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    Originally posted by Bell View Post
    So how often do you work out with your better half? do you also eat healthy because he eats healthy?
    Rarely due to your schedules and having a new born baby. When we met, we both already ate healthy, so it was a good match.


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      Originally posted by Bell View Post
      what's the average time span that your boyfriend has trained?
      I actually train much more than he does. I would say he trains about 60-90 mins 5 times a week (including cardio when added into his routine)

      Myself, typically 90-120 mins 6-7 days a week.


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        I have been dating my boyfriend who is a local bodybuilder in the NPC for 3 years and hoping we eventually get married sooner than later. We started out just as fuck buddies and led to something more. When we met each other he was preparing for a show and made it very clear his dream to be pro is #1. He works full time as an accountant and all other time is devoted to his dream. At first I fully supported it and in fact lost about 135 pounds and competed myself. The health and fitness industry has changed my life for the better. As I fully support his dream I have realized I have dreams and getting closer to 30 I am getting anxiety about marriage and a family. We have our issues we are working on but sometimes feel like our training and lifestyle delays us working on issues and taking the next step in our relationship. At one point I made the mistake of assuming all extra money he had was going to BB but after talking and sharing my concern he let me know he puts money to BB last over everything. The more we talk about marriage I have found out that he has a family ring but wants to propose on his own timeline (typical man) but saddened that he isn't going to pick something special for me. This sounds crazy I know so it is what it is. Living and breathing BB can be overwhelming and especially when he is constantly leaning down and as a woman I am just trying to keep the fat off. After my show I gained weight and had hormone and thryoid issues that I finally am getting in check. The last week I decided that he could no longer be my coach and training partner and hired my own coach. So far it has been the best and has created a good balance for us. Before I was doing too much cardio and lifting with my boyfriend and caused metabolic damage and adrenal issues now I am training 5 days a week with 3 days of HIIT post work out and seeing more changes. Now I also have more time to prep food, clean, and be social with family and friends. This life is not easy but love the challenge and believe 110% my man will be a Pro sooner that later!
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