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    I'm going to take a hint from my fellow MHP MD Transformaiton Challenge participant gymnation and start my own blog chronicling my transformation experience. (Great idea, Jim!) I will try to give dayto-day updates on how thingds are going. I hope this may prove helpful to someone. I appreciate everyone's encouragement. This is a great community!

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    WEEK 2 (WED)

    Okay, today was a great day as far as eating...which is better than I can say for yesterday (Christmas day). It's not that I cheated, but I did relax my standards and eat not-so-lean red meat yesterday. And instead of 6 oz., I ate 8. extra carbs. Everything else was clean. Hopefully I won't fall out of Dave & Mr. G.'s good graces.

    Training was different today. Why? Because my gym was closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So Mon and Tue were out the window as far as training. Since I wanted to hit every bodypart this week, here's the split I devised:

    WED: Chest, Tri's
    THU: Back, Bi's
    FRI: Delts, Traps
    SAT: Legs

    Next week, I'll be back on track with Dave's routine.

    Oh, and one more thing: Where in the world did my strength go? In my heyday, I was doing 3 reps of 405 on the bench, 315 for 8 reps on the incline, 275 for 4 reps on behind-the-neck presses on the Smith machine. But it's all gone. Here's a sampl of the pitiful amount I did on inclines today: 135, 145, 165. I guess that's what happens when you lay off for a few years....


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      I'm right there with you Loomster. Weights that used to be warmup for me are now my heaviest working poundages. It's just putting one foot in front of the other until we're back.
      Incidentally, have you received your MHP package yet? I haven't, but I guess with the holidays it's just taking awhile....
      "He that can have patience can have what he will." -Benjamin Franklin-


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        Originally posted by gymnation View Post
        I'm right there with you Loomster. Weights that used to be warmup for me are now my heaviest working poundages. It's just putting one foot in front of the other until we're back.
        Incidentally, have you received your MHP package yet? I haven't, but I guess with the holidays it's just taking awhile....
        Thanks for encouragement, gymnation. And no, I have not received my MHP supps yet. I contacted Ilir at MHP by email and he said that we should receive them either by the end of this week or beginning of next week. I'll post as soon as I get them in. I'm looking forward to it. So far, all I've been taking is some Optimum Nutrition whey that I already had. My dog food bag-sized sack of whey (10 lbs.) has been sitting idle in the pantry for some time now, but it's still good, so I broke it out to get me over until the MHP stuff comes in.


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          WEEK 2 (THU)

          I'm posting this a day late, but here's what my Thu. looked like. I did my cardio as usual in the morning. I'm doing an hour's worth and keeping my heart rate at around 112 bpm. I took off work in the late afternoon and "went to town" with my family. I trained at another gym there in the big city. The bodyparts I trained were back and biceps. I am still combining bodyparts due to my gym being closed on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. So with the combination, I'll have delts and traps today (Fri) and legs on Sat. and will have gotten all of my bodyparts in this week.

          As far as eating today, I had to pack a couple of protein shakes and a chicken breast along with my raw almonds when we all went shopping. Things went okay, but I must admit there was some temptation when we all went to Chik-Fil-A and my family was eating fries and chicken sandwiches. Boy, that smelled good!!! And I thought they were my support team? Just kidding, they really do support me a lot. Though it was tempting, I didn't give in. I'm waiting for the cheat meal on Mon. evening! See ya....


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            LUCKY LOOMSTER


            [email protected]


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              Originally posted by Mr G View Post

              Will do, Mr. G. I didn't want to clog up the Transformation thread with my daily updates, but if you think this might help or encourage someone, then I'd love to mirror what I put here on the main Transformation thread. I'll start it with my next post because I have some great news to tell....


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                THE SUPPS CAME IN!!!!!!!

                I'm happy because I got a HUGE box from the UPS guy around mid-morning. I tore into it and it seems to be enough supplements to do the entire 16 weeks. You guys from MHP are awesome! I want to say thanks to Ilir at MHP, whom I've emailed a couple of times, and especially a BIG THANKS to Gerard Dente, CEO of MHP. Gerard, I don't know if you read these boards, but I want to say "thank you" for sponsoring this Transformation Challenge along with MD. You are truly giving us guys an opportunity of a lifetime.

