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Registration by Email Only

Due to frequent disruptions by a rogue user on the forum, automatic email regisration will be suspended. Users will still be able to auto-register, but will not be able to post or comment until verified by a forum admin.

If there are any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

Thanks very much for your cooperation

Jen the Admin
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Women's sections zero tolerance.

The women's section here at Muscular Development are a zero tolerance area. This includes every female member of the forum.

Any insults or trolling no matter how subtle it is will be deleted & you will receive an infraction.

Second offense will be a vacation from the site. The length of the ban will be up to the acting moderator.
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A NEW DOCU-SERIES from the producers of "THE BIGGEST LOSER"

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  • A NEW DOCU-SERIES from the producers of "THE BIGGEST LOSER"

    A new docu-series about people with eating disorders from the producers of \"The Biggest Loser\" is looking to tell stories about extreme eating and dieting rituals, and addictions with body image. Whether you eat too little, or too much, or have other disorders such as bulimia, etc., we would like to hear from you.

    We\'re looking NATIONWIDE for people suffering from an eating disorder to share their stories in this new therapeutic documentary series. Our focus is to raise awareness about all types of eating disorders and specific eating habits that exist.

    If someone is selected to participate in the series, they will receive free outpatient treatment from top experts to help them overcome their disorder and guide them on the road to recovery.

    email ALL the information requested below to:
    [email protected]
    Be sure to include:
    1. Name (first and last)
    2. Age
    3. City and state you live in
    4. Contact phone number
    5. Current photo (jpg format please)
    6. Brief summary on their specific eating disorder, and how it affects your life.
    JOIN my health transformation challenge
    www dot flexwithdrexfor90days dot bodybyvi dot com