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    Well I would like to throw my name into the hat. I could really use the help. I have been overweight all my life. My wife is a bodybuilder and has won several local shows an the NPC JR USA a few years back. She has also competed nationally. I always feel out of place at shows or when people meet us because the look at me like what is she doing with him. I train with her and try to diet right but nothing seems to work for me. I could really use the help. I work a ton of hours to support the bb lifestyle and what time is left I make time for my kids. I am fully dedicated to this whether I get picked or not. I think Dave's help and the MHP products good greatly change my life. It would be so wonderful to show up at her guest posing apperance and have everyone see the changes I have made. It would also make me proud to have my 14 year daughter and 12 year old son see me make a change in my life. To tell you the truth I am tired of guys at work teasing me and calling me fat boy or having to joke about my weight to feel like I fit in. Thanks for the consideration.

    My stats are 5 11 265 pounds and 28% bodyfat yeah I know I need cardio lol

    I can not get my pics to post so I will pm them to Dave or whoever I need to just let me know.


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      Resurrection Of The Viking Woman

      Hi my name is Sue-Ann Dodge Iím 52 years old and Iím In need of help of getting myself back through the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Challenge to who I was. I once was a avid healthy phenomenally artistic artist, body builder, runner, bike rider, power swimmer, athlete. But now after facing many uncaused traumatic circumstances in my life I have become ravished, worn, depleted, from a long abusive marriage, a devastating divorce, and move to hell to Summerville, SC. After all this looking back all I wanted to do was just want to get married to a good man, start a healthy happy family, have a home, and just a happy life. But that didnít happen because as the Kenny Rogers song says donít fall in love with a dreamer. I fell in love with a kind hearted, handsome man who showed up at my door step and soon married. He may have had a few problems but as time progressed he became mentally, and emotionally sickened. He became an heís a dreamer, a physical, a mental abuser, an adulterer, and a perverted, adulterant, demonic Jesus freak sicko with a horrible family thatís just like him, and worse. The only good thing that came out of that marriage was my son James who is a phenomenally intelligent, athletic, good hearted young man who will accomplish allot in his life within a few years. The one I was married to also tries to save every ones souls with salvation scripture book markers that he makes and has revised hundreds of times spending thousands upon thousands because as he believes God has told him to, while thinking heís a self proclaimed advagalest, profit like Billy Graham. While heís not running down people trying to save them, he was on workmanís comp, most likely on welfare now. After many years of him running away, and abandoning on his own wife, and son many times to California to escape responsibility of providing for a family or own up to his problems that he created. So after I was married to that demonic Jesus Freak for almost 20 years of abuse I had enough of him saying he was going to change time after time of believing his sickening lies. I filed for a divorce and thatís when the hell really began. Because once I had done that he called me on the phone from California he told me he was finally change and take care of his family and we would move to California and be a happy family. But that wasnít the case he only said that to get me to drop the divorce and attorney so he could divorce me. Thatís what kind of person I was married to a liar a cheat and a thief not some Holey, Godly person as he proclaimed being. Itís just sad what he had done by taking advantage of my good heartedness and my love for who he was not who he is now. We could have had a happy family but he let his all demons control him to the point where he almost destroyed two people myself, and my Son who loved him and always forgave him no matter what he did or said. Which sadly caused the damage throughout the divorce had caused my appearance to fade because of all the trauma, and ravishing that it was causing to my body it started to age me and make me unhealthy. During the divorce it had even caused horrible things to happen with my son he had become obese. Because of this he was harassed, beat up and had many school problems because of being harassed. All while the school system was doing nothing about it. After going through many uncaused traumatic circumstances I still have faith in the true God that has protected myself and my son over many years of warfare. Even though being surrounded by so much granola bar A.K.A. Fruits, and nuts, Christian garbage why would I still have faith God or anything to do with Christianity after being married to such a Jesus sicko for so many years. Why is because without God protecting myself and my son we both would have been out on the street long ago or even dead because of all the blackness that we had faced. I say this because during the divorce myself and my son had sustained such mental, emotional, physical ravishing both myself and my son could have very well died throughout the divorce. During the divorce years I was even smocking packs of cigarettes a day because of all the stress Iím lucky Iím still alive because when you smock like I did itís possible that I could have died. So I guess that the real God has protected not only myself but also my son, and kept that from happening. Then when the never ending divorce of many, many years had ended after a large amount of money being stolen, the divorce finally had ended. At