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MD 1 on 1 with RazorRipped

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  • MD 1 on 1 with RazorRipped

    Forum leader marcus300 interviews

    RazorRipped is known for his straight talking, no bull, hard-core attitude his Questions & Answer thread in the chemical section is one of the most read on MD, he has immense knowledge on every aspect of bodybuilding and with his outspoken style and hard-core views makes visiting the MD forums an entertainment and learning process for everyone. Iíve known RazorRipped for many years and he needs to be approached like a caged tiger and hopefully this interview will open up a little bit more of the RazorRipped world we don't know.

    marcus300: I know you have a very busy schedule and I would like to thankyou for finding the time to do this interview. I know your are a very private, humble and modest guy but could you give us some background please - Where abouts are you from? how old are you? and do we get to know your name?

    RazorRipped: Iím from north west Broward County, Fl. Same age as you bro, 40. I have to remain anonymous. If I didnít have the thread in the chem section, I wouldnít have any problem revealing who I am, but I donít want to be known around as " The steroid Guy". I see absolutely nothing positive coming from a label such as that. Boy, would my mom be proud of me!

    marcus300: What are your current stats,

    RazorRipped: I just had hydrostatic testing done the other day. I was 248 @ 10.31 % body fat. Iím a whopping 5 feet, eight inches tall.

    marcus300: Are you married and do you have any children?

    RazorRipped: Iím happily divorced with no children. Iíve been in a relationship for the last 5 years, but no plans for marriage. If it ainít broke, donít fix it!

    marcus300: At what age did you start bodybuilding and who were your influences?

    RazorRipped: Technically, I started lifting weights at 13, when my parents gave me a weight set for Christmas. Remember the old kind that had that plastic coating, and the core was sand-filled? I really didnít start to take it serious till I was around 18. But, I didnít aspire to be a bodybuilder. I wanted to be like the power lifters from the Eastern block countries. Man, I remember being 7 yrs old watching those guys on Wide World of Sports, on Saturday afternoons, and saying to myself "Iím going to be like them some day!". My parents found it odd Iíd stop whatever I was doing on Saturdays if they featured a power lifting meet from say Bulgaria, Russia, or one of the other Eastern block countries. The clincher probably for them was when they saw me pressing a log in the back yard on a beach chair at age 11. Iím sure they said to each other itís probably best we get him a real set of weights before he injures himself.
    Long story short, it wasnít till I was around 25 is when a friend of mine, who was an IFBB pro, convinced me to switch over to bodybuilding.
    As for a bodybuilding figure/figures I looked towards for inspirations, and who heavily influenced me in my early years? Dorian Yates, Mike Mentzer, Arthur Jones as well. It took me quite some time to understand their ideologies, but once I did, I started tinkering around with it, till one day I decided to turn my back on the high volume crowd and do my own thing. Best decision I ever made, just wish I did it sooner!

    marcus300: What kind of family do you come from and how was your childhood growing up?

    RazorRipped: Iím from an upper middle class family, Marcus. My father was an executive for an overseas corporation. He was traveling a lot when I was young, even into my teen years, so I really didnít get to know who my dad was till he retired from the corporation and opened his own businesses. After he settled into his new ventures, then we began spending a lot of time together, forming the father/ son bond.

    My mom was the typical stay at home housewife, taking care of the household while my father traveled. It was an immense amount of pressure on her, especially when I was very young. I was a quiet kid, but a mischievous kid too. That did help matters much at all. Between my shenanigans, running a very large home, and a baby sister, had her stressed out quite often. She did a great job though. Made sure we had everything we needed and then some. I played football/baseball when I was young, and she made the time to drive me to all my practices, as well as attend every single game. I definitely learned from her, at a very young age, how to be organized!

    So with all the above said, I had a very normal childhood. Played sports, got into as much trouble as possible, hated school, chased girls, drank beer like a fish, got arrested. You know, normal kid shit.

    marcus300: Whats a typical average days schedule look like for you?

    RazorRipped: I inherited a strong work ethic from my father, as well as discipline. So, just like my father was, I too am a workaholic. My day starts around 5 am, usually. I train clients til 11-12 in the afternoon. Take a few hour break, then head out to train more clients till around 9 pm. When I get home, Iíll hang on MD while Iím answering e mails to my on line clients, or talking on the phone with them. I usually have things wrapped up by midnight. I didnít mention I work 7 days a week. Only time Iím off is when Iím sick, which isnít often. Or I go on vacation, which again, isnít often either. I do take time off when I compete in either bodybuilding or tournament sports fishing.

    marcus300: What do you do in your spare time, outside bodybuilding?

    RazorRipped: Just like I stated in your last question bro. Iím into tournament sport fishing. Bill Fish and Shark to be more precise. Although I donít have the time I once had to enter the tournaments, I still follow the sport very closely. I did pretty well when I was active in the sport. I still hold some Florida Keys fishing records I set back in the 90ís. Won some cash, and a boat too. Thatís a very expensive sport bro. Entry fees back when I was really active ranged from 5-20 k depending upon the tournament. That didnít include hiring a boat, its captain, mate, and the gambling pools that went on off to the side. Itís one sport the economically challenged need not apply!

    Another interest of mine is the culinary arts. I actually went to college (Culinary Institute of America) to be a chef at 18. Long story short, my grandmother, on my fatherís side, had me on Sundays when I was young. She was an excellent cook and made everything from scratch. You name it. I knew how to make soups, sauces, pasta from scratch, pies, cakes, all before I was 10 years old! It was just some natural talent I was born with. Cooking came real easy to me. Effortless, and with my own creative input as well. By 15, everyone thought Iíd be a world famous chef, including myself. Anyway, that is why I went on to school, not that I needed it, because they didnít teach me much I didnít already know. I just needed the diploma. I finished 6th in my class, and went on to work at some very high end restaurants here in South Florida, til I realized what a commitment this was time wise. After 3 years I was burnt out from being in the kitchen 6 days a week for 14-15 hours a day. I said fuck this shit, Iíll just cook for family, and friends, and move on to something else.

    Reason I said all the above is because Iím very active in charity work in my spare time. I use my cooking talent as my way of helping the needy. I have several friends in the business, so when they are doing a charity benefit, Iím right there in my chef outfit cooking along with everyone else.

    When I have time, I still put on some extravagant dinner parties for family/ friends. I really enjoy doing that. Itís total freedom to experiment and be creative, without a fucking budget. I suppose the best perk of all knowing how to cook fine cuisine is the women. More than once I dropped a few jaws when I said Iíd cook for a woman I was dating at the time. They say food is the way to a manís heart. Iím not so sure about that. I know some women that get really turned on having a guy cook for them, and they can eat like a fucking horse too!

    marcus300: Doing charity work!!! can you elaborate a bit more please?

    RazorRipped: You know, marcus. I lived a blessed life, so far. I never had any of the financial hardships growing up, like many children had to endure. Fuck, I even eluded all the childhood diseases like mumps, chicken pox. I never even had my tonsils out! Even throughout the adult portion of my life, things have been great for me. No financial issues, no illnesses, just a divorce from a miserable bitch, is the worst I had to endure, so far anyway. I'm probably jinