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  • 1/13/09
    Weight 211.4...........................-3.2

    Chest (relaxed): 41 1/4.............-0.25
    Waist (relaxed at naval): 37.......-2
    Hips: 37..................................-0.5
    Left Arm (flexed): 15 1/4...........-0.5
    Right Arm (flexed): 15 1/4.........-0.75
    Left Thigh (flexed): 26................0
    Right Thigh (flexed): 26..............-0.25
    Left Calf (flexed): 16 1/2.............-0.25
    Right Calf (flexed): 16 1/2...........-0.25

    So I took Dros' challenge of dropping another 5lbs. I didn't quite reach it, but I'm not sad. I left nothing on the table. I gave it a 110%. I ended up down 3 and I am happy. Virtually all my measurments came down. I know I'm losing some muscle, however, that is ok because I know I'll get it back later. Super happy that my waist came down 2"! I am going to keep the intensity up until the end of the challenge and see where that leaves me. I haven't consistently weighed 211lbs since the begining of 2006. Rolling back the clock! I am going to take a rematch with Dros' challenge for next week and come in 5lbs lighter.

    I will post pictures when my gf gets off work at 10:30pm. I tried taking pictures in the mirror and the camera has to cover my face and I can't flex the arm holding the camera.




      • Week #10 Stats and Pics

        This week was pretty good compared to some of the other ones. The mood was good and feeling the workouts just took a whole new meaning to me. I've been sore all of last week and so far this week. My legs are killing me from leg day (still!) and my tris too.

        On a side note, Mr.G thank you for the encouraging messages you deliver to us weekly in the tip of the week videos, they are truly amazing. It's nice to see your son involved in this when his still so young, good for him, he must feel very proud to have a Dad just like you.

        Dros, our invisible friend, all I gotta say was about time! It was nice having a face to go with the no bull attitude of yours, thanks for everything!

        Also thanks to Dave, MD and MHP for making this happen!!

        Week #0 11/03/2008

        BF%: 31.8
        Weight: 301.8lbs
        Left Arm: 18 5/8
        Right Arm: 18 3/4
        Left Thigh: 30 1/2
        Right Thigh: 31 1/2
        Chest: 50 1/2
        Left Calf: 18 7/8
        Right Calf: 19 1/8
        Waist: 48 1/2

        Week #10

        BF%: 26.6
        Weight: 269.8
        Left Arm: 17 3/4
        Right Arm: 17 7/8
        Left Thigh: 28 3/4
        Right Thigh: 29
        Chest: 47 1/2
        Left Calf: 18 1/4
        Right Calf: 18 5/8
        Waist: 42 1/2
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        "Whether you think you can or can't, either way you are right" -Henry Ford


        • Where's Olympia63?

          Anyone know what happened to Olympia? I haven't seen him post in a while. Or did I miss it?!!
          "Whether you think you can or can't, either way you are right" -Henry Ford


          • Last week is looking to be the best week so far. Tomorrow morning I will have your update and hopefully Pan will have appeared.

            You all did great and I am going to keep pushing you for more.


            • Pics

              Great Job everyone! Keep on pushing

              P.s. Sorry Pan we are going to have to wait a couple more weeks for the picture of the legs. I think I almost broke my camera with my whiteness!
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              • Hey Dros! Sorry I'm at work and my pictures are on my home computer...tonight I can email you the stats and pictures directly...I tried to save the pictures from here onto my desktop at work and...they have crazy security which won't let me save pictures? Eh I dont' know...
                I love to get narked


                • GREAT WORK LAST WEEK. Almost 10lbs lost between the three of you. Just keep working, there is no reason why you cant keep these same results coming week after week, now you know you can do it.

                  Here is the update - we are going to keep pushing you:
                  rmenyin27: ADD 10min cardio
                  Yoke408: ADD 10min cardio
                  Ludo: NO CHANGES
                  Pan: Missing Again Ė DONíT QUIT ON US


                  • I'm on it...I'll get the extra cardio in tonight after I lift...5 minutes shy of the 2 hr mark!
                    I love to get narked


                    • Good Morning Guys

                      I started my new job on Monday and i was away on training and unable to post pictures and have much internet access. Next Tuesday i will be the first to post pictures and stats and that a promise.

                      The 3 of you look great and amazing.

                      Below is a PM from briancurran01 that i wanted to share with you all...

                      There is something that has been bothering me.