that point myself and my son began to go to the gym and start to pull ourselves back to together. Then we started to finally climbed out the black pit of uncaused hell one step at a time, and began to become healthy. So during that process of about 3 years after allot of hard work, tears, pain, trauma, and pulling ourselves back together had finally paid off we finally made it became healthy on July, 4th, 2006 down on Cape Cod. At an elite golf community called New Seabury we were given tickets to go to see fireworks we knew we were finally succeeded by dragging ourselves out of the pit of hell. Because we were being told how put together, and healthy looking we were. Then after a long time of waiting we had finally sold the house in Carver, MA we had up for sale near Plymouth, and Cape Cod. We had set out to move to Florida with expectations of starting new lives away from the past. After the divorce selling the house we moved to Florida with false expectations. Because we were lied to just get down there being told it was a cheaper to live, and paradise to live as we were told. So myself and my son said letís just move there to have a new start and get away from the past to start new lives. But soon after moving there we soon had found out that everything we had been told was all lies because if you want to live there now in a good area you have to have allot of money to have a good average life. After being there in shock for 3 weeks of fear not knowing what we were going to do. So we started looking into North Carolina so we drove up there with all our boxes filled with our belongings after selling almost everything for a new start. But once we got up there, again we had found out it was all lies we were told by realtors again. So now after that we had finally flown back home to stay with friends for a month then renting a condo in Falmouth, MA for 6 more months trying to find out where we were going to live while being sick, and in total fear we started locking into New Hampshire, but unfortunately we looked into the wrong area of Rochester, NH, and we were treated like garbage from some hateful realtor. So we were driving abound after that up there looking for a place to possibly stay to look for a home on our own. So we stopped at a motel, and unfortunately talked to some guy who said his brother moved down to SC on the coast and loved it there. So we drove back down the cape started looking for a home in SC then we flew down there in exhaustion pain, and fear to look for a home. Soon we met with a realtor for one day, and then he took off on a ski vacation, and left us with his pimple picking sister who was picking her pimples while driving us around to find a house. After about a week of looking for a home we had got spelled in to buying a house from a Lennar house snake salesman named Ab Sanchez the most conniving piece of garbage you could ever meet. Heís the nostalgia type of greasy sweet talking piece of garbage that sits in the model house as a salesman for the community. He talked us into buying a house somewhere we didnít even belong or even want to live. Then we flew back home started getting ready to move and we reunited with the relatives of the evil man I was married to side, John and Kelly Dodge, and letís just say they caused hell on earth, by causing more unfortunate disturbing circumstances for us. It clarified that it was time to leave and flea to start a new life. Soon after we were actually called up by Ab Sanchez the snake offering us a bigger house, for the same price, as the small one that we canceled the contract on to buy. He told us that if we bought the house it would be worth $20,000 more, and unfortunately we believed him. It was all lies it was all just a speal to just scorch a buck off of us. So basically it sounded like it was a win for us, so we decided we were going to just go for it and buy it and to make $20,000, and move to Oregon. Now after losing allot of money, becoming, sick, worn, and depleted we have been set back many years with our heath because of it. But after all the hell weíve faced weíre finally going to build our beautiful Saltbox Home in Wakefield NH, and finally have our new beginning after so much hell weíve faced. After this experience from hell Iím asking to get chosen to participate, and have help through the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Challenge to get myself back to who I was, by become healthy, feel good about myself again, and become pretty again though this challenge. With the help from experts who have an extensive knowledge of health. I know with this challenge I can and will succeed at becoming the Viking Warrior Woman once again as my phenomenally intelligent lawyer Jay Creed had nick named me because of my incredibly strong will. Iím asking please choose me but, also my Son James who has posted his story too, to participate as a contestant for the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Challenge so we can motivate each other to get my healthy, in shape, and strong mentally and physically together as a Mom, and Son team. As you can see were extremely strong willed resilient people to have gone through, and concurred as many circumstances as we have. I need this challenge its my last chance, and hope of getting well. As Pam of the 1st challenge got help, and got her life back, I want that to be my success through the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Challenge. My goal is for me to get my life back on track, my looks of feminine beauty back so I can live my life with the pride of loving myself, without shame anymore with the help of this challenge. In closing I would like to thank you for considering me to participate in the MHP Give Me Muscle Or Give Me Death Challenge, and taking your time to read my story in all respects thank you.


      Sue-Ann Dodge

      To View My Transformation Photos Please Visit The Link Below.


