t misunderstand what I am writing, I do not think for one minute of my Mom or my Dad as a burden, they are a blessing and have always supported me and are always there for me, so in my eyes, I am blessed.

    I am dedicated to training but sometimes I don’t have the time to sit around and try to understand how to diet and what supplements I should take and how long I should do cardio. Right now I weigh 375 pounds and I am 5’11” and I have muscle but I also have fat. I try and do cardio in the morning before work and I workout on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and when I can, I go other times during the week. I am so thankful that the gym I go to is open 24 hours a day.

    I would like to be considered for either challenge and I would love to turn my life around. I can’t go on with all this fat. I have a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful sons and I just need to get healthy. My father is only 60 years old with all these medical problems and my mother is only 55 years old. I would like to get in shape for them and to possibly step on a body building stage one day, I have too much to live for. I would love to get some guidance and some help from someone who knows what they are doing but I just cannot afford to hire anyone.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to tell my story.

    God Bless
    Aaron Williams
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    good luck buddy! you can lose the weight easily. If I were you, I would eat 3500 calories a day and 300-350 grams of protein a day in 7 small meals, each consisting of 50-60 grams of protein and 500-600 calories. Eat NO SWEETS! STAY AWAY FROM SUGARY AND HIGH CARB FOODS. Your meals need to consist of chicken and rice, protein shakes, tuna, and lean steak. Jog 5 days a week (or walk starting out). If you do this for 2 years I SWEAR to you that you will get lean. All of your fat will melt away. It's only a matter of time. I've let myself go, but am back on track. I'm following a similar diet with less protein and calories b/c I would only be 180 or so lean. You have a large frame and are tall, so I'd guess you should be around 205-215 fairly lean.
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      stick with it man. the sense of accomplishment you receive from getting in shape will carry over to other aspects of your life. As stated above, cut out ALL JUNK(candy, soda(diet is ok), fast food). Also if you drink alcohol try to keep that as limited as possible(as in less than once a week. if at all). it lowers your natural testosterone, raises estrogen, breaks down muscle, and promotes fat gain.....basically a weightlifters worst nightmare. it might be hard for a while, but over time all these changes will turn into good habits that you just do naturally. I would try to work out 3-4 times a week with weights either doing one or two body parts a day per week, or do a (upper, lower split alternating each workout).and the more cardio the better, whether it is running, jogging, riding a bike, playing a sport, whatever. good luck with everything and stick with it; I PROMISE you will be glad you did.


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        thanks for the support. hopefully everything will work and i will get picked to help with my transformation .


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          thanks again one way or another it's all going to work out wether it's the challenge or on my own.... i want to wish good luck to all the contestants and thanks again for the posts