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Victor Martinez talks Probolic

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  • Beachbody45
    That pic of Victor in the MHP Probolic ad on this page is amazing. I don't know when that pic was taken, but if he looked like that at the Mr. Olympia he should have been battling Cutler for the top spot. Those are the best deltoids I have ever seen. Also his pecs are thicker than Cutler's.

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  • Ay1
    started a topic Victor Martinez talks Probolic

    Victor Martinez talks Probolic

    Whenever Im dieting down for a competition, adequate protein intake is one of my top priorities. Whether this protein is from food or supplementation, protein will help me build muscle and decrease recovery time without increasing bodyfat. I have always relied on MHPs Probolic-SR as my main protein supplement for years. I love the 12 Hour Muscle Feeder Technology that Probolic-SR provides. I know that when I drink my protein shake in the morning and at night, the amino acids will be utilized in my body for the next 12 hours! The healthy MCTs that are in Probolic-SR help with my fat loss because they are utilized as energy, not stored as fat.
    Probolic-SR has always been a staple in my daily nutrition regimen. Due to my high protein requirements, I use 2-3 scoops per meal with 16 oz. of water. I usually drink 2-3 Probolic-SR shakes per day, but I always make sure I have one serving immediately after my workout and before I go to sleep. I take my last serving before sleep because the 12 hour technology will help my body repair my muscle fibers and keep my metabolism fast without sacrificing muscle tissue. Anyone looking to build muscle and stay lean should definitely add Probolic-SR to their supplement arsenal. Adding Probolic-SR will ensure your body to stay highly anabolic when other protein supplements stop working after only a few hours.