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Women's sections zero tolerance.

The women's section here at Muscular Development are a zero tolerance area. This includes every female member of the forum.

Any insults or trolling no matter how subtle it is will be deleted & you will receive an infraction.

Second offense will be a vacation from the site. The length of the ban will be up to the acting moderator.
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MD Women's forums NO TOLERANCE Rules. respects it's female members and has created a safe environment for women in the bodybuilding, fitness and figure industry to gather and discuss all aspects of the sport.

In order to create and maintain this safe atmosphere, we have set a zero tollerance rule in place for the women's forums. Treat all women and men posting in the women's forums with respect. Debates are welcome and encouraged, but name calling, hate & racist remarks are not.

The following is not allowed via the open board or by PM:
- Trolling for photos, a date, or sex. (this is not '')
- Spamming
- Racist Remarks
- Slander
- Name calling
...or anything else that is deemed disrespectful.

Anyone breaking our zero tolerance rule will be subject to:

First Offense:
Have their posts deleted and given an infraction & warning.

Second Offense:
Timed Out from the website. (length of vacation will depend on your level of stupidity.)

Third Offense:

This rule applies to both the men and the women of this board. If you have any questions regarding this rule, please contact me via PM. A copy of the regular MD board rules is located here. Remember that we are all members of the MD online community. Please treat each other with the respect we would want to be treated with in return.
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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

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  • Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

    Wasn't sure where to post this so figured a general section would be cool...

    Anyways I'm trying to help my wife drop her pregnancy weight but it's a real nightmare for her so I'm looking for some diet advice.

    She's been on a keto diet for the past month and has only lost about 4lbs...not what we expected.

    What is different about her body now, 6 months after having a baby vs before? It seems like her body will not shed fat no matter what she does.

    In addition to the Keto she is alternating LISS with HIT 5 days a week.

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    After pregnancy women weight problem face so we will care for best health and maintain a standard in life so we will be conscious all time for best health so having a best role for best health.


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      try power yoga


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        I have tons of articles on my site that I am currently putting together. had my baby 6 months ago.


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          Good pics!


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            Breast feeding makes women drop weight fast.