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        My reason for entering this contest is because I hope to become an IFBB pro in the future. I always see people around me getting bigger and stronger and I always tend to feel small compared to alot of people. I feel like im continuously plateauing and i dont know why. I eat very clean i'd like to think, everything is plain; grilled chicken breast or steak. as for carbs; plain rice green beans, spinach oatmeal, rye bread and potatoes. Ive just recently cut down from around 195 to 175 and im looking to gain some more lean mass. I want to do a show this comming november and I want to make sure im ready. I come from a single mother household so i pay for all my stuff from supplements to chiken to steak to patatoes the list goes on. Im 19 years old and I just finished highschool. I think it would be really cool to get advice from some of the top guys in the industry who i have the utmost respect for and make some good friends in the process. If I were chosen you guys should have no doubt that I would follow instrucitons to a T. thanks for reading.


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          Originally posted by justinpleasehelp View Post
          My reason for entering this contest is because I hope to become an IFBB pro in the future. I always see people around me getting bigger and stronger and I always tend to feel small compared to alot of people. I feel like im continuously plateauing and i dont know why. I eat very clean i'd like to think, everything is plain; grilled chicken breast or steak. as for carbs; plain rice green beans, spinach oatmeal, rye bread and potatoes. Ive just recently cut down from around 195 to 175 and im looking to gain some more lean mass. I want to do a show this comming november and I want to make sure im ready. I come from a single mother household so i pay for all my stuff from supplements to chiken to steak to patatoes the list goes on. Im 19 years old and I just finished highschool. I think it would be really cool to get advice from some of the top guys in the industry who i have the utmost respect for and make some good friends in the process. If I were chosen you guys should have no doubt that I would follow instrucitons to a T. thanks for reading.

          YOU are really looking good! Nice work!
 * *


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            thanks sally, i appreciate it, your looking great!


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              Originally posted by oneriptide View Post

              To View My Transformation Photos Please Visit The Link Below.


              this link is not working....................
              I'm workin on getting better K!!!


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                My intention for divulging personal information about myself is not for pity or empathy, it is only to illustrate the adversities I have experienced leading me to bodybuilding, and how bodybuilding has assisted me in overcoming my emotional and physical impediments to become the man I am today, culminating in the ability to dream for who I will become.
                All through middle school, and high school I played baseball, basketball and soccer, depending on my interest that year. I have always been athletic, and competitive. While my friends and even my brother would go out drinking, I would refrain as I knew drinking would impact my game. I was a dedicated athlete.

                My junior year I was running sprint drills with my soccer team, and remember slowing down just after completing a run and felt a severe pressure, and tenderness in my lower back. I was later told my L3/L4 disk had ruptured, and within two weeks a micrtodiskectomy was performed removing the ruptured material.

                I was bed-ridden for six weeks, and later went through four weeks of therapy. I missed the trip of a life time as my team went to Europe without me. I fell into a depression that would haunt me for the next seven years.
                Flash forward two years, and you will have found my depression had done a significant amount of damage to my life. I dropped out of high school and took a menial job. I spent my money on drugs and alcohol, took up smoking cigarettes, lived at home, and was the stereotypical loser. I was suicidal, but was always just strong enough to not give up entirely.

                During this time I ruptured the same disk I had previously, my L3/L4. Again, I had a microdiskectomy. This time I missed my then girlfriendís prom, and her crowning as the Prom Queen, which truly hurt and embarrassed me. Even though I had given up all hope, within one week I had walked a mile on my own in the neighborhood I lived in.

                Ultimately, I chose to escape from lifeís pain by drinking, smoking marijuana, taking acid, mushroomsÖanything I could get my hands on, this pace continued for years. I lost my girlfriend due to my addiction, my family was terrified and made countless interventions to no avail. Finally I admitted myself in to a two-week long rehab, followed by three months of out-patient services. I relapsed for several years, and later admitted to myself to a rehab in Nashua, New Hampshire for two weeks, again followed by out-patient services. Counseling had been a constant in my life since the age of seventeen.

                Still, I continued to exorcise my demons with drugs and alcohol, that is until lost in a game of chicken with a pine tree and crashed my Motherís car travelling at 55 miles per hour and never having tapped the breaks. I injured two of my friends, who both now wear scars on their heads, though luckily no one died as none of us were wearing seat belts.

                I was charged with two Class A felonies of ĎAssault with a deadly weaponí due to the injuries my friends sustained, carrying a minimum of 5 years each. I was fortunate to receive a lesser sentence and served 31 days in jail. I was a changed man after this brush with not only my death, but my friends. In many ways, the man I was died when I hit that tree.

                Since eleven years of age I have had a desire to build my body. I remember vividly doing leg extensions on my brothers Weider bench station, and seeing veins in my legs, and feeling tightness never before experienced. I was the first boy in my school to have abs at the age of thirteen.

