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  • jimmy

    hey vic, as a huge fan of you and the grill i hope the out come of the olympia just made you more hungry for next year and did not get you down about were you are in your career..not many people really know how grueling it is getting your body prepared for a show and just think all you do is go to the gym and compete..this is balls to the wall work!! and i mean work!!! this is not a hobbie at this level !!! this is the first time i scheduled my training after what you guy's do as in off season, gain solid muscle weight and im preparing to start to diet down for the first true time in january for my may birthday...i only know now what this work is all about and i truly have a whole new found respect for what you do as an elite athlete...this is no joke and im not even competeing..just against myself and this is truly a grind on a good day!! hat's off to you and the rest of the guy's who put yourself thru this for the sake of the fans because the payout is totally not what it should be for you guy's!! i hope you get your game on and kick some ass at the arnold in 2011..lets us know when your new video is at the grill so i can shoot by to grab it!! keep pumpn my brother because there are the regular " joe's " like myself who push every day thru your ultimate effort and inspiration!!!!! you are the real deal my friend jimmy