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One On One With The Adman

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  • One On One With The Adman

    Most will have seen Adam's posts here. He goes by the handle of 'The AdMan'. Under his user name, his rank is 'The Consigliere'. Who is this mysterious titan of forum rank? Why do the message board seas part at his behest?

    With these questions racking my brain and causing endless sleepless nights (or, should that hyperbole ring hollow, at least a few moments of idle curiosity), I settled down and came up with some questions for the man himself.

    Hi Adam, I hope you are well. First a bit of background.

    Where do you live?
    Currently living in Long Island NY.

    Are you trained, if so, what in?
    Training – Advertising Art & Design, Internet Advertising, Online/New Media, Radio & TV Broadcasting, Sales & Management.

    Does your training play much of a part in your current position?
    Actually yes it does. As the Associate Publisher of Advanced Research Press, with duties that require me to handle all of the Online and Digital side of our advertising business, being able to spot good and bad Ad creative, understanding how to best use the tools that the internet provides, keeping abreast of the changing and expanding role of new media technologies, etc. has all helped me to continually serve my clients better than even they would expect. Essentially, I love to be able to use my experience to help others, and as I’ve gotten older and matured over the years, I’ve come to really understand the value of laying a solid foundation for yourself, regardless of what career path you choose.

    I understand you were in the army, can you tell me a bit about this?
    Sure, I served in the US Army for 2 years. Was a mechanic while in, and had the opportunity to live overseas in Germany while enlisted. I was honorably discharged in 1989.

    I presume that means that you basically resigned. Did you enjoy your time in the army? I imagine, if nothing else, at least you learned some skills for working on your car.
    Yes I guess looking back on it now, I did enjoy it. I have some crazy stories and lessons learned of course too. To be 100% honest, the most important “skill” I learned and took away from my military service was and is self reliance. You come out of there a different person, better equipped to handle the challenges that you will face as you travel through life.

    I hear you've started working out and have lost a significant amount of body fat--congratulations on that. How are you liking working out?
    Well, I have recently just gotten back into the gym. I had dropped a lot of weight over the first half of the year with diet changes and a lot of walking and running. I actually don't like working out or training, what I do like is feeling good inside my body and having unlimited energy to do the things I wish to.

    What are your goals in working out?
    For now my goal is to simply keep bettering myself. I'm 41 now. I have no aspirations of hitting a stage or competing. Just want to continue to feel good and hold off old age as long as I can. I spent 2007 working on the MD site just about day and night. Eating sugar laden garbage for energy, with my laptop going all night long. By the end of the year I felt like crap and looked it. I'm not going to be that person again. How is that for a goal?

    That sounds like an excellent goal. Do you think you would have started working out again if you didn't work for MD?

    If I did not work for MD, I may not have had to jump start myself the way I needed to at the end of 2007. More likely than not, I would have not let myself slide physically as much as I did in 2007. I just got myself into a work mindset and had a job to do that I felt needed as much as I could give of myself to get it done.

    How often do you go to the gym and what kind of program do you do?
    Currently I go to the gym anywhere from 2-3 times a week. While there I do a quick workout that pretty much hits my entire upper body. Aside from that I still stick with what helped me to lose the weight…I use a heavily weighted vest and go for long walks in my neighborhood at night, or hit the nearby football field and run sprints and climb the stairs. Nothing like a weighted vest. If you have never tried one, I highly recommend.

    How did you get involved with MD?
    I was in between jobs back in late '98 and was going to school for TV and Radio broadcasting. One day I opened the paper and saw an Ad for an Advertising Director for MD. I went up to the local bookstore and saw the most recent issue at the time…Terrell Davis from the Broncos was on the cover I believe. I knew at that moment that I would get this job. Nothing was going to stop me.

    What appealed about MD, or was it just the fact that it looked like a good job?