                I can't do a thank-you post without also giving props to Dave and Mr. G. They are with us, step-by-step, through this process. Dave has answered my questions and Mr. G has given me a massive dose of encouragement and motivation. Thanks guys! With you guiding us and MHP fueling and recovering us, I'm sure we'll go far. THANKS!!!

                Here are a couple of pics so you can see how this morning went. One is of one of my daughters acting silly in the packing peanuts of the HUGE MHP box while drowning in tubs of protein powder (it was like Christmas again!). The other is of the supplement products I received. Thanks MHP!!!
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                  WEEK 2 (FRI)

                  Well, as you can see over on the Transformation thread, the big news today is that I received my supplements from MHP. I have already given props to Gerard and Co. over at MHP, but I want to once again say "thanks" for all of the products. I'm looking forward to starting them tomorrow!

                  As far as eating went today, things were fine. I really love this diet. I get to eat meat and I get to eat frequently- two things I love! The eating today went off without a hitch. And amazingly, I am not tempted to stray (at least not often). Eating 6 meals a day keeps me wonderfully satiated.

                  Today I trained delts. I noticed a sizable increase in my strength as I did my shoulder presses. (That's good news!) When I trained my traps, my biceps felt like they were about to bust out of my skin because they were sore from being worked the day before. The stretch in my bi's distracted concentration from my traps, but I was still able to nail them with the shrugs.

                  I want to give thanks to Bob Kane at the Riverside Wellness Center in Gloucester, VA. They have sponsored me for the 16 weeks (another great idea from gymnation!) of the Transformation. Also, they are going to test my body fat each week using a ElectroLipoGraph Body Composition Analyzer. It's supposed to be pretty accurate at measuring body fat.

                  So there you have it. Just another great day livin' the **** ******* and Mr. G way....


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                    WEEK 2 (SAT)

                    Well, here we are at the end of the week and I'm looking forward to tomorrow being an off day. Also, I'm looking forward to my Monday night cheat meal. (Burger King, here I come!) I feel really good. I have a slightly tight feeling in my bi's and along my traps and delts...signs that something wonderful has happened there recently.

                    Today was rather uneventful; however, in dieting and working out, that is good news. I woke up late this morning because my two daughters had some friends over for a spend-the-night party. They were up until the wee hours of the morning playing some kind of High School Musical 2 DVD games. Exciting, huh? (That boat-load of cheese sticks cooking in the oven sure smelled good!) I eventually went to bed around midnight. Getting up later this morning proved to be a good thing because it put me behind with my meals all day. And that's good because I plan to be up late tonight watching the Patriots and Jets (lose Patriots!) and my meals can stretch on out until I go to bed.

                    I trained legs today. They're getting stronger, but I am quickly remembering why I never liked training my legs...the pain, the breathlessness, the funny walk around the gym and back to car because you are afraid your leg is going to give way on the next step and you'll go crashing to the ground. Yeah, I pretty much HATE training legs. Do I want big legs? You know it! Am I willing to pay the price in the gym to get them? Yessir! Will I enjoy doing it? way. As awesome as Dave and Mr. G. are, I don't even think even they could ever get me to enjoy training legs. Can they motivate me to train them and train them hard? You bet. But loving to train legs is probably a joy that I will never have.

                    Let me conclude today's comments by giving you a quick convenience tip that my wife introduced to me. She took my big bag of raw almonds and took a box of snack-sized plastic baggies and made me some convenient snack packs. Now, when I cook my chicken, I don't have to go and measure out 1/3 of a cup of almonds every time. I just reach in the bowl where she keeps them and grab a pre-measured snack pack. Convenient, isn't it? My wife's the greatest! But what I'm wondering is why did she have to put it in that bowl? Hmmm....
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                      WEEK 2 (SUN)

                      Well, there's not much to write about today. The diet went well. I am continually amazed how much I am not tempted to cheat on this diet. I tried doing the Adkins diet a couple of different times years ago. I was pretty successful at losing a major amount of weight, but I would be continually craving carb-laden foods. Thoughts of pizza, a syrupy stack of pancakes, Cocoa Pebbles cereal, etc. kept dancing in my head. Of course, after I got off the diet, the weight poured back on. But with Dave's diet, I really haven't had to fight any of those demons of carb temptation. I don't know if it's the regularity of eating 6 meals a day or what, but my carb cravings have been zilch so far. Let's hope it holds out like this for the entire 16 weeks!

