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  • Dopamite is here!

    What is DOPAMITE?

    DOPAMITE is a dietary supplement available in tablet form. It belongs to the new class of weight management aids known as dopaminergics.
    Who is DOPAMITE intended for?

    DOPAMITE is strictly intended adults 18 years of age and over who seek to avoid overeating, burn fat, lose weight and improve their feelings of energy, satisfaction, motivation and pleasure, and overall mental outlook.
    During MHP’s own tests, the benefit most frequently reported by subjects after taking DOPAMITE for the first time was that they liked the way it made them feel.
    How does DOPAMINE work?

    DOPAMITE works by helping your body balance a naturally occurring chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. This means that it helps brain cells (a.k.a. neurons) transmit messages between (i.e. “talk with”) one another.
    Dopamine is the driving force of a region of your brain known as the reward system. The reward system regulates sensations of pleasure, satisfaction and motivation associated with food and other experiences. Temptations to eat originate within the reward system.
    The single most powerful thing you can do to overcome your weight loss struggles is avoid overeating. Nothing else will help you burn fat and lose weight as quickly.
    That’s why the reward system is also known as “the fat burning control center.”
    By helping your brain balance dopamine in the reward system, DOPAMITE promotes normal healthy levels of energy, satisfaction, pleasure and motivation, and overall mental outlook. The result: You’re less likely to seek out these sensations from food. This makes it easier to avoid overeating, burn fat and lose weight.
    How should I take DOPAMITE?

    In general, your dose of DOPAMITE should be based on your body weight and tolerance.
    Begin by taking 1 tablet of DOPAMITE daily to assess your tolerance. After you have determined your tolerance, follow the dosing instructions below:
    • Under 150 lbs. of body weight, or low tolerance: Take 1 tablet of DOPAMITE once daily.
    • Between 150 and 200 lbs. of body weight, or moderate tolerance: Take 2 tablets of DOPAMITE once daily.
    • Over 200 lbs. of body weight, or high tolerance: Take 3 tablets of DOPAMITE once daily.

    IMPORTANT additional notes about use:
    • Preferably take DOPAMITE in the morning or early afternoon.
    • Take DOPAMITE on an empty stomach for maximum results.
    • Swallow each tablet with cold water.

    What is “Explotech Fast Release Technology”?

    To support the fastest possible results, each tablet of DOPAMITE contains Explotech Fast Release Technology. This proprietary, lab-tested delivery technology helps ensure that the ingredients in each DOPAMITE tablet are quickly and efficiently delivered to your body.
    Explotech contains a proprietary blend of ingredients known as superdisintegrants. As the term suggests, superdisintegrants accelerate tablet disintegration. In turn, this accelerates the release of the ingredients in the tablet. Lab tests conducted by the manufacturer reveal that the DOPAMITE tablet exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines for tablet disintegration.