                Remembering a path that I felt had been taken from me, I longed for my previous self and undertook the monumental struggle of regaining myself.
                I quit smoking cigarettes, which allowed me to quit smoking marijuana. Months later this improved my motivation. Alcohol was completely off limits for me at this point in my life, and I used bodybuilding as my deterrent. I began this new path at twenty-four, and was truly dedicated, keeping workout logs, and a dietary log to ensure proper intake of my macronutrients. I went from 170 pounds, to 230 pounds in one year, and was the strongest ever in my life.

                I continued to train for four years before rupturing my L4/L5 disk doing deadlifts with 365 pounds in a 5x5 set format. 365 pounds may not seem like a lot, but that was after only six weeks of doing them. I remember being in my fourth set, third rep when I had lifted the bar several inches from the ground when I thought someone had slapped my right gluteus. I racked the weight by taking off the plates, then foolishly thinking I had pulled my hamstring, walked from the gym to a pharmacy, purchased Ben-Gay then coated my entire right ass cheek and hamstring down to the knee, and resumed my back workout with weighted chinsÖwhich was not the choice of a sane individual I now realize.

                Luckily, surgery was not necessary. I attribute this without question to bodybuilding. I never gave up. I was no longer my former self. I missed only four days of work, and two weeks of the gym. I walked as much as I possibly couldÖwell more like shuffled. By the time my second orthopedic appointment was scheduled, I nearly cancelled it, but went instead to discuss my progress with my orthopedic surgeon. He agreed that because of my previous condition, and continuing to walk and not stay bed-ridden even though I was in excruciating pain, I healed at an accelerated rate. I hardly lost any strength once I resumed lifting a few weeks later, of course limiting myself to certain moves. Today I am capable of squatting 315 pounds with no discomfort, after rupturing my L3/L4 twice, and my L4/L5 once.

                Today, I stand 5í9Ē or 10Ē, and weigh 220 pounds. I have a very thorough understanding of bodybuilding and nutrition, thanks in part to Muscular Development, to which I have never subscribed (I donít want to think about the cost of doing that!) but still have every issue for the past six years. In fact, now that I have moved out of my Momís house and she is considering moving, I told her she could throw away anything she comes across, but not my MD magazines! I also have overcome my depression, which I believe is due to my training. I work full-time and have recently ended my second semester at a community college in New York.

                The knowledge I have gained has not only benefited me. Teaching others about nutrition, especially those I love, has brought me much happiness. I have written dietary and exercise plans for several friends, many did not have desire to carry out their intention, which truly upsets me as I know they could be successful in transforming their bodies if they only persevered. An example of this is a buddy that works in my office, I took him into the conference room and filled a whiteboard four times over as he took notes on diet and exercise. I am proud to say that ten weeks later he has lost fifty pounds of fat, and he is still going strong. Seeing how his stride has increased when walking around the office, and how his mood has improved is thanks enough.

                I feel that considering the base that I have constructed over the years, my experience and understanding of training, established dedication to meal timing, including weighing all my foods, as well as my experience with Daveís diet techniques as I have employed his ketogenic diet (minus the cheat meals! I didnít know I could eat cheat meals! I had not joined the forums at this point) for five weeks with good success (before I freaked out and thought I was disappearing!), that I deserve to be one of the next contestants involved in Muscular Developmentís Transformation Challenge, sponsored by MHP and take my physique, and my mind to the next level. It is time I no longer be a spectator in this life. I have worked too hard, for too long, and this goal of constantly improving my physique will be realized, though I am lost. I fail to make the gains I see in my mind. I need someone to help me analyze my diet and training routine, so that I can bring my physique to the next level. I have never had any assistance in my bodybuilding endeavors, partnering with MHP, Dave Palumbo, and the Muscular Development team will bring me that much closer to actualizing my dream, and will be the experience of a lifetime for me.

                I am currently an active member of the MD Forums, and considering the nature of some of my posts, I would prefer to remain anonymous until I am chosen to participate in MHPís Transformation Challenge.

                If you made it through this plea, thank you!


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                  I've been a lurker here for a while, and have pieced together a lot from the nutritional and transformation sub forums.

                  I've been a heavy guy all my life and topped out at 287... i've been bouncing the needle on the scale through 215 and 240 for the last four years, and am currently 208lbs


                  I was really moved by the most recent transformation challenge, helping bring my body and mind to its current level, and would be honored if selected to be a participant in this next installment of the MHP Transformation Challenge.

