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      NEW YORK

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        so when does it start? who is in?


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          I echo what Aaron "Big Red" Williams and Mr. G have both said: This is a life-transforming Challenge. Good luck to everyone who has submitted their stories. And for those who aren't selected, don't let that stop you from doing the Challenge on your own. There is much encouragement and support to draw from on this thread!


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            Greetings from Cyprus Guys - to join on what Big Red & Loom has said - i was one of the ever so fortunate ones to have not been selected the past challenge but was honoured to have been able to have tagged along.

            Itís been 6 months now - slowly but surely i have lost about 25kgs of fat (about 55lbs) - my brothers on this challenge lost even more and we are still at it.

            This will change your life forever guys - even if you dont get selected tag along - diet, nutrition and exercise tips from Mr G and the Legend himself Dave Palumbo is priceless and its FREE. This is truly a chance of a life time guys and girls.

            Good Luck

            Be the Change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi


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              Nice scar Big Daddy!


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                My name is Orlando, 5'6", 145 lbs. I started working out about three years ago, but in this three years i have seen little change. I met an amateur body builder at the gym and i was impressed by his physic, big arms, well rounded shoulders, calves, etc. His advices did help a little bit but i still need that extra push to achieve my goal, getting the perfect body. I know that with the proper nutrition and training and can get transform my body into a muscle building machine. This transformation would mean a lot to me and hopefully it will open the doors to the entertainment industry.

                P.S. How do you post up pictures? this is my first time using this...


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                  Iam new here

                  Until when do i have to enter the contest. Iam from Puerto Rico, can i enter the contest?
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                    Not sure, 2 weeks from June 1st, is June 15th, so, who knows..


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                      My whole like I have been plagued with obesity. Through lots of determination I have managed to drop a considerable amount of weight in the last couple years (around 110lbs), but I'm not satisfied. I look at my progress pics and I still see major areas of improvement and I feel like the guidance and supplement assistance from this challenge is what I need to take my body to the next level, a level I have never been at, a level I can be proud of.

                      I have received compliments on my transformation already, however, I can honestly say that I feel with the guidance and supplements I'd receive from Dave P, MHP, and the others from this challange..."You haven't seen anything yet"

                      My Transformation Journal -


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                        awesome job bro, keep it going


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                          A FORCE TO BE RECONED WITH

