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    Originally posted by siouxcountry View Post
    Nabba, Pierce, Wolverine, & Buffdoll, you four have my respect and I hope Dave & G will help you reach your goals.
    I'm 100% with ya there Sioux...

    I wish all of you guys all the best...
    Muscular Development Forum Rules :.


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      [email protected]


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        Thanks Dlew and Sioux that means more than I can ever say
        Behind the 8-ball again


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          Wow great thread!!!

          Well here is my story!!!

          I began traing around 14 years old and now am 27. I got started on training because I grew up the skinny kid in the group....always very tall and skinny(hardgainer/ectomorph) at 14 I weighed 115lbs at 6' tall. I started reading up on muscle magazines and ARNOLD'S ENCYCLOPEDIA. I never really paid strict attention to what I would eat just tried to train as much and as heavy as possible(dumb move I now know!!).

          Soon into training I had learned I had over trained and obtained both rotator cuff injuries. I began going to a family friend who was a chiropractor/bodybuilder. Not only did he help my injuries bith was willing to help me put on weight since I was a hardgainer. The Doctor had me drinking 24 oz of milk 8 tblsp. of peanut butter and 3 tblsp. of honey everyday. I put on 20lbs. of weight in two weeks. I was still young and impressionable. I saw all these ads from Muscletech with greg kovacs and thought I wanna be as big as this guy and started taking as many supplements as I could with no diet still was not my focus.

          Now at 17 I was 6'2 135lbs. I waqs still very skinny and still not really focued on what I was supposed to be doing instead of just training and the frequency of my training. I was in school with Derek Anthony and started to see the transformation he was making in our senior year of high school and told myself I wish I could have his physique...and said no matter what life throws at me I will reach my goal.

          At 18 I found out I was 2 credits shy of graduating and had to go to night school to finish up. I was now working a full time job and in school at night until 10 pm. This was the point where I kinda fell off from training and had no time. From about 18 to 20I got into cars and trucks with my spare time. I had a chevy blazer with hydralics custom sound system 20 12 inch jl audios and many more things....

          Around 21 I met my friends Artie, Shawn, and Eddie who were about 8 years older than I was and they were all well over 250lbs solid muscle. I started to get the burning desire to train again. I began back to the gym and this time reading more on my diet. I was about 6'4 170lbs. at this point and it was just about new years time and like everyone else I said I was going to make a goal. I told my friends my goal was to get from 170 up to 200lbs by the end of march. I began eating a ton of chicken steak eggs and salads....I hit my goal by march and then started to lean up a bit for the summer. I dropped down to 180lbs with a 29 inch waist so 10lbs. gain while being fairly lean in a short couple of months. I still had no clue on diet but thought I did.

          Now years later from high school I ran into Derek Anthony in a local powerhouse gym. I was 22 now and really trying to stay on track and get better. I was talking to Derek and he had told me he was now competing and had his own website and was coming out in muscle mag that month!!He just help add gas to the fire and I started to train like it was the only thing that mattered!!! Derek became my motivation seeing at such a young age he was such a mass monster!!!!

          Here is where it goes down hill. I was leaving work one night and out of nowhere a mack truck lost control and I was between his front and rear wheels next to him. My small nissan at the time was sucked under is truck and I was crushed in the vehicle. To top it off he fled the seen and nobody was on the road at the time to see where he went. The EMT's and firemen had to use the jaws of life to get to me. From what they tell me when I was pinned in the car my heart stopped for a a short time and they had to jumpstart my heart to save my life.

          I was not going through therapy for my injuries and the doctor forbid me from heavy traing because I was still weak from my inuries and the fact that my heart had stopped he did not want me to over do it. I had to put training on the back burner for now and just focused onmy career. I went back to a trade school at 23 and learned about computers and became a microsoft certified engineer. I then took my knowledge and obtained a job as a consultant for mideuim to large businesses in the tristate area. I was now 24 and making great money but wanted more!!!

          At the early age of 24 I was now going to take on my own business as well as keep my full time computer job. I opened a real estate company and hired 4 of my friends to run the place while I was doing my 9 to 5. I lost focus on training and focused on making the money. I got fat and my waist and pockets were the only thing growing. About a year into the business my partner in the business could not hold up his end of the business and we went our own ways and I was left with a decent amount of debt.

          I was about 25 now and now that the business was gone I had alot of extra time and decided to get back into the gym again. I was on the road for work and my brakes went on my jeep. I made it back to my house and had my brother the mechanic put new pads on the truck. We decided to take the motorcycles out for a spin it was 2 days before new years and wanted to keep them running through the winter. He went out first and I went to follow. I started going on my 2000 6r ninja and got a bit cocky and went to lift the front wheel and before I knew it I was thrown from the bike and woke up in an ambulance. Since I was not going far I didn't have my helmet and split my head open and cracked my left elbow completely in half. I have pics if anyone would like to

          I now came home after spending new years of 2005 in the hospital dopped up on morphine and 3 metal rods holding my arm together. I was sent to rehab and started attempting to get my arm to move again since it was the elbow I had shattered. I began getting addicted to vicadin and also drinking alcohol to kill the pain from tearing apart the scar tissue built up from the surgery.I had gotten 90 degrees of rotation back but could not get more. We had to go back in for surgery again. We saw that the bone had healed and that the forgein objects could be taken out. I then went back to therapy and 3 months later I had been cut off by my insurance since I reached the maximum amount of visits for a injury.

