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  • new to md

    hello im new to MD and only really worked out in HS i am now 33 6'5 and 340lbs looking for a way to go any help would be awsome

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    Well...this area of the forum isn't going to be one this posts gets noticed much.

    Why don't we move it somewhere?

    I'm thinking maybe Member Training Journals? I'm assuming you're a guy, based on your height...

    Welcome, by the way.


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      All the best with your goals, I guess this thread needs to be moved somewhere. Maybe into the 'Fat Loss Fanatics' section of the forum?..


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        pics,pics,pics. Can't critique/advise without a visual. You can blur your face out.


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          welcome man.
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            Welcome My Friend! hope you stick around so we can see you transform.
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