                          My name is James Dodge I'm 18 years old at a height of 6'4 weighing about 206 lbs, and I am a self made, self taught, and self educated natural bodybuilder that was once obese and turned myself into a chiseled bodybuilder that looked like glass. The purpose for me righting you is be chosen as a contestant for the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Transformation Challenge. The reason why Iím asking this is because I have become depleted from a very grueling two year move from hell and back with my Mother Sue-Ann. We moved from Carver, MA near Plymouth, MA to Florida. We made this move after a year to two years after a divorce to start new lives and move away from the past and start living again but unfortunately it was all lies about how cheap it was in Florida because you have to pay high community fees, a lot of different insurances, and high taxes, that all add up to be about $10,000 a year or more. So after that disappointment we went back home to recuperate and regroup, and stayed with family friends for almost 2 months then rented a condo for 6 months down on Cape Cod in the town Falmouth, MA and we looked into NH but couldnít find any good places to live up there. But while we were up there we were told about SC and how nice it was like Florida, and how much cheaper it was compared to Florida. So we soon after went to SC near Charleston to check it out, and found a new house to buy in a subdivision located in Summerville, SC that we were going to buy but once we got back to New England we decided it was too small and we didnít want to live in a city or subdivision type of living situation so we canceled the contract to buy the house. Soon after that we decided we were going to buy a home somewhere in New England like New Hampshire and Maine area, or maybe even Oregon. But a week later we got a phone call about such an amazing business proposition that we just couldnít resist not buying a bigger house for the same price as the smaller one we were supposed to buy. We were told that we could buy the house and flip it for $20,000 more so we bought it in good intentions to make back some money that we lost during the first year of looking for a home. As of now all I can tell you after about 10 months later of being sick living in Summerville, SC in an environment surrounded by pollution, poverty, abnormal obesity of 300-700 plus people and Iím not kidding Itís normal for this area, also if you have to drive anywhere you have to drive interstate roads with reckless drivers surrounding you everywhere, very high crime, and murder right down the street every single week itís all lies, lies, lies and were selling this brand new house that weíve lived in for about 10 months now with no furniture because the house was never going to be our home, so now weíre just waiting for it to sell. As of now were selling it for below appraised market value just so we can go home and get back to New England. Now weíve found a beautiful country place to live in NH, and were going home to build our beautiful Reproduction Saltbox home as soon as this house sells in this SC hell hole. After this 2 year move, and moving to SC it has taken a toll on us because we both have gotten depleted, fat, soft, also myself and my Mother collapsed because of all the stress and sickness from living in such a sickeningly polluted environment. Iíve gotten so depleted that Iíve lost most of my hard earned muscle and have lost at least 2 inches just on each of my arms alone. I would like to let it be known I that I was once severely obese at 300 pounds at around 13 and 14 years old. I was so obese that you couldnít even see my knuckles on my hands or the ankles of my legs I literally was busting out of my skin. And to note I still have the doctorís records to prove this. Because of being so obese I was harassed constantly, beat up, choked, spit on, and called hurtful vicious fat names all from just being fat. I never even bothered anyone I was just picked as a victim of abuse for just being overweight. Because of that I had to start defending myself by trying to protect myself and back talking. How I became obese was from going thru a very black, torturous, and satanic divorce that that seemed like it was never ending. I will only give a brief synopsis of because it because was such a horrific divorce that physically almost killed not only me but my Mom too. I became so severely obese from eating food constantly because of the depression of the divorce I was in front of the television constantly eating food like boxes of graham crackers, crackers with peanut butter and jelly, ice cream, and many, many other fattening foods, also every so often mom said lets go get a cake out of depression, and Iíd devour the whole cake within half an hour. So because of a divorce between my Mother and my father I became obese from soothing my depression with food, and television. My Mother unfortunately fell in love with the wrong person my father when she married him he appeared to be normal. But eventually he ended up being an abuser, an adulterer, an evil, mentally sick, perverted, Jesus freak, wonder lust, that ran away every time he couldnít handle responsibility as a husband and father. He would just abandon us his family me and my Mom without even making sure we had any food or money for us on many occasions over the years of their marriage. All I can say thank God my Mother finally realized that he was never going to change even thou he always said he would change his hurtful, and harmful ways, and we would be a happy, healthy family. Every time he would come back home he begged my Mother to take him back always after he returned from running away. So my Mother would take him back in love for him, and belief of his empty promises, those promises never happened or never lasted too long because he is a liar, a cheat, and a thief he even at times just came back to save up money to run away again. Also because of the destruction of the divorce I wasnít the only one affected because of it. My Mom had become sickly thin from all the stress, and smoking packs, and packs of cigarettes every day so Iím just thankful we both got out of that horrific warfare of the divorce, alive, healthy, and the victors. But even though we were both fallen during the end, and after the divorce we had become resilient and compelled to heal ourselves, get ourselves healthy, and to keep moving forward. So my Mother stopped smoking as much, we both started lifting weights at the YMCA, we got rid of the junk food, and started to eat healthy. Iím thankful to my Mother for everything because she basically raised me without a father in the picture with normalcy while battling my fatherís abnormalcy through the dysfunctional divorce. What really triggered me to realize I had to transform myself, and get serious about being healthy was because of a tryout for football in school. At the practice I couldnít even do the sprint running across the field during the first practice tryout to become part of the team because I was so unhealthy. So after facing such embarrassment I broke down, and cried for hours walking slowly home from school. I became driven to the point where I decided I needed to change my life. So I picked myself up from that point of failure, and took one step at a time, and started walking to and from school and drinking gallons and gallons of water every day, and I basically starved myself barley eating many times. I also started to lift weights with more consistently and it just took off from there and I found my passion for bodybuilding. All I can say is that it was a miracle, and blessing from God that helped me get out of being obese to transforming myself into a chiseled body builder. I educated myself about all aspects of bodybuilding by studying books, magazines, videos, all on, training, nutrition, and everything else I could get my hands on to learn from. Iíve become a body builder that is self taught that educated on all aspects of the bodybuilding lifestyle trough educating my mind on what I had to know to become a bodybuilder. By getting healthy and getting out of such a horrible circumstance of being obese to becoming a chiseled body builder of all things. I feel that if I never would have gone through what Iíve gone through I never would have known what I want to do in my life. I also know I would have never gained the training, resilience, and knowledge that I need in my life by becoming a body builder of all things. But I guess that Iím destined for all that Iíve faced to be a testimony for those who donít know how to get healthy. Thatís why Iím now studying through ISSA to receive my personal training license so I can help others with their health with my guidance, and support someone who has been there and succeeded. Without bodybuilding I would have never gotten the foundation that I need for what my future profession is going to be. My goal is within the next 2 years is to get into the field of professional wrestling. Wrestling has also been my passion for many years now ever since I was a child, and I intend to do my best to become a professional wrestler through hard work, educating my mind, and by building my body as best as I can to succeed as a professional wrestler. That is why I need to become not just a body builder like I was again but become much more massive so that I will have a chance to become a successful professional wrestler. Now that you can see who I am and a through a brief synopsis of myself, a young man that has concurred such adversities in life. By overcoming them, and becoming resilient through something that I never would have expected through body building being in my life. Through body building I found a way to not only strengthen my body, but my mind, and soul in life. But sadly after a 2 year move I have lost most of my hard eared muscle, I have become dissipated, and I feel as Iím going backwards. I also donít know what to do because ever since Iíve moved, whenever I get a chance I train my ass off in the gym, and I do my best to eat correctly, and it seems that Iím not getting anywhere at all. So now Iím finally asking for help, and guidance from someone who will care about helping me to become a body builder once again, and further myself. So I can achieve my goals in body building which is to become massively huge while being proportioned so I can make an impact in the field of professional wrestling as a WWE athlete. I'm asking in whole heartedness will you please help me to become a body builder again by guiding, teaching, and directing me. I am asking you please choose me as a contestant for the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Transformation Challenge. I know that I can absolutely trust all the advice that I would receive through the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Transformation Challenge, without a doubt in my mind to help me reach my goals. While helping me to retain what muscle Iíve lost, and gain even more muscle while helping me get to my goals even quicker than I could do by myself. With all of the provided knowledge that I would receive about every aspect on bodybuilding, and nutrition from some of the top gurus of the body building world. Also through my success during the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Transformation Challenge my goal is to help encourage people to get healthy, get in shape. I want encourage and motivate people to get back what was either stolen from them through unfortunate circumstances, or even just get healthy and in shape to become a better person not only on the outside but the inside. In closing I would like to tell you that I deeply appreciate that youíve taken your time to read my story and see a synopsis of who I am, what Iíve overcome in my life, and how I did it. In all respects would also like to say thank you for this amazing opportunity of taking part in MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Transformation Challenge so I can become a body builder again, and get far beyond what I thought was possible


