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MD Forum Leader Interview w/ Colette Nelson!

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  • MD Forum Leader Interview w/ Colette Nelson!

    MD Forum Leader Tammy Patnode interviews IFBB Pro Colette Nelson.

    You could be considered a "jack of all trades". Please explain all you do to make a living.
    My formal education is in Nutrition. I graducated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors in Dietetics and Minor in Dance. I went to NYU for my Masters In Clinical Nutrition and did a combined internship to then be elidgible to take the RD exam. I then went on to become a certified diabeted educator and most recently tooks the boards to be become a Sports Specialist Board Certified Dietitian. I most recently left a job at NY Diagnostic where I was the Chief Dietitian specializing in HIV/AIDS nutrition and secondary diabetes as a result of Anti Viral therapy. I had to leave my job in order to pursue my dream to build Species Nutrition with my Finace' Dave Palumbo. I have always been interested in the arts and learned the art of web design, make up artistry, and mixing music. I use my minor in Dance to perfect posing routines and help other competitors with their routines. I have always liked to do different things and think that life as so many different opportunities and I just like to take advantage of as many as I can. So I guess you can say I am a registered dietitian, Make-up artist, Web Designer, Vice President of Species Nutrition, and Choreographer.
    Your only a few days out from the NY Pro where they are having strength challanges after pre judging. What do you think about this? What do you have to do?
    I am very excited about the Strength Show. I actually went out to California in 2004 and competed in Raye Hollits Strength show where I won the whole show. It was incredible. We are doing pull ups and push ups so just two events. It is more endurance strength than actual musculur strength. It should be exciting and fun for the audience to watch. I can do about 30 pull ups and well over 100 push ups so I am planning on being competative. However, keep in mind, this is after prejuding... we are going to be depleted and not feeling our best.
    How has your training changed since you first started competing?
    I used to train with my ego... with the main goal, HOW MUCH CAN I LIFT. I don't care how I lift it.. just lift it. Well, that has gotten me some shoulder injuries that have plagued my training since 2003. No surgery yet.. but now I train for FEEL. I still train heavy, but I don't do anything that hurts. I train much smarter. I don't do as many sets.... and concentrate on the form and intensity of the set.
    Whats your training style?
    I like volume, but I try to keep my sets around 12-16 / workout. I train in under 1 hour and do one body part / week with legs being trained twice a week b/c I split Quads and Hamstrings.
    Dave Palumbo is your diet guru as well as your fiance. How is that, living with your coach?
    This can be very difficult. It is hard to help someone that is so close to you. Believe me.. sometimes it makes me do crazy things like sneak peanut butter in hidden drawers and I have gotten caught red handed with my Spoon in the peanut butter jar more than one time in my life. It definatley doesn't make life easier... but it is nice to talk diet strategy with him.
    Whats your favorite part of contest prep? what do you hate?
    I love the discipline. It makes you do thinks your wouldn't normally do and it is really empowering. It gives you this insane desire that pushes you to do things that seem impossible. It gives you an almost superhuman feeling. The worst part of conest prep is when it is over.... THEN WHAT? It leaves you with this emptiness that I tend to look to food to fill the void and that only makes you crazy as you chase to stay in contest shape. The classic saying, " When I am dieting I can't wait to be NOT DIETING, but, When I am NOT DIETING, I can't wait to be dieitng."
    What type of reactions do you get from people when your out in public when you wear something that shows off your physique?
    I was actually just walking around outside today.. I like to do my cardio outside when the weather is so nice... people actually give me whistles and are usually very receptive and positive.
    What do you think on the way the womens shows have been judged in the past year?
    Well, It is female Bodybuilding. You have to judge what is on stage. It is hard to be consistent when competitors come in to shows so many differnet levels of conditioning and shape. I am not sure I blame the judges. If the majority of the girls are ULTRA HARD.. they have to judge ULTRA HARD. If they come in softer.. they judge softer and the girl that is ULTRA HARD gets penalized. It is tough for all parties. That is why... you compete b/c the WIN is how you look at the end. We are not making a million dollars competing.. there has to be something more that drives us to do this. You can't get to caught up in the outcome.. it makes the journey all the more meaningful for me.
    Who do you admire?
    I donít know if I admire anyone.. but, I do have an appreciation for Modonna for being such an individual and determination that just never stopped despite all the negativity that was talked about her while she was climbing the later to rule the world. I love that about her... the BELIEF that you will not fail. That is intoxicating.
    What are your goals on and off the stage?
    I never stop with goals... I want to take some more classes in web design and programming languages such as php, asp, java and other web design applications. I also want to help Dave build Species into something spectacular. As a competitor, I am a realist. I know that I will never be Ms. Olympia.. .but, I love to be out there and just do my thing. I am okay with being known as a performer and entertainer. The sport needs that and I will continue to compete until I just don't enjoy the process anymore.
    What do you do in your down time?
    This has always been a problem for me.. down time. I find that I have so many different things that I do.. I could be busy 24/ 7. I have this problem with feeling guilty if I am not constantly doing something. Ask Dave, I even do my nails while watching a movie.. I can't seem to sit still. But, I am getting better. I love to COOK. I find that soothing and relaxing. In another life.. I would have been a top chef.
    Do you have any pets?
    yes, Dave and I have two Maltease Tea Cups. Abby and Bella. They are simply adorable. Two big bodybuilders with 4# dogs.
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    This is a great interview and thank you for sharing. It would be really cool to have more of these so we can learn more about the people we are inspired by everyday in this field.
    2008 Jr USA lhw winner


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      Originally posted by 2hot4u View Post
      This is a great interview and thank you for sharing. It would be really cool to have more of these so we can learn more about the people we are inspired by everyday in this field.

      That is the plan.

      We have some very good interviewees lined up


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        I too am loving these interviews as well.....and the chance to ask questions at the end!


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          Hey, Colette!

          I know you love to cook and I wanted to thank you for the recipes you have posted online. When I first came to MD, the women's forum was just getting started and your Q&A was the only thing active at the time. Your recipes kept me coming back to MD.

          Here's my question:
          What is your favorite non-diet meal that you like to cook?
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              I just read this now. Great interview! glad i now know more info on colette. colette, u r such a driven, intelligent, beauitful woman.


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                All I Can Say is WOW!!!