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    Submit your stories and BEFORE photos for the 3rd MHP Transformation Challenge which will begin in 2 weeks time. We wanna hear from people who are down on their luck and who are looking to work really hard to transform their bodies, mind, and spirit!

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    My story (sorry If Im posting twice, I didnt know which thread to post this on)

    My name is Rusty and the reason I am writing is because was looking to get chosen for the give me muscle or give me death challenge. My story goes like this...
    Ever since Highschool I was very attracted to workouts and bodybuilding. I use to spend hours on end at Venice beach during the summers just drooling at watching the hulks workout through the cage. I was very muscular and lean in highschool at 5'10" and 180lbs at 18. I was so sure I would enter my first competition then. When I was 19 and a freshmen in college I had my first car-wreck and everything came to a screeching halt! I had to have some stuff repaired and my face was busted up. I was paralized from the waist down and docs said I wouldnt be able to walk. I did walk again on my own to their surprise and killed what they said I wouldnt be able to do.
    Now I am back in college and am 24. I have finally taken heart to join a gym and try and get back to my teen chiseled self. I have joined a gym and have been training for a year. I do not know too much about dieting so I read dave's articles in the MD mags and see how he has made big changes to evan centopani's body. I would be honored if dave helped me make big changes to my body and help me compete in natural competitions...pursuing my life-long goal. The years of recovery and just being not being able to go to the gym have taken a toll on my life and body. When I first joined the gym I was about 300lbs, I am now still fat at 243lbs(but have a little bit of muscle) and want to change that to be very lean, big, and muscular. I have always also wanted to meet Victor martinez because I think he is freakin awsome and hope he takes the Olympia home soon! GOOD LUCK VICTOR! HOPE YOU RECOVER SOON!!!
    Help me Big Dave and MHP. With your help I know I will be able to morph into the beast that I use to be.
    Thank you all!
    Below are pics of me...Please dont laugh too hard :P


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      My name is Frank Rose and am 18 years old. My whole life I have struggled with my weight. I remember when I was in 4th grade and getting on the scales for gym class and the number read 206 pounds! I never excercised and ate all sorts of junk food. At the end of my freshman year my weight problem really hit home. I went up to Ohio to visit family and a new roller coaster had opened. I waited in line over 3 hours and when it was finally my turn, I couldn't close the lap bar to ride. That summer I joined the local gym at close to 300 pounds and did as much as I could walk a little here, lift a little there. I saw small but good gains and by the end of the summer I was down to 250 pounds. Starting my sophmore year I got in with a "sketch" groups of friends and balloned back up to over 270 pounds. I stayed this way until summer 2007 when I decided this was not the lifestyle I wanted to live. I renewed my gym membership and practically live there. I tried to read muscle magazines and find help on nutrition but am still very new to it all. As of today I am 5'8 197 pound at right around 17% body fat. I learned about your transformation contest through Van Loomiss. Van works out at the same gym where I go and to see the changes he has made in 16 weeks is truly a miracle. I believe with the help of muscular development and the support of Van and others I can finally reach my muscular and fitness goals. I'm very dedicated and have a never say never attitude. I believe I would be a great choice for your transformation challenge.
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        Hey Huge285, my name is Dustin, Im 33, 230 LBS, about 30% BF

        I just stumbled on this thread, looking for a challenge, ironiclly..

        For many years, I have tryed to get to the gym to bettter my image, and health. But for some reason, I always had an excuse to not go. Well, Its time for a lifestyle change. I have had enough of this nonsense. Im a softball player, pitcher, and an icon, kinda, to the league. I came out of retirement, and feel like Micheal Jordon, meaning I should have stayed retired, LOL. But Im not he same player, or person I used to be. I just cant do what I have done in the past. My teammates look up to me, to help win the championship, and I feel Im letting them down. I have to do this, to get to the top again, and be better then I was. The fat and lack of mobility is hurting my game.. IT MUST CHANGE, TODAY.. I feel Im lettting the myself down, and depriving myself of what I should be. I just started a program yesterday, have a membership to Snap-Fitness, and ready to roll. Im on the hunt for a better ME, and I will succedd.. I just cant take it anymore... I have reprogrammed my mind, with the vision of what I want, and I see the path, and I'm going to reach my goal. I am ready for a transformation MHP, I wont let you down.


