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Continuing coverage of Victor Martinez' march to the Arnold

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  • Continuing coverage of Victor Martinez' march to the Arnold

    Here's an update from my recent video shoot with Victor Martinez for his MHP DVD.

    Leg day in Oscar Ardon's private gym.

    Vic is not using super heavy weights right now. He is doing Oscar Ardon's high-volume routine of 20 rep sets. It was a very painful and exhausting session, partly because Vic is in a low-carbs phase of his diet right now.

    During my interview with Vic after the workout he said this,

    "I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm training my ass off and dieting. I'm sore, I'm doing loads of cardio, but I'm excited because every day I get a little better. I'm seeing what's to come."

    Short video from this session to come soon!

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    I really like Vic as a BBer but i think Oscar is a scam and a moron.
    "Anyone can speak english when in might get you a little strange lol"


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      awsome stuff