                      As far as my training, today was an off day (Day 7). As I sat in church this morning, I could feel my quads gradually begin to stiffen in soreness because of the hammering they received yesterday. Soreness or no soreness, I like that feeling. That lets me know something happened to that muscle.

                      I will be posting my "end of Week 2" pics tomorrow. Also, I will be posting my measurements and bodyfat, though I'm sure there won't be that much of a change since I just posted them a couple of days ago. However starting tomorrow, my pics and measurements will be posted together weekly. Hopefully then, we'll be able to note some changes week-by-week.

                      Gymnation, Biggredd, Chrisdilorenzo, Pierce, Dave, Mr. G., Ilir, and others, thanks for all of the positive comments and motivation you've provided!


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                        WEEK 3 (MON)

                        Well, first of all, I am blogging this a little late. I was going to do it last night, but when I got home at around 1:30 a.m., I just fell into bed. Anyway, here is my Mon. (Day 1 on the workout schedule).

                        The eating went fine. Again, I don't know what it is with Dave's diet, but I just don't feel a strong need to stray from it. Maybe it's the frequency of the meals, maybe it's the food choices (I love meat and eggs), but whatever it is, I am having a quite easy time sticking to the food/meal program (knock on wood).

                        I had a very good training day yesterday. Every time I go into the gym, I'm getting stronger and stronger. E.g., the last time I posted weight I did on Chest Day, I only got 135, 145, 165 on the inclines. On Chest Day this time, I got 135, 155, and jumped up to working sets of 185 and 190. So, the strength seems to be coming back (at least a little bit). So all in all, the training is going very well, too.

                        I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed. My Week 2 stats and pics are not much different from my Week 1 stats and pics. I'm not sure what is going on. Maybe I'm just trying to rush it and wanting to see more change faster. I have dropped a few pounds, but not a whole lot. Maybe it's just a momentary "lull" here at the outset. But whatever the case, I'll keep going with the training and the work-out (what else can I do?). Hopefully my body will get with the program and respond more. But I love the program, I love the training, I love the MHP supps, I love Dave and Mr. G (uh, in the "you-guys-are-great-and-make-me-awesome" sense), and I love the guys with whom I am "transforming" (biggredd, gymnation, chrisdilorenzo, and Pan). Until tonight's blog....


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                          WEEK 3 (TUE)

                          Well, here I am having to rearrange my workout schedule due to holiday gym closings again. However, I am grateful to be sponsored at my gym for the next 16 weeks, so how can I complain, right?

                          Since I had to take my off-day today instead of tomorrow, my family and I went out to the mall. Food temptations abounded, but I was prepared. I packed my chicken breasts, 2 snack packs of raw almonds, 2 baggies of MHP Probolic-SR, my shaker bottle, fish oil tabs, Anadrox tabs, mulivitamin tabs, and I was ready to go.

                          As wonderful as the day went (no cheating with food, plus being able to enjoy my off-day), it took a turn for the worse and went horribly bad. You see, there is this "training partner" (of sorts) that I take to the gym every time I go. This "training partner" motivates me and keeps me going. This training partner seems to help me be stronger with the weights and go longer with the cardio. His name is "iPod." And today, I seem to have lost my iPod. It's like it vanished into thin air. I took it with us because sometimes I like to sit in the van and listen to podcasts while my wife and girls are in one of those girl teen clothing shops. So I took it today "just in case." I never used it, and when I went to look for it, *poof*, it was gone. I searched for it as best as I could for tonight, but with no success. I'll conduct a more thorough search when the sun is out tomorrow. My 6-7 a.m. cardio in the morning is going to be REAL long....


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                            WEEK 3 (WED)

                            Today was another good day of training and dieting. I had to train today because the gym was closed yesterday for New Year's Day (bummer!). Typically, this being Day 3, it would be an off day. However, I am having to make up my Day 2 (back) on Day 3. Did ya get all that?

