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8-Hour Alert- Energy that works for as long as you do!

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  • 8-Hour Alert- Energy that works for as long as you do!

    Stop overspending on energy shots!

    Energy shots (and drinks) cause two problems for consumers. First, they cost more money per serving. Second, some may cause you to “crash” (and burn) a few hours after you take them.
    Stop “crashing” and overspending on energy shots! Some of our competitors might get you through the morning, but 8 hours will get you through the day! 8-HOUR ALERT keeps you alert, aware and awake with an easy-to-swallow, bi-layered tablet that releases its energizing ingredients for up to a full 8 HOURS! Each money-saving bottle provides enough servings for up to 14 energy-filled days.
    Stay alert, aware and awake a FULL 8 HOURS!

    Other products may claim to give you extended hours of energy, but they may not live up to their promises. The secret to 8-HOUR ALERT is a bi-layered tablet that releases its ingredients in the two speeds that matter most to you: (1) fast and (2) long-lasting.
    • Contains nutraceuticals including taurine, l-theanine, n-acetyl-tyrosine and l-phenylalanine for enhanced support of cognitive performance
    • Contains caffeine equivalent to a 12-oz cup of the leading premium coffee
    • Each money-saving bottle provides enough servings to for up to 14 energy-filled days

    The Secret To All-Day Energy and Alertness!

    Energy and alertness are two things that most of us require all day. Yet energy shots and drinks typically only give you energy and alertness in a single “burst”. Once the burst has subsided, there’s nothing left to catch you from falling. The result is that you crash. Energy shots and drinks are also typically expensive when evaluated on a per-serving basis.
    New 8-HOUR ALERT represents a breakthrough in energy and alertness products. It saves you money at the same time that it saves you from crashing. The secret to 8-HOUR ALERT is its bi-layer tablet technology. One layer of the tablet releases its ingredients quickly (the “fast” stage). The other layer releases its ingredients over a sustained period of time (the “long-lasting” stage). This enables 8-HOUR alert to support energy and alertness for a total of up to 8 hours.
    8-HOUR ALERT contains a proprietary blend of “high-voltage” nutraceutical ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen on the basis of scientific research demonstrating its ability to enhance cognitive performance and support feelings of energy and alertness. In particular, research suggests that 8-HOUR alert may provide benefits including but not limited to:
    • increased energy
    • increased alertness
    • decreased fatigue
    • reduced perceived exertion (e.g. exercise feels less difficult)
    • enhanced physical performance
    • enhanced cognitive performance
    • increased ability to concentrate and focus attention
    • decreased reaction time (faster reactions)
    • increased ability the accuracy of reactions
    • enhanced short-term memory
    • increased ability to solve problems requiring reasoning
    • increased ability to make correct decisions
    • enhanced cognitive functioning capabilities and neuromuscular coordination

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