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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

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  • Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

    Wasn't sure where to post this so figured a general section would be cool...

    Anyways I'm trying to help my wife drop her pregnancy weight but it's a real nightmare for her so I'm looking for some diet advice.

    She's been on a keto diet for the past month and has only lost about 4lbs...not what we expected.

    What is different about her body now, 6 months after having a baby vs before? It seems like her body will not shed fat no matter what she does.

    In addition to the Keto she is alternating LISS with HIT 5 days a week.

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    After pregnancy women weight problem face so we will care for best health and maintain a standard in life so we will be conscious all time for best health so having a best role for best health.


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      try power yoga


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        I have tons of articles on my site that I am currently putting together. had my baby 6 months ago.


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          Good pics!


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            Breast feeding makes women drop weight fast.