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MD 1 on 1 with Pro Bodybuilder LISA AUKLAND!

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  • MD 1 on 1 with Pro Bodybuilder LISA AUKLAND!

    MD 1 on 1 interview with IFBB pro Womens BodyBuilder, Lisa Aukland!

    TP: With a full time job as a pharmacist, How does being a top IFBB pro fit into your life?

    Tell us what your job consists of.

    LA: Luckily, I have a work schedule that allows me to train consistently. I work a full time schedule but not as a dispensing pharmacist. I am a consultant at a Regional Poison Center. I give treatment recommendations to doctors, nurses and the public with regard to poisonings and overdoses-whether intentional or unintentional.

    TP:What goals would you like to achieve in and out of the bodybuilding arena?

    LA. My first goal in bodybuilding is to continue improving and refining my physique. If I compete in the condition I like and I see improvements – even if very tiny- I have reached my goal. My second goal is to actually make more money in the sport than I put into it! I am ranked 4th in the world and have been a Pro since 2001 and it was not until 2007 that I actually came out ahead. My personal goals include travel and enjoying life!

    TP: Do you have a solid support system? Is that important to your success?

    LA: Even though this is an individual sport, I don’t think anyone could do this completely alone. I have great friends who seem to know exactly when I need a pick-me-up, a kind word, or a kick in the rear end! My family is out of state but they are always very supportive. The fans in this sport are truly incredible. Their compliments and encouraging words are always appreciated.

    TP:Who do you look up to, in and out of the sport?

    LA: I can’t say I really look up to anyone in the sport. There are those I admire, but to look up to - no. Out of the sport I look up to my mother. She taught me to be a strong independent woman like herself.

    TP: In a dream bodybuilding contest, who would you like to share a stage with?

    LA: I have lived that dream by standing on stage next to Lenda Murray in the 2004 Ms Olympia. I cherish the pictures Steve Wennerstrom sent me documenting the momentous occasion.

    TP: What is your opinion on the judging criteria at that pro and national level?

    LA: Oh, is there a judging criteria? Seriously, judging is a thankless job. I ought to know- I am an NPC judge. It is difficult! The only change I would make in judging is to allow a larger pool of judges and to have a better rotation of judges. This applies more to the Pro level than the amateurs but I feel it would be an important change for both. We have the same judges judging the same girls over and over. I’m sure it gets boring for them too.

    TP:Who helps you with your contest prep? How has your prep changed since you first started competing?

    LA: Mike Davies from Fitness Factory has done my contest prep since 2001 when I turned Pro. He has changed pretty much everything about the way I eat and train. Obviously a good change since I keep improving year to year! Mike backed me off of a powerlifting style of training to more shaping exercises while still lifting heavy. He also taught me how to diet smarter by actually eating more. I used to completely deplete myself before a contest. Now, on my pre-contest diet I am never hungry unless I am late for a meal. Don’t get me wrong - I having CRAVINGS but I am never actually hungry during the day. I work hard in the gym and eat a lot of food. That feels better to me than a light workout and less food.

    TP: What have you considered your weak area? How did you overcome it?

    LA: I guess my weakest area has always been my back width. I have high lats so getting my back to look wider has been a chore. I make up for it in detail. My back may not be huge but it is very detailed by working it from every conceivable angle!

    TP:What do you like and dislike about the industry?

    LA: I love the camaraderie among the women in this sport. We are competitors onstage but otherwise we are friends. I also love the traveland wish we had some international shows.
    I hate to bring up the “dislikes”. I don’t want to sound like sour grapes but the prize money, especially compared to the men, STINKS! I also don’t like that the athletes don’t have more of a voice….don’t get me started!

    TP:Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people?

    LA: I am single? J No, seriously I guess I would have to say I love pizza! I only get it in the off-season but that makes it that much more delicious when I can have it. I think people assume I eat super clean year round - not!

    TP: Aside from Bodybuilding, What are your interests?

    LA: I have a passion for my dogs and fast cars. I have 2 dogs that I am crazy for. I competed with my female Cane Corso in the breed show ring and made her a dual Champion (ICCF and ARBA). I have taken my American Bulldog through advanced obedience but have not had time to show him for his companion dog (CD) title - although I would love to. They both love working and all the attention they get meanwhile.
    Ahhh… fast cars. I just took the all day Richard Petty driving experience in Miami and had a blast! I think I want to be the next Danica Patrick.... Yes, I do have fast cars - 2 of them - and both are over 400 horsepower. J

    TP: What is the hardest thing about preparing for a contest?

    LA: Missing out on some social activities. I love training, I don’t mind the cardio or the diet but my time is so limited between working full time and contest prep that something has to give.

    TP: Do you think figure has hurt womens bodybuilding? What do you think of adding the physique contest that was discussed in recent past? Not big enough for bodybuilding, but too big for figure.

    LA: Adding figure to the line-up has not hurt bodybuilding. All it has done is lengthen the show. On a positive note, it has given many women a reason to challenge themselves by getting in top shape with the hope of becoming a fitness model. That’s not a bad thing.
    I don’t see how a “Physique” category would work. How would one define who is a physique athlete and who is a bodybuilder? Where is the line drawn? Judging would be a nightmare.

    TP: Who is your favorite photographer?

    LA:By choice, I haven’t shot with many photographers. My ex-husband took most of my photos. Of the few photographers I have worked with, my favorite by far has been John Stutz. I contacted him after seeing his work and LOVING it. I felt his work was very artistic and had an amazing edge. He is very selective and only puts out high quality final images. He chose 2 images from my shoot in Las Vegas to include in his new book “Fit Girls, Vol 1”. Here’s the link:

    TP:Thank you so much Lisa for taking the time to do this interview. I encourage you to come to our forum and register, I am sure many people have questions for you.

    2007 Ms. Olympia

    Inside Edition
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    Excellent interview, Tammy! I love your picture choice


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      Great interview! Lisa blew me away with her physique and stunning routine when I first saw her guest posing at last year's Maryland Grand Prix. It was one of my favorite excerpts from my contest video!

      Check out my redesigned video samples page!


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        Wonderful interview, Tammy!! Lisa has been one of my favorite pro FBBs for some time now, it's great to learn more about her!! Nice choice in pics and vids, too!!


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          Hello Lisa! Thank you for the wonderful interview. IF you don't mind, could you tell me what are the 2 fast cars that you own?
 * *


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            Good Job on The Interview with Lisa, Tammy!!
            Thanks!!; and also, Keep Up the Good Work, and also, Train More Harder than Ever!!

            Joseph R. Villa (a.k.a. M.D.'sHUGESTFAN001!!)