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    In one year I lost 70lbs. I did it in a healthy way and in the last 6 months i've built decent muscle. I put on muscle rather easily but still have a considerable amount of fat around my waist and pecs. I work a factory job in which I walk around 8 hours a day or so. I want to lose the fat but not the muscle how can i go about this. How much cardio is to much for someone with a full time labor job.

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    I would concentrate on being consistent with your training, rest and eating and you will see that improvements. Fat accumulation is combated by doing cardio and
    having a good and clean eating plan. This is a good place to start. As you get more advanced, you can specialize with techniques competitive bodybuilders use to get
    lean and ready. This is great website with a wealth of information so enjoy!! BTW, I work 10-12 hrs a day so I know how hard it can be to get in the gym. You just have to discipline yourself and get on a schedule that works for you and be consistent.. BEST WISHES.


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      According to me, there is problem in your diet. That is why there may be fat to your waist.


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        keep it up...


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          Originally posted by Angelina4! View Post
          According to me, there is problem in your diet. That is why there may be fat to your waist.
          Perhaps there was a problem in his diet.

          Many people (non-BBers, or those who stop and start training/working out) accumulate fat around the waist. Especially as they get older, that fat is hard to lose (all of it) even if they clean up their diet and train for several months (and perhaps the OP's one year).

          True, we haven't heard about his diet. He can tell us about his daily diet and macros.

          With a very clean diet, smart training and a high protein intake I can lose the fat around the mid-section. But I am now middle-aged to keep that sh*t off in the first place.


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            You should do your trainings regularly, this will help you to stay in balance.