                  What I'm looking for... I'm in a rut (job changes, recent passing of father in law and my grandmother, and lack of progress with my training)... been doing the same type of dieting and training... and getting the same blah results... I'm looking to be in a competitive environment to further motivate me to bring out my true potential.. looking for the guidance in creating a training and nutritional program that would maximize my results, and unleash my inner Road Warrior (yes... life long wrestling fan).

                  I've never applied for anything like this before. However, I've never been prepared for something like this before now. Thank you for your consideration, and best of luck to all participants.


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                    My photos...this was really difficult for me to do! I won't even take my shirt off at the beach! I have NO experience with formal posing.



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                      does anyone know if dave has selected the luck groups?


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                        i dont believe so. I took a look at the last transformation and it looked like he put the chosen few in a regular post like this one.


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                          Don't call it a comback!!!

                          Here is my story........
                          I spent 10 years in the gym. Starting in powerlifting, and switching to bodybuilding in 2000. I hit the gym every week without missing a workout, or a meal for about 9 years. Competed in powerlifting, and got up on stage 5 times too.
                          In 2004, I did 3 bodybuilding shows. After my third, i married my wife a week later. Later that year we settled into our first house. Thing were moving along, and we had a opportunity to build a new house in 2005. I also had the opportunityto do alot of the work myself while i also worked full time as a carpenter. As the construction progressed, i spent every spare hour working on the house. My bodybuilding habits that i had stuck to for so long fell by the wayside.Two months before we moved in we found out we were pregnant. This is after two years of various fertility drugs, and the ups and downs that go with it.
                          Finally in January of 2006 we moved in to our new house, and i did not have to work 80 hrs a week. Unfortunately, two months later, my wife delivered our unborn child at 4 1/2 months. We were devastated.
                          The very next week, i was fortunate enough to find a new job as a superintendent with a construction company. I thought this would be a good thing. Well i worked, and worked, and worked. Late, long hours trying to get this company to be profitable. The gym, and my old bodybuilding habit were put on the back burner once again.
                          Three years of getting up every morning. Get in the shower. Get out, and shake my head at what i have become. It seems a depression i can't get away from.
                          I think this challenge would light a fire under me that I have needed for sometime.
                          Thank you for your consideration!!


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                            SHOW PICS.........
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                              I cannot believe i am even posting these. Looking at these makes my skin crawl! But it is about time i do something about it, and i think this could just be the thing i need to turn the tables!!
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                                I want to challenge myself!!

                                Hi my name is Jerry, and my story goes like this. I'm 24 years old, 6'1" 334 lbs. I've always been the big guy, and by that I mean the FAT guy. Ever since I can remember I've been over weight, but managed to stay somewhat active, playing basketball and other sports.

                                Then college came, and with me came 298 lbs. I had decided I would not gain the freshman 15 (lbs), and was determined to get in shape, after all a gym membership was included in my tuition. And so I did, from 2003-2004 I was in the best shape of my life. Obviously I wasted most of my time at the gym doing things improperly (I wasn't a MD reader just yet). So I managed to lose about 50 lbs, not knowing the ratio of fat to muscle lost, but I didn't care back then, mostly because I was ignorant. I was finally 245 lbs, yay!

                                Because of my obesity, I was never able to be confident with the ladies, and therefore was lonelier than a hot dog with no bun. After getting in shape my confidence rose significantly and finally after 20 years of solitude, I had my first girlfriend. Everything went fine, it turned out both of us had been battling obesity our whole lives but had managed to temporarily fix our problems. I say "temporarily," because that is exactly what is was - TEMPORARY!

                                After 2 years in this relationship and many many fast food meals under our belt, our run was finally over, with it came many good things and bad things. This year I'm a whole new man, but unfortunately I find myself in a worse position than before I started college. I am now 334 lbs, WOW!!! Once again my confidence is weak and I feel I have no hope whatsoever to regain it. Back in October of 2007, I discovered MD in the newsstands, I was mainly attracted to it by its hardcore feel. Since then I joined the forums and decided to do something about my physical fitness, researching Dave's ketogenic diet, supplements and recommended workouts. I started working out for a while, but then I got discouraged. It is June now, almost July, and I still haven't managed to be fitter.

                                I do promise you guys that whether or not I get selected for this challenge, I will get in shape no matter what. I just wanted to see if I could get a little extra help and motivation from the MD pros like Dave.

                                These are my pictures, as you can see, I have a lot of catching up to do! Thank you for your consideration.
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                                "Whether you think you can or can't, either way you are right" -Henry Ford