    The initial appeal for me was twofold. I was always into sports, football especially was something that I played and followed, so upon first sight, seeing an NFL star on the cover, immediately made me notice. Secondly, I’m a magazine and advertising guy. Always have been. I still have magazines from the 70s and 80s at home, and have always loved the creativity that you find in TV commercials and slick print Ads. I guess it was only a matter of time until my interests met with opportunity.

    What is your position at MD, and what does it entail?
    Over time my position and role has changed. What began as an Ad Director on the print issue, grew to overseeing the marketing and circulation as well, eventually becoming the Associate Publisher for our company, Advanced Research Press. As of November 2006 my role changed yet again, as I took on the task of building our online/digital side of the business. At this point, my duties no longer include print, as I'm specifically here to help our clients to get involved with our websites.
    I built and run the MD forums, and have been involved in some way with many of the decisions regarding the look and presentation of the overall MD website. Currently I'm working on MD, SuperHuman, and our FitnessRx for Women site that is coming. From the initial stages, I look to find creative ways to get clients involved with our sites. My philosophy regarding that, is that the client's should enhance the user experience, not hurt it. I'm also responsible for bringing the Zinio digital magazine technology to our company and each month I work with my tech team to convert our print issues into this exciting digital format. Lastly, I brought the MD CyberStore to life and still maintain it to this day.

    That Zinio format is pretty sweet.
    Yes it is, I personally love where digital technologies are heading. Who would have thought that you could be flipping the pages of your favorite magazine on a computer? Add to this, when you are reading it and something interests you, you merely have to click on it for more information. That can’t be done with print of course. And thus, for the tech savvy consumer, and the forward thinking advertiser, while something is top of mind, both benefit from this extremely fast and efficient way of getting information out to the masses or finding it as one of them.

    What is SuperHuman? is the latest website from Advanced Research Press. It is the beginning stages of our next publication, focusing on the action sports crowd, we cover everything from the sports themselves to the science behind what makes certain athletes truly “SuperHuman”. As we are a science based company, you can expect the same type of authoritative, referenced, science based editorial that we provide in all of our publications.

    Do you interact with Steve, John, Dave, and the rest of the personalities we've come to know and love at MD?
    Yes I do. We all interact, whether we are physically in the same office or not. I work in the office here with Steve as a matter of fact.

    I presumed there was only one office. How many MD offices are there?

    There is the one main office. Others working around the country do so via the internet and telecommunication.

    What was your connection with bodybuilding before working for MD?
    Other than my Dad always working out and reading the old M&F, Flex and MD mags, I don't think I had one. I played football and basketball over the years, lifting weights and training was a part of that, but it was not the same thing as the sport of bodybuilding.

    Do you go to bodybuilding shows?
    Yes I go to the shows that I'm assigned to. If you were at The Arnold this past year and stopped by our booth, you would have met me.

    Who is your favorite Mr O?
    Arnold of course!

    What is a Consigliere (the rank under his user name on the forums) with regard to the MD forums?
    I'm the Associate Publisher of the company. My role here is very similar to actually being one (a Consigliere), with Steve, so it makes sense.

    [Consigliere (pronounced [konsiʎˈʎɛːɾe]) is the Italian term for an adviser or counsellor. - west]

    Do you read the forums much?
    Too much! This place has grown so much since we began, it's amazing really.

    I know what you mean. There's a lot of excellent input from people all around the world; it can be very compelling reading.
    Can you tell me about your theater performance?
    Sure, I'm involved in a dinner theater show happening this October on Long Island. I'm one of the writers of the show, am building the site for it, and am currently playing one of the lead roles. It's a horror/comedy about the ruler of purgatory trying to take over hell from the devil. You can get more info here if you like…

    I imagine that's quite a departure from your normal routine (plus a lot of added work). Are you enjoying it and is it successful?
    Yes I am enjoying it. It is a ton of work, but it’s the type of work that does not feel like you are working. For instance, we did a live appearance in character this past weekend. The theater group entertained the audience at a multiplex cinema as the “opening act” for the premier of HELLBOY II. I was in costume and remained in character the entire evening. For about 4 hours or so. Over that time I entertained a couple hundred people, was asked for photos with people and essentially was treated like some kind of comic book super hero character. It was amazing and a ton of fun. On top of that, with this project I’m getting to use my mind with the writing, and am being used for my many voices and acting. I love doing voiceovers and with this project I’m doing that as well.