                      You were chosen for the transormation challenge, and now appear to have backed out or are not doing what you are obligated to.

                      This actually m\disappoints me. You have taken the slot in a challenge that I could have gotten, and I would have benefited from greatly.

                      You may think badly of me for saying this to you...but the bottom line is you took away a chance for myself or someone else to be in this challenge that has the heart to stick it out.

                      I also have doubts that you really did this diet for a year starting with the last challenge. Because as you state yourself you are lazy and dont follow through on things.

                      I am very upset that you took away my or someone elses chance to do this.

                      There is not a need for you to reply to me...i said what i needed to say to you

                      Be the Change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi


                      • Pan,

                        Great to see you back. I was getting worried. How is the new job going? Everything else you were dealing with getting a little better, yet?


                        • Originally posted by yoke408 View Post

                          Great to see you back. I was getting worried. How is the new job going? Everything else you were dealing with getting a little better, yet?
                          Hey bro - work is good, the post is very demanding & this was the worst time for a job change with this recession so i am working extra hard to get stuck in as soon as possible, but they are treating me very well & i am up for the challenge.

                          My wife will probably need surgery since her her right side is loosing strength daily and its really painful for her.

                          On my lunch break i will hunt around for a gym in the area so i can finish this challenge.

                          The 3 of you are doing a fantastic job are inspire me day in day out.

                          I will post more on the board over the weekend because tonight its off to college and i will get home at 22.00 and i wanna hit back at home and some cardio before going to sleep (or passing out from exhaustion more like LOL)

                          Have a great Friday all

                          Be the Change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi


                          • Just a sidenote to the PM that he sent...I have nothing against him...but he jumped in MUCH later than all of us, and someone else would have gotten the spot...not him. And why is no one on Olympia's ass? You explained your crazy schedule about starting a new job and such last I knew you'd be a little behind in posting...Olympia has just been MIA...I hope he's doing well and still continuing with everything
                            I love to get narked


                            • Sorry to jump in on this, considering I'm an outsider, but I think Pan posting the PM was a bit out of line. And you're right, Olympia should get his ass busted too for quitting. The bottom line is, you all accepted this challenge and were fully informed about what would be expected of you. You have an incredible group of people supporting and guiding you as well as a company that has invested in supplying you with the supplements you need to support your hard work and diet. I agree, in part, with what Brian said in his all have a responsibility to complete the challenge, regardless of circumstances. We all go through challenging times, that's life. Those of us that succeed in transforming ourselves work through the tough times and don't make excuses for ourselves. With that said, we all are different and we handle life's stresses differently, so I'm not judging Pan or Olympia for their decisions. As a businessman, I have to say that I would be seriously skeptical of supporting something like this when people seem to drop out when faced with a little adversity. I believe you all have a responsibility to yourselves, the people that are supporting you, and those people that will take part in this challenge after you, to complete the challenge to the best of your ability. You all should try to set the bar so high with your accomplishments that you motivate future participants and the lurkers that are using your stories as a source of motivation to make their own transformation.

                              Just my 2 cents, but remember, I've been through what you guys are going through right now. And trust me, I had plenty of challenges and tough decisions to make along the way, just as each of you has. This challenge is not only about physical change, it's about mental change too.

                              Again, I'm not judging anyone, I'm simply attempting to provide some motivation for those that may be in need of it. Esther, Yoke, and Ludo, keep up the great work! Your accomplishments to date are great, but I know you've all got more in you. Finish strong!


                              • I thought we are family....

                                Come on guys lets leave all the drama behind us and start fresh once again. I know we all go through different "challenges" in our lives, but that is why this is called a challenge in the first place, it is supposed to be challenging, no one said it would be a walk in the park. If one of our borthers is having tough time, then we are here to suppport each other and not to make one feel less. As far as I'm concerned, we are all winners already, even Olympia who is not with us any longer. I'm sure this experience will somehow help him in the future. As for Pan, we just have to put ourselves in his shoes, I don't know how I would react to the pressures he's under, so judging him in any way wouldn't be justified in my book. I'm not saying any of us challengers (official at least) have judged him, I'm just saying some people out there might, when they would probably have done the same if they were in his situation.

                                Lastly, Est, Curtis, Pan, good job to all of us, we are truly blessed to have such a great team backing us up and our progress is proof of that!
                                "Whether you think you can or can't, either way you are right" -Henry Ford