          I was forced to keep up therapy on my own. I joined a local gold's gym and started to rehab myself and also got my focus back on the gym. I slowly got my range of motion back and also the love for training. I was now 26 and training with more focus than ever. I Had started to read up on nutrition and seeing Derek pop up in more magazines and my fire inside was at full blast. At this point I became aware that Dave Plaumbo was also helping Derek with his diet and said to myself Dave in the man I need to work with. Then just before I got to meet with Dave he went on a 5 month "vacation" to west virginia. I stayed focused and kept in touch with Dave until he was back home.

          I was now determined to make my goal to compete on stage and become the best I can. Dave got home and I made it my point to sit down with "THE MAN" and dedicate my life to his methods!!!! It was august of 2006 and I got to meet Dave and setup my off season diet. I was at a starting weight of 210lbs. at 6'4". I was now feeling like nothing could get in my way. Soon my weight was growing week by week and my training sessions where getting stronger and stronger!! I was on Dave's 20 week off-season plan. I ended my off season at 248lbs. of mass from starting weight of 210lbs. not bad 38lbs in 20 weeks. I couldn't fit into any of my shirts anymore my arms grew 2 plus inches in a short time and people at work would look at me like I was a

          This brings me to present day. I am now 12 weeks into my precontest diet with Dave and Colette Nelson's help. Started at 248lbs. down to present day weight of 201lbs. and 8 weeks out form the Long Island Championships on may 26th 2007.

          This is the story of my journey in bodybuilding....Through my diet and training I have learned with Dave and Colette's help to block out the bad and welcome the progress....I Have had to deal with a split from my fiance this year of 3 years, an IRS audit from my business for 8 months of this year and recently my vehicle dying and having to finance a new one all this year while staying focused on my body and nothing else!!! "IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY NOTHING ELSE MATTERS....LIVE EVERYDAY LIKE IT MIGHT BE YOUR LAST!!!!"

          Thank You,
          Dave Palumbo, Colette Nelson, Derek Anthony, My Mother and Family, My Friends and to all the forum members for your support!!!!
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            7 weeks out back.jpg

            7 weeks out front.jpg



            Here are a few pics I was at 248 at my biggest and 204 in the others at 11 weeks out now at 8 weeks out


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              Huge difference, great work, can see ab def coming tru, well done,
              "Nothin to it but to do it"


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                Thanks kilo!!


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                  no problem, whats the cardio up to at the moment?
                  "Nothin to it but to do it"


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                    Cardio is 2 hours a day 1 hour am 1 hour pm after workout.

                    Here is where it all begandave.jpg


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                      Here's my story.

                      I stared lifting just over 10 years ago weighing a mere 140lbs, Things were going good training wise, until my sister got ill with breast cancer (she was 21 at the time), through her first lot of treatment I coped well even though i was just 19, then when we thought things were going good her cancer returned, this time it was terminal, at the same time as this I found out my girlfriend was expecting our baby (my girlfriend was only just 17). Anyway I suffered a breakdown, I became aggrophobic, and did not go out. After my daughter was born I got my shit together and even though I suffered from panic attacks I soldiered on and got on top of them, then my sister died - 24 years old and dead from breast cancer, it was a hard pill to swallow.

                      Anyway I carried on moving forward with my life for the next year or so, until for no reason the panic attacks and anxiety returned, since that day I have battled them, and three years ago I decided to seek therapy, it helped and now, even though I suffer with anxiety I stay on top.

                      I'm still with my girlfriend and I have 2 wonderful kids, my lif eis getting back on track, but my physique has suffered, It has been a stop-start journey for the last 7 years, I'm currently about 245lbs and about 28% bodyfat, I turn 30 in september and would love to be in the best shape of my life. I would gladly accept Dave and Mr.G's expert help If I am chosen, as having someone there to kick my ass when needed could very well be exactly what I need.


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                        A thought 4 u ~!

                        A Bridge is held stronger bound by both ends; If you let one end go it will fall ..our bridge will be held strong so others may cross. They will approach their fears with confidence ..through our example~!

                        Hit it hard ~ Lift till it hurts ~!

                        The spirit knows no time or distance only love and other like spirits~!

                        Bear Blessings

                        Pamela aka BUFFDOLL
                        One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.


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                          A thought 4 u ~!

                          A bridge is held stronger if bound by both ends, if you let one go it will surely fall;...Our bridge will become an example for others so in turn, they may cross it ; knowing in confidence because of our strengths and hard ships that they may too conquer all thier fears and we will support them on thier journey.

                          The spirit knows no time or distance only love and other like spirits ~~!

                          Bear Blessings :

                          Pamela aka....buffdoll
                          One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.


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                            To everyone here you are not alone and we can all motivate each other to stick to our goals and when you are feeling like things are getting tough feel free to pm me leave a message as I am here to help everyone stay focused and on track and if you ever feel like you are not at your best at on point....I just step back and picture all the people who step into a fast food chain and could care less what they are putting into them and I tell myself you are doing what these people will never do and that is look GREAT!!!!


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                              Dave or Mr. G when is this going to happen? and what are the requirements? Will the people picked be in the magazine?


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                                Originally posted by Billy Guns View Post




                                Here are a few pics I was at 248 at my biggest and 204 in the others at 11 weeks out now at 8 weeks out
                                im honored thanks bro! im here for you. lots of luck and success.


                                I love a hard penis in my mouth