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MD Forum Leader Interview with IFBB Pro Tina Chandler

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  • MD Forum Leader Interview with IFBB Pro Tina Chandler

    Starting May 2008, the Muscular Development Women's Forum Leaders will be bringing you one-on-one interviews with your favorite pros, amateurs, coaches, and MD forum members. We encourage you to ask your own questions in these threads, as Tina and other, future interviewees will come online to answer them. Please be respectful. There are no exceptions to this rule and you will be banned from this site for any disrespectful posts in this forum.


    Women's FBB Forum Leader Tammy Patnode Interviews new IFBB Pro Tina Chandler.

    Tina was born in Louisina and currently resides in Houston TX. She is a personal trainer and massage therapist.

    How old were you when you saw her first FBB and what did you think?
    I can't really answer that because pretty much all of my exposure to bodybuilding was through magazines. I always had a muscular body from gymnastics and looked at bodybuilders as familiar to my own. I was maybe close to 20yrs old when I saw a few FBBs at the World's Gym in Houston. By then, I wasn't really in awe, just respectful. My thoughts were that one day soon I will achieve that look.

    Did you have a mentor in the gym - someone to show you the ropes, or did you have to play 'trial and error' like many of the rest of us before you found your groove?
    I prided myself on the fact that I taught myself how to workout pretty well. I seemed to have natural 'knack' for understanding how the body works and all. In high school, I had even trained a few of my friends with much success. Form was and is everything to me! So, no, I did not have a mentor or someone to show me the ropes. If you're talking about competing, I did not compete until I found that someone who could guide me in the right direction.

    What is your favorite color and favorite song?
    My favorite color is blue. My favorite song?....I love music, but funny enough at this moment the song that comes to mind is "Don't Worry, Be Happy"... I guess because that's how I feel about life. LOL

    What is the hardest thing about contest prep? What is the easiest?
    As no surprise, the hardest thing would probably have to be the diet. It's everything! The easiest?.. I like to rigidity of schedule. When going through prep, there is not a lot of room for uncertainty or hesitation as to what to do next. Sure-footed.

    Do you choreograph your own posing routines, or do you have help?
    I usually choreograph my own routines. I may have a friend there to bounce off ideas with, but mostly, I create. This year, I had Sheilah Brown to help me, but again, we worked well together with putting it together with my own style. She is awesome!

    Learning to pose: Was it tough of did it come naturally?

    Posing came pretty naturally to me. I think my gymnastic background gave me early awareness of body position and all. It was a little awkward in the beginning because I was never a person who liked to show off.

    If you could thank anyone for helping you get to where you are today, who would you thank?
    This one is easy. Johnnie West!! Without him, I would not be here as successfully as I am! He is my coach and nutrtitionist and he is one of the BEST in the business! I am most grateful for his presence in my life and training.
    You got your pro card at nationals this past November. Describe the feeling when they announced you as the winner!
    Are you kidding me?!! I was ecstatic! Could you not tell on stage, I was tearing up? It seemed surreal to me and just felt really happy. I felt really accomplished and proud of myself to have acheived something I set out to do and finished it all the way through.

    Your Making your pro debut at the NY Pro. What have you done differently in prepping for this show over the others?
    I can't really say I changed too much. The only difference is that I did not have to kill myself with so much cardio to make a weight class! The past two shows, I have had to lose 9 lbs of muscle to get to that middleweight class!! The fun of training for this show is that I have been able to stay full and just work at getting hard. I think you should stick with what works. For me, that's hard work and smart dieting!

    You are very pretty and feminine with a drop dead physique. How do you hope to change the what the public looks at
    female bodybuilding?
    Thank you. I do have high hopes of helping to change the outlook people have on us. Number one, is by being the best role model I know how to be! I believe that there is a strong fitness revolution going on, and WE are NOT leading it!! We should be the ones informing the public of healthy ways to live and smart ways to stay healthy! Not the media and 'want-to-be athletes'. We are the true athletes that have led in the past and we should be the ones they turn to today. Afterall, WE KNOW. We put our bodies through all the extremes and can tell you what is what. Not guess. Lest we forget how we know some of our great leaders of today, like Arnold?! Corey Everson, Linda Murray? The entire world LOVES them, and they need more to love from this sport! I want to be the first to be quoted as saying,"It's not normal to NOT workout". I want to instill in the minds of everyone that our bodies need exercise on a daily basis and to think of it as something you do everyday, just like brushing your teeth! Stop dreading exercise. Embrase it! Or get old, diseased, and be unhappy! LOL.. don't get me started, I can stay on this question for the next hour!

    what do you consider your best body part?
    I guess my back because that is what a lot of people tell me.
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    Tina is making her Pro debut this weekend at the NY PRO. I have invited her to join and participate in this thread.
    Thanks agian Tina!
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      All I can say is nice damned physique and the interview should also be published in MD. Tina has all the tools to be a solid role model for FBBing, and with the right publicity Tina and a number of other FBBs could easily put the sport right back in the mainstream.

      Anyway good luck in NY.


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        Sweet interview!! And that is an excellent idea to get these printed in MD. Will have to talk to the bossman about that one...


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          Great physique!

          My question.....with a gymnastics background what made you decide to do bodybuilding instead of fitness?


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            Hey, Tina!

            What is the hardest part about prep for you? Do you still get nervous stepping on stage, or is it second nature now?
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              congrads to tina on a 7th place finish at her 1st pro show!
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                Congrats Tina! That's an excellent showing on your pro-debut!!!


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                  bump for Ms. Tina!
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                    WoW almost a yr later and no replies...WoW
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