    What is your opinion of women's bodybuilding?
    I've never really put too much thought into Women's bodybuilding specifically. To me it falls under bodybuilding. And thus, it has its place in the sport.

    Do you like to watch women's bodybuilding?
    When at the shows, I watch the males and females compete. I have a lot of respect for people who follow their goals and push themselves hard to achieve them. I don't have a "like" or dislike on this.

    Who is your favorite Ms O?
    Corey Everson.

    There are many who claim that women's bodybuilding is far too extreme. Please comment on this.
    What is extreme to one person is the norm to another. As far as I can tell, it seems to be a matter of choice as to how far any athlete wishes to take their physique.

    Absolutely. So from your own perspective, does it hold much appeal, or is it too outrageous?
    I don’t feel it’s too outrageous, but yet obviously know there is not a huge amount of mass appeal there either. Even male bodybuilding does not have mass appeal. It may be more accepted, but in mainstream society it is still viewed as something far from ordinary. I’ve seen programs on television that depict odd rituals etc. from around the globe. Guess what? Hardcore bodybuilding was included. I guess the big picture here for us is that this is OUR industry and sport. It’s up to all of those who are a part of it to make the choice no matter where you stand within, to represent the sport to the best of your abilities. If we all do that consistently, then we are far more appealing as a group to the rest of the world than if we don’t. My sermon for the day LOL.

    Do you think that women's bodybuilding will ever be as popular as the men's and why/why not?
    I do not think that it ever will and simply due to how children are brought up in society. From our youth we are programmed with images of male athletes and superhero characters in movies. Thus many boys grow into adulthood looking for that in some way from themselves. By contrast, the imagery we are presented with of females is softer and obviously more feminine. Thus many young women grow up looking to be the same. This is just my opinion, and it is not meant as a blanket statement by any means, but I really don’t think that it can be denied that the images and representations you are continually shown as you grow up, won’t have an effect on you as you age. Thus most people are programmed during youth that women’s bodybuilding is far from the norm.

    By necessity, there is a separate section just for women on the MD forum. It seems that women need a safe place where they can post without fear of being attacked. Why do you think that so many people react with such venom towards women's bodybuilding?
    We’ve set up the Women’s Forums here to be a safe place for a number of reasons. First would be safety of our female members here. This is a men’s site, they are outnumbered and yet they are here for the same reasons the men are. Knowledge, networking and entertainment. Yet for some reason, some of the men tend to think the women are here as part of their entertainment on the site and fail to realize that that is not the case. Thus you have females who get rude private messages, stalkers and so on. As far as people with venom towards female bodybuilding, I don’t see “so many people” with that here. For the most part, the MD boards are filled with adults who can carry on a conversation with differing opinions. Those who come here with nothing more than an agenda and a want or need to stir up trouble, end up finding the door regardless of what the topic they post on is…Female Bodybuilding or otherwise.

    I have been appointed a forum leader of The Pit which I'm glad to be (I presume, ultimately, that you granted me this). In your opinion, just what makes The Pit the best area on the site?
    Best area of the site? You're pushing LOL. Actually The Pit serves a real purpose here. I'm a firm believer that all work and no play can be a detriment. Thus, The Pit serves that purpose, it allows users here to vent or even just get silly if they want to and not interfere with the rest of the forums while doing so. It also serves as our trash bin for threads and topics that are either garbage, or just posted for the sake of trolling our forums. You do a solid job in there West. Thanks for that.

