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lost sex drive??

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  • lost sex drive??

    ok. so im not sure if there is anything is this section about this but there was too many pages for me to read at the moment. and i need some help NOW. my girlfriend has completely lost her sex drive (yes i am a girl too). its been fading for a couple of months but now its ridiculous. we just moved in together and i thought that would help with her situation but it really hasnt. she is the love of my life and i just want to make her happy. does anyone have any advise or knowledge of how to fix her libido?? supplements, natural remedies, anything please!!

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    What age are you two? How long have you been together? What type of work do you do? Are there any other external stresses that could be going on?
    Try not to let hurdles hold you down because they will always be there.


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      we are both 21 and we have been together for a year and a half. our work isnt so stressful as the hours we work. i go in at 3:00 am and get off at 9:00am. she usually works from 5-11 at night. it messes up my sleep often and she cant seem to sleep throughout the night. we just got some 5-htp and melatonin for when we sleep. hopefully that helps her. but as for other stresses, we are always scraping for money, we only have one car, we dont get to see our friends much. but that going to get better soon. its just been hard with the move. idk what else could be going wrong. we are pretty happy people


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        Is she on birth control? I have a friend of mine who also lives with her gf and she was prescribed BC for her acne and it affected her sex drive.. BC is known for that!
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          have you tried to talk to her about your concerns? If not perhaps you should. Sorry to hear about this though.


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            no she's not on birth control. and i have talked to her but she doesnt understand it either. she says stress affects her sex drive but life is never stress free!! its been tough the past couple of months but its all getting better now. im thinking about giving her an herbal treatment. she is willing to try it. im trying to find the best combination of supplements that will put that libido right back into her! lol. so if anyone has any suggestions, it will be greatly appreciated. im doing research but its good to know from first hand experience. thanks!


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              From what you describe, there is more life stress going on than you realize. Money stresses alone can cause major issues. Also, the sleep issues cause a lot of stress.
              Try not to let hurdles hold you down because they will always be there.


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                ok. so i guess we need to workout a different sleep schedule and make more money. sounds easy enough. lol. i think we will definitely try to minimize our stresses. their not worth all the frustration.


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                  You may be helped by a psychologist at the expense of treatment. It's depression, and it's serious. You need the opinion of a professional. So do not waste time.