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  • Victor Misplaced!

    I have to be the first to say that this Classic was great, but I feel that Vic was misplaced. Branch being winner I agree with that. But from where I was sitting Victor looked way better than Dennis. Victor lower legs are uneven but Dennis' is worst, Vic has more outter sweep than Dennis, Dennis thighs are thicker, Vic had way better abs than Dennis and controlled better. Vics tris are better, shoulders better even had more detail in his back. How could he get third place? Yeah the judges have a tough job but wow they really messed that one up.

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    I totally agree. Wolf is Mr O from the front and out of top 6 from the back. Vic should have been second.


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      Yes, Victor should have placed much higher. Branch is great and is one of the hardest working pros out there. Hard, grainy and thick muscle....but he lacks symmetry and needs to bring up his arms and try to stream line his waist more. On that note, do they even judge for symmetry? I know a few years ago the IFFB judges put the athletes on notice for having a thick waist, it looks like that was only a bunch of hot air....Victor has size, shape and symmetry that is hard to overlook. He had my vote.


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        Congrats to Vic for the way he looked, but his waist???


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          Only thing that separated Branch and the rest of the guys was his insane conditioning.Yes branch is blocky and is not pleasing compared to victor but to the judges,the man with the most mass and conditioning on that day wins.But people knew vic's conditioning was 85% - 90% of his best and come september,vic will surpass that level of conditioning he had in '07 and dominate.