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    Hei buddy,my name is anantha and im from malaysia which is in southeast asia.This is my first time im writing here,just in hopes to speak with you and if at all i do not get your reply in return,its really ok.Ive been following your career since the fall of 2007 and really,apart from ronnie coleman,im truly a fan of your physique and your love for the art of bodybuilding.And since the fall of '07,monthly without fail ive been reading md and its always a pleasure when it features you in its pages.As of this moment where im writing this,its tuesday march 8th and honestly,it saddens my girlfriend and i that you did not win the arnold classic.I followed the videos posted in md web in january,victor week and i really saw the effort oscar and you wield in to really bring out the absolute best and im very sorry that it didnt work out so well in the arnold classic.But victor,what i really want to say in here and i really hope you get this is that,please do not give up,keep that intensity in the gym going like you've always have and really really tear the olympia apart come september 24th - 25th.I really want to see you there dominating the stage with the mass and conditioning and win that title.A lot of people are posting shit asking you to hung that trunks up but God knows you're not done yet.P eople say oscar is a scam and a moron but to me really,you dont need the best coach around,you just need a coach that is willing to go all out,sincerely from the heart,to get you there and i believe you've made the right choice.
    My girlfriend and i hope to hear from you someday and this is my email add
    [email protected]
    Lastly,im sorry if the message was too long and i thank you for taking the time to read this.I may not be your biggest fan because your late sister is your biggest fan but i pray do you do well and come september,you bloody win the the olympia!Good luck,all the best and hei,even if you dont pull through this coming mr.O,you keep trying until you win it ok???God's on your side,HE will be,just like the rest of us!
    Anantha Chuan and Rozaini

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    no i can't sure is for you