                            My meals were spot on- exactly as Dave has prescribed in the diet. Nothing much to say about that except I am still doing well on the meal plan. Would I like to eat some junk every once in a while? Sure. Do I give it a second thought? Amazingly, no. I've said this before, but I'm not sure what is up with Dave's meal plan, but it truly keeps me satisfied and not wanting to stray and slip up. Thanks Dave!

                            Okay, now let me talk training and share something amazing. I don't know if it's "muscle memory" or the MHP TRAC or a combination of the two, but my back strength has went up like CRAZY!!! Last Back Day, I did a little over half the stack on the pull down machine for 8 reps for my working sets. Today, I did the whole stack, less the final 10 lb. plate at the bottom!!! AMAZING!!! I had good form, too (although the last 2 reps on my last set were not picture-perfect). I can feel the intensity and strength coming back. That's encouraging.

                            Now for some discouragement: I'm still not seeing the scale move down very much. And I know that it's not what the scale says, but it's my body composition that counts. But still, I guess I want some immediate gratification (rather than waiting on my weekly body fat check). However, I must say that overall, I feel much better. I don't feel as swollen and stuffed as I used to; and my gut seems to be going down. And on top of all of that, I feel my muscles hardening and taking shape. Before, they just felt like jello. I'm looking forward to my 1 hour of cardio in the morning (with my newly found iPod) and training arms in the afternoon. Thanks again Dave, Rocky G., Gerard, and everyone else involved. You're giving us the opportunity of a lifetime!


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                              WEEK 3 (THU)

                              Another great day of correct eating and training. Everything was "spot-on" once again. I know these can get boring repeating the same thing over and over, but I'd rather repeat than say something new like "I fell off the wagon and had a pizza or cheeseburger." Dave's meal plan keeps me happy. I don't feel the need to compromise my nutrition.

                              I did an hour of cardio this morning. I really miss "No Bull Radio" while doing cardio, but I stumbled upon another podcast called "Superhuman Radio." It is a bodybuilding talk show out of KY. I listened to their interview with Dave P. about aromatase inhibitors (interesting!).

                              I trained arms today. Just like my other bodyparts, it seems my arms are regaining their strength. My poundages I am curling and pushing down are going higher and higher. Maybe it's a combination of the "muscle memory" and MHP's TRAC and Probolic-SR. Whatever the case, I'm glad to see the poundages I'm lifting going up. I just wish the poundage on my scale would go down just as fast. I just can't explain it, but it seems like my weight is dropping ever so slowly. I guess the body fat check on Monday will be the true "tale of the tape." To be honest, I'm kinda scared. But I'm doing everything right and that's all I can do.

                              Well, almost everything right.... It seems that I have been eating the wrong kind of Peanut Butter. (Maybe my mistake might help some of you out if you, too, have the wrong kind of Peanut Butter.) I asked Dave the following question:

                              1. I am working my way through your Q&A board and came across a discussion of Peanut Butter. Someone who is using the same brand I am currently using was told it was the wrong kind. I looked on my brand, and instead of it saying "All Natural Peanut Butter," it just says "Natural Peanut Butter." Can you look at the pertinent ingredients I've listed below and tell me if this is okay, or do I need to run out and get some "All Natural Peanut Butter?"

                              Smart Balance Omega Natural Peanut Butter
                              Serving Size: 2 tbsp (32g)
                              Total Carb: 5g
                              Dietary Fiber: 2g
                              Sugars 1g

                              Ingedients: Peanuts, natural oil blend (flaxseed and palm fruit oils), salt, molasses.

                              Dave replied succinctly and to the point: "NO GOOD........the peanut butter ingredients should be 'peanuts and salt.'"

                              So, it looks like I've got a trip to the health food store scheduled. I picked up the Peanut Butter that I was using at Wal-Mart. Does anyone know if Wal-Mart carries "All Natural Peanut Butter" (peanuts and salt, as Dave said)? Well, that's about it for today. Could it have been something like eating the wrong Peanut Butter that has been retarding my weight loss? We'll see....