    My pleasure, I enjoy it. I really appreciate the comparative lack of restrictions in The Pit.

    Well, I foolishly posted a thread in The Pit asking for some questions to put to you. As you can imagine, it deteriorated into a steaming pile of shit (I should have known). One of only three decent questions was posed by Peaceful28. She asks:
    "A while back you posted a photo of a fake blood covered horses head in a box.

    What on earth were you planning to do with it?" Yes, it's clear that Peaceful28 has an unhealthy obsession with the darker side of life.
    The bloody horse head is a show prop. The main character in the dinner theater show is an old school mobster…The Deadfather. It made sense to get a visual tie in to the original Godfather movie. So we will be using it as a stage prop. Most likely mounted on the Deadfather's wall. Not killing horses here, it's a foam and latex prop. J Besides, I happen to play The Deadfather role. And I really did not want to deal with the smell and mess of a real horse head. The prop just makes things easier. That’s a joke folks.

    Well, it's really interesting to learn this stuff, Adam. Thanks very much for agreeing to the interview, and thanks very much for the forums. You've fostered an environment that is friendly, overflowing with knowledge, and a lot of fun to participate in.
    You are very welcome. I’m just following the Golden Rule is all…Treat others how you wish to be treated. I’ve tried to instill a positive atmosphere here, one that people would enjoy being a part of. With the growth I added various forums over time to continually give everyone places to go and talk with new online friends about the things that make their world’s go round. It’s very nice to hear that my efforts are appreciated.

    I'm sure I've missed some highly pertinent, obvious questions, but too bad. People had their chance to have some input, now they must suffer my ineptitude.

    That’s perfectly fine. If anyone wishes to ask further, I will do my best to answer in this thread.

    Anyway, cheers, and good luck in your endeavors.
    Thank you and I wish you the same

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    Well presented interview West..

    And thanks Adam for the intelligent and informative replies.

    Good stuff....
    Muscular Development Forum Rules :.


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      Bro, that was awesome!! Nice to know more about Adman!!


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        Excellent interview.
        Thanks West and The Adman
        My Competition Prep Journal

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          This was great but there is one thing missing, Adam you failed to mention....ME!!!!


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            Originally posted by LilSho View Post
            This was great but there is one thing missing, Adam you failed to mention....ME!!!!
            That was one of the stipulations. I said on no account must you mention LilSho.


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              Awesome. Absolutely awesome!

              Adman, may I ask if you can expand on this?

              What is your opinion of women's bodybuilding?
              I've never really put too much thought into Women's bodybuilding specifically. To me it falls under bodybuilding. And thus, it has its place in the sport.

              Women's bodybuilding falls under bodybuilding in general, to be sure. But what, may I ask, is the exact place you think it has? Aside from the obvious allowing of the exhibition of the other gender, I mean.

              Does it have an equal, lesser, or greater place?
              "Life is about choices: tap, nap, or SNAP!" ~ Future UFC Lightweight Champion Marcus Hicks


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                Originally posted by west View Post
                That was one of the stipulations. I said on no account must you mention LilSho.
                Thank you for asking my question. I figured it was for something like that. Well, either that.... or he was reallllly into Halloween decor.

                By the way, I DO NOT have an obsession with the darker side of life, thank you!


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                  Does the AdMan were boxers, briefs, or (thank you GX) boxer-briefs? I can't believe west didn't ask you that.
         * *


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                    Hey, read the disclaimer.


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                      Originally posted by west View Post
                      That was one of the stipulations. I said on no account must you mention LilSho.

                      Great, just great. You have ruined my whole day!


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                        Good job Adam and west!
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                          Very cool! Good job, west.


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                            Glad you guys enjoyed it.


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                              Originally posted by dlew6969 View Post
                              Well presented interview West..

                              And thanks Adam for the intelligent and informative replies.

                              Good stuff....
                              X2 Wonderful interview.