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AirborneLifter Yearlong Transformation

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  • AirborneLifter Yearlong Transformation


    I'd first like to start off by saying that all of you are doing an exceptional job. I have enjoyed watching as everyone has improved and their motivation levels increase. Totally awesome! It has actually inspired me to even shed my status as a "professional lurker" and begin posting on this board. I have been a member of MD Digital since the beginning and finally joined in November. Until now, I have never posted. I have simply enjoyed reading the forums and listening to the advice of the pro's. Which brings me to this thread.....

    While reading on this challenge, I had a thought. I emailed Dave with my suggestion which was this...What if you had 15 months to transform someone? My suggestion was 12 months to build, followed by the "standard" 12-week "contest prep". What could the average person with drive do to their body with the proper guidance, mentorship, products, and advise?

    To my surprise, Dave has accepted this challenge! And I call it a challenge for the following reason. What if this person was doing this in some of the most extreme conditions possible with limited access to the quality of food that the average person can simply get up and go to the grocery store to get.

    Thankfully that person is me.

    I am currently a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army. Dave will have me as a "captive audience" for obviously quite some time. I've promised Dave that I would send some starting pics that we can look back after this is all over to review. I will also include comments and a running diary of life "over there" as well as the quality of food that the average soldier gets to eat!

    Thank you to MD and Dave for providing me with this challenge and THANK YOU for providing me the motivation and inspiration for this endeavor.

    Airborne Lifter
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    Thanks man! Totally appreciate it!!


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      Good luck, you have a solid foundation to work with. The Sky is the limit!
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          Welcome to MD Airborne Lifter, and best of luck in your transformation.



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            Thanks Gaoshang! Gotta love the Hooah! LOL Sometimes thats the only thing that can get ya through the day. I'll post a few more pics today or tomorrow before signing off since I dont like the ones I posted to much. I think some posing practice is in order! LMAO


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              We're all here to support you and push you. I know I'm not the only one that's proud of you, and for a lot of reasons. Respect
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                Thanks. Things here are going a million miles an hour right now, but I know it will all level out pretty soon. I hope you guys enjoy the pics once I get there and start posting them. You'll probably get a kick out of what they feed us. Sometimes you have to look at food twice just to get a good feel for what it is. Then they can just as easily turn around a cook a kick ass meal. Army is funny that way. I just hope Dave dont take away my coffee!!!


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                  Here is some pics from today. Hate trying to take my own picture!
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                    I'll try and post a few more. I may get someone to take them for me next time so they are not so blurry. I just hate to go up to someone and say "excuse me, can you take some pics of me posing"!!! LOL


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                      Talked to GERARD at MHP............ we're gonna design a MASS BUILDING SUPPLEMENT regimen for you. It will run 16 weeks and we'll see how much muscle we can pack on your frame. This should be interesting!


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                        Thanks Dave and Gerard for all your support in this. I think personally this will be quite challenging, but a great learning experience as well. I put on muscle pretty quick once on supps, and tend to explode in size, so I am anxious to see how this all develops with the proper mentors!! My goal right now is to get up to 220, which I think is feasable. I tend to not train legs alot because I do so much running. (Its an Airborne thing; run around 5 miles every morning). But my big focus will be legs, and I think that will add the weight I want. Anyways, pics will be coming sooner than ya think, so look forward to working with everyone.


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                          You know just like the rest of us that squats make you grow, and not just legs. You're going to make amazing changes man. It's weird to think that 33 years ago, Mike Katz and Ed Corney were in Iraq and being treated like celebrities, and when Ed Corney won the Mr. Universe in Baghdad people mobbed the streets in celebration. Bodybuilding used to be the second most popular spectator sport in the middleeast. Maybe you can bump it up to the most popular Keep on pumping man
                          I min/max my physique


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                            Good luck with your goals, and welcome ti MD.


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                              Yeah. I've done the Iraq thing as well, and thats a whole different animal to say the least. Soccer is definitely king there. You would be amazed at what a little patience and a soccer ball can do for you in a country like Iraq. When I got there, one of our duties for about 2 weeks was to escort a bus that had internet on it. The purpose was to show the people this thing called the internet. Believe it or not, alot of folks in western Iraq have never heard of the internet. Show them a webcam of someone in Baghdad, and they literally freak out. Thought it was some sort of majic. LOL. Alot of the soldiers lift when downrange. It definitely puts your mind in a different place. I have always used lifting to work out issues and plans in my head. I really do find alot of solitude in lifting. Getting bigger is just a by product of that.

                              On the last note, I have known and have always known the way to break the 200 lb mark for me and stay there was the legs. I convinced myself I would hit them half ass here and there, the running would take care of the rest. That is what is so fascinating for me about this 15 month endeavor. In my mind, I really believe that Dave will get me up to possibly past the 220 mark. Its 20 lbs. I think its well within reach.