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  • Davidbb's Transormation Daily Diary.

    I decided now we have our own section that this may be the place to keep an online diary of how things are going personally with the challenge. Hopefully (if anyone reads it ) I will be able to help anyone who has hit a sticky point with their program, and also recieve the same in return if I get stuck.

    Today I'll start with the story so far, and bring everyone up to speed with where i am at.

    Firstly I actually started cleaning up my diet and cutting my carbs the week before the challenge officially started, that first "pre-week" saw my weight come down from about 248lbs to my start weight of 242.5lbs.

    Week 1: The frist week was basically a cruise for me, I suprised myself with how disciplined I could be when I put my mind to it. The end result was at first disappointing, only losing 1.5lbs, but then then I looked deeper I realised I had gained about 1lb of muscle and lost 2.5lbs of fat, I also took half an inch of my waist, something which If i can do on a weekly basis will lead to a whopping 8 inches less, something not to be sniffed at.

    So week 1 I learnt not to focus on the scale, which is not as easy as it sounds (I might get my girlfriend to hide the battery!) I'll let the tape-measure do the talking, and as long as my waist is shrinking I know i'm on the right track.

    Week 2 (so far): Well is started well, my cheat meal on sunday left me bloated and ready to rock and roll with the diet and training, and I was just as fired up for week 2 as i was for the first week.

    Things took a slight turn on wednesday though, I woke up with a stomach bug and spent most of the day alternating between sitting on the toilet and sleeping, I tried to soldier on with the diet, eating a couple of protein shakes, some chicken and some boiled eggs, I will admit right here and now though that I had 2 slices of bread with my eggs, basically a moment of weakness brought on by feeling ill and trying to settle my stomach.
    Thursday my stomach felt better, but I felt drained so I decided to take an extra day off from the gym and train friday/saturday instead of thursday/friday. I still did all my cardio though and was back 100% with the diet.

    Today I will hit shoulders and arms, then tomorrow it will be the dreaded leg day, I'll fill you all in on why i'm dreading leg day so much later though.
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    keep it up bro ! nice work
    No one is special, some were patient.


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      You can do it David.
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        Thanks Guys, I know it can be done, MR.G puts it best "Never Give Up,Never Give Up,Never Give Up". If I keep at it, then good things will come.

        LOL! I just noticed i can't even spell Transformation in the title, I blame the lack of carbs . Oh well maybe someone can fix it for me.


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          Good stuff bro...

          Were all behind you and know you and everyone involved will make this

          thing a success...
          Muscular Development Forum Rules :.


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            "...So many times, it happens too fast... you trade your passion for glory..."

            Slow and steady, David, but just stay at it!!! You will do fine!


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              Originally posted by Gaoshang Xiongshou View Post
              "...So many times, it happens too fast... you trade your passion for glory..."

              Slow and steady, David, but just stay at it!!! You will do fine!
              Maybe rocky could have tried that in their movies....
              Muscular Development Forum Rules :.


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                That just would not have been right.

                The fight with Drago was slow and steady, and look what that did to him...


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                  Where;s your address DAVE? [email protected]


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                    Today's update. Yesterday was fantastic, I feel stronger in the gym. 100% perfect with all meals. Today I woke up a pain in my ass, seems my old sciatica is flaring up again, but no probs, if i hit my exercises for it all will be good in a day or two. I'm putting leg day off till monday (I'm kinda relieved!).

                    Leg day wil lbe the first time in over 6 months that I have trained them, my legs at the start of this were something like 27.5in for quads and 17.5in for calves, they used to be 29in and 18in and i weighed about 20lbs less than I do now, so i purposely stopped training them, Big legs are great if you compete but they are not worth it if you dont with all the chafing and stuff. But for the purpose of this transformation i decided they needed to be hit, even if it is to simply ramp my metabolism up a bit. I am looking forward to seeing them once the fat comes off and i can see some seperation.

                    The plan for today is to do my sciatica exercises, do my cardio (bike or walking, depends which is least painful) and diet as usual. It's actually my girlfriends birthday today, but my cheat meal is planned for tomorrow when we have a small party for her, so I'm going to be boring on her birthday and eat my usual meals.


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                      good luck bro, sorry if i missed it in another thread but whats your stats. lates


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                        Originally posted by Pearce View Post
                        hey david,

                        just so you are aware, you can stop the chafing problem by wearing boxer briefs, it worked for me

                        fuck if i trained my legs hard every week they would blow up, they are my easiest bodypart to grow..

                        I always wear them anyway, but the legs always ride up and then the material chafes instead .

                        Cheat meal today, looking forward to it. Took my measurements and pics this morning, and more progress was made. Will post them up in the other thread later on.


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                          Well Back from the gym today, it's almost 4pm here in the UK, all my cardio is done, time to relax for the rest of the day now.

                          I did Mr.G's new workout today, Chest went well, I did 4 exercises - 2 main sets each. The first set to failure the next one to failure plus a couple of rest-pause reps. My 2 sets were calves were fun, I struggled with half the stack on the calf-raise machine, before I took my hiatus from leg training I was using close to the full stack, It was certainly humbling, but no doubt give me a few weeks and the poundage will be back up there.

                          Anyway that's me done today, just relaxing and eating to do now (and chasing about after my kids!). Remember NEVER GIVE UP!,NEVER GIVE UP!,NEVER GIVE UP!. Sorry Mr.G but I had to steal it


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                            Today was a bitch in the gym, Using Mr.G's new program I was scheduled for arms, they were still a little sore from friday's blast, so i felt like I had to hold back a little, I still went to failure on all my sets, but that was it, no rest/pause or partials for me.

                            Cardio was fun though, a young chick fell off the treadmill, something that always makes me smile , All she hurt was her ego, so I don't have to feel too bad about enjoying her little trip

                            One more thing, my calves are sore as hell too, which suprised me considering i hardly used any weight on them yesterday.


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                              Well, Nothing really to report today. Everything is moving along as it should be. I suppose really this is a good thing.