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          Full body shot, tryed to edit


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            New Yearsí is one holiday that I look forward to the most. My wish is that the next year will bring me better fortune than the last. Nine years have passed and my luck, as some may call it has not waivered, with that there have only been more complications. In high school my physique was to say the least the best shape that I have ever been in my life. I was active, playing sports, and loving life. When I moved away for college and started working construction both L4 and L5 vertebra in my lower spine was severely injured in a car accident. I was unable to do what I love the most, which is to condition my body and nourish itís natural needs. Over the next three years I sort of let myself go. By that I mean I gained fifty or so pounds and not only my physical appearance changed but my self-esteem was seriously damaged. It was not until almost two years after that did I realize that I have strayed so far away from my dream that I was almost not the person I remembered or wanted to be. These past two years have been extremely difficult for me. I am putting myself through college with little help from my parents. I own my own business and with the advances in technology and economic distress, life has not granted me my wish. I would be overjoyed if granted the opportunity to live the life that I have always desired. I am eager to learn and once I commit to something, I am unable to relinquish my desires. If I could ask for one thing it would be to become like the men I read about in MD. A transformation of not just body, but also mind and soul.
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              Is this Challenge still going to happen? Is this the only place to submit? 4 replies doesnt seem right to me..

              I just dont want to miss the chance of a lifetime..

              When will we know of the contestants?



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                can women apply???
                I'm workin on getting better K!!!


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                  Originally posted by bndniron4evrgal View Post
                  can women apply???
                  They did last year, get your entry in!
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                  Muscular Development Forum Rules :.
                  READ THEM!


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                    New Transformation Tips with Dave and Mr.G?
                    Originally posted by huge285 View Post
                    Submit your stories and BEFORE photos for the 3rd MHP Transformation Challenge which will begin in 2 weeks time. We wanna hear from people who are down on their luck and who are looking to work really hard to transform their bodies, mind, and spirit!


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                      The long road back.

                      As many of you know, I recently suffered a major tear to my pec that required surgery. Dr. Prisk was even so impressed by the magnitude of bruising that he included a pic of me in this month's MD. I've been keeping a running thread about the tear and my recovery here Two weeks post op I developed an aggressive infection in the site and had to have two additional opperations. Well today I scraped off the last piece of scab that remained from the once open wound. Tommorrow is day 1 of my road to recovery. I'm still not able to do some things in the gym, but where there is a will there is a way. My wife and I have 16 weeks left here in Germany before we move back to Texas. As many of you know getting in shape can get expensive with all the food and supplements. Also picking up and moving can put a strain on you wallet as well. My wife is getting out of the Army and I will be looking to start up personal training at one of the gyms where we are moving. The past few months have been tough emotionally and the support of MHP (who has been by far my favorite supplement company since TRAC and T-Bomb 1) will be a huge help to setting me up for success with my move back to the states. I plan to get back to Texas beaming with confidence, and develop a quick client base as a result. Also I've never had any help with diet. I've always done my own diet from what I've learned reading. I would benefit greatly from some experience in that department.
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                        MHP "Making the change"

                        Well, where do I begin...for years I have wanted to make a change to my body, but either its a personal issue that gets in the way or its taking care of my inner demons. I fluctuate in weight all the time going from 300 to 340 with 30% BF and being 6'4" is no better. I look swole, but I wont be taking my shirt off. The weight change comes fro the lack of motivation. Going to the gym and going through the motions, not having the "mind-muscle" going on, just going in there because its a paid membership.

                        When I was in college I tried to compete in the EAS Body for life competition (1996-2003) and every year I could never make it throug the 8 weeks. People really don't understand the power of motivation when it comes to the world of making the change. I really want to change my look and I believe that I can and my life but I NEED YOUR HELP!!! All the questions and answers that I do here mean NOHTING to me if I dont have the body to prove it!! I tell people bust ass and train hard but what does that solve if I ain't. I hope that I can get to the point of Palumbo and others who have crossed that threshold and take my shirt off and show the changes I have be able to say..."Dammit!!!! I did it!!!"

                        "They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America: They will be met."


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                          me? i want to challenge myself and push myself to the limit. i have been lifting weights since i got my first concrete filled set at the age of 10...thats 27 years of lifting. i compete in the amateur ranks of strongman but i am not happy where i am. i want to drop 20-25 lbs and enter as a lightweight competitior. then i want to earn my procard in the 105kg class. the MHP transformation challenge seems like a good place to lay it all out, make myself better and achieve my goals
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                          my strongman training
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                            can people outside of the United States enter?


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                              ready to get back in shape

                              When i got the lifting bug was about in 2006. My friend and I started to lift at his basement and then we got gym menbership. We were at the gym twice a day. Got all the magz on bodybuilding and my first mag was MD YOU Mother Fucker are the best. Ever body are fags, but enough ass kissing. Lost alot of wieght, becuse I am a fat ass and so was my friend. Started to get good and started to get in shape. Then I got pop growing some veggies which land me in trouble with the law. This stop me from going to the gym and I could not take any thing so it can't mess with the piss test I take three times a week. I try to go gym but it like on and off for the last year. The wieght I was before the legal problem at 279 and now I ballooned up to 320. I got a couple week left on "legal program" so I getting real happy because I can start to take stuff. I am realy out shape and ready to get back in to shape. Chinese 6'0 / 25 /about 322