                          I would also like to ask you would you please chose my Mother Sue-Ann who is a young 52 for the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Transformation challenge because she has also become greatly depleted from this move to. I can tell you she is defiantly not a quitter because as Iíve said she got us both out of a very tragic dark evil situation from the past that Iíve mentioned. My Mother once was a body builder without really even knowing she was before she married the wrong man, and lost 20 years of her life because of him, and running my Mother in the ground with her health. But she always still tryís to stay active and not give up and move ahead. Before we moved my Mother was also a power swimmer, and lifted weights at the East Bridgewater YMCA were we went to the gym for many years. Before we moved she had finally stopped smoking, and was starting to get healthy once again after the divorce was over she started turning into a body builder, and the Warrior Viking Woman once again. But now after this devastating move to hell she has gone backwards as I have. So will you please choose my Mother Sue-Ann along with me so we can motivate each other to not give up as contestants for the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Transformation Challenge so she can once again get healthy, and in shape again to feel good about herself, so she love herself again?

                          To Veiw My, And My Moms Photos Please Feel Free To Vist The Link Below.


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                            looking for a fresh start

                            Hey guys, I am seeking a way to turn my life around. I am currently working in civil service; i.e. law enforcement. I have just celebrated my 36 birthday and I have found myself staring at the scales at 365 lbs. I still can not believe that I have gotten to this state. Long nights of sitting in a car,eating fast food and weird sleep habits have taken it's toll on me. I can not blame my current weight on my job alone. I have long turned to food as a comfort. I have been faced with several tragedies in my life. I have lost loved ones near me quiet often. As always, I would turn to food. I lost my father at a relatively young age,due to him being morbidly obese and gained 30 lbs in less than 4 months.
                            Now at 36 years old, I need a major intervention to get back on track. I am the father of three children and would like to be a healthy and postive influence to them and be a better officer on the road as well. Dave , I have sit back and watched what you and Mr. G , along with mhp did for the last set of guys. I ask you to please consider me for this round. I know this is a little late , but I hope you will consider me. thank you and God Bless
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                              I'll throw in for the hardcore challenge, if you'll have me.

                              I had planned on competing this year nationally, but family problems cropped up in the form of my dad. Re - diagnosed with cancer this year. My mom has also been ill, and both parents started living with me full time this January. I just couldn't focus 100% on contest prep - and my weight was higher than it should have been, anyway. (too much weight added last year after the USA's.) My dad is now done with chemo and has moved back to the Phillipines (where his wife is) - my mom is better, but I have just now recovered from a month + of pneumonia. On top of all this, our business has bottomed out because of the cost of fuel (we run an excavation company and I don't even want to talk about how much diesel is going for right now. ) Construction in general has stopped in our area and I am now actively searching for a job that will pay both the company and my personal bills.

                              It feels like one setback after I'm putting off competing until 2009. I don't know what show yet - but I need to add some upper body size and get my weight down to about 15lbs over contest - and keep it down. I will not repeat being a fatty again in the off season. Ever.

                              I am 5'1ish, BF is about 18ish. Weight is 163ish.
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                                Well I've read through all 45 pages of the last transformation challenge and have decided to complete it if I get chosen for the challenge or not. After seeing their changes, I can't pass this oppurtunity up. I went out yesterday morning and bought all the neccesary foods and vitamins for the diet and am finishing my second day. I plan to start the workout Monday and buy the suppliments recommended as I can come up with the money. I wish whoever is chosen best of luck with the transformations and those who aren't chosen I hope you still participate.