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The women's section here at Muscular Development are a zero tolerance area. This includes every female member of the forum.

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Real vs enhanced female beauty and sex appeal

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    Originally posted by awesome26 View Post
    i agree if it makes the lady feel sexy/better looking whats wrong with that, aint it right theres someone for everyone and going to the gym helps change the way you look so im all for it you go girls. by the way im a guy just looking at what you girls get up to im no pevo
    See bold above: denial which preceeds accusation is a sign of guilt.


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      Female expect best health so they adopt a lot of action so we will consider best health and having a struggle for best so never hesitate any matter discuss for best health.


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        Originally posted by lil mama View Post
        Any female with a great attitude can be sexy and appealing whether real or enhanced. It's not what ya wear on your body or what ya put into your body.

        Try not to let hurdles hold you down because they will always be there.


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          everyone has the choice to look the way they want why critique anyones look or what it may take to get it ? I dint see hard work and dedication mentioned! I my case its picking out the right color lip gloss and so what
          Live Healthy & Look Fit. Be happy