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AirborneLifter Yearlong Transformation

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    So when we will see your next pictures?
    I really wish to see your updates more often.


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      Well, the day finally came! The supplement ban has been lifted. Finally. They sat down and reviewed how we are doing things and that was one of the things I brought up. So....we had a long discussion about the difference between Steroids and Protein (yes, this was a real conversation) and how dangerous Creatine and NO2's can be. You know...people can die from that stuff (so they say). Anyways, after my laughter subsided, I pulled out the MD and pointed to a couple of the scientific studies that were published by people that actually study these things. So long story short....we can now take supplements as long as they are monitored and platoon sergeants know what their soldiers are taking. I think that is totally fair.

      Here is a picture taken 2 nights ago. Not the best, but it gives a general idea of where I am.

      Until next time my friends.....

      SFC P
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        Looking bigger, bro!
        Keep on going!
        You have already won your own little war against supplements ban! Congratulation on that victory!!!


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          Just found this thread. Awesome stuff Sgt! Good luck with your progress and I'll be staying tuned. Thanks for serving.

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            Last update from him was August 2007, anyone know what ever happened here. I was enjoying this thread and then it just stopped.
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              Well, it's been forever since I've updated but the end is finally here. I am finally back home in Italy. I arrived back from Afghanistan about a week ago. Let me tell is nice to be home! 15 months away is just way too long. This is the third one and it seems like they just drag out forever.

              So whats new....A lot went on that I am not sure where to even begin. We ended up losing 12 heroes, all of whom I knew. It was definitely an honor to serve with these guys. Every one of them were special. Our sister unit up north lost quite a few more, the last of which you have probably heard about on the news. Mere weeks before going home, they lost 9. Our post here is really small, so it hits everyone even that much harder.

              I apologize for not posting more. Everytime I got ready to post something, it seemed something would always pop up and it was "back to the grindstone" (so to speak). I was still able to check in on MD quite a bit, but to be honest I have never been so mentally tired in my life. The gym for me actually helped maintain my sanity!!!

              But all in all....everything is good! I plan on adding a couple of pics here tomorrow. I also got orders to head to South Carolina in October so if anyone is there, look me up!

              Until next time.....take care my friends!

              SFC P


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                Really glad to hear you made it back safe Sgt. I was stationed in Italy between 95-98 (vicenza with the 1/508th). Good times. I know so much has changed since I got out but make sure to enjoy that good food and beer a little before you head back state side. Airborne!
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                  AirborneLifter, thanx god you're alive! Really glad to see you posting again.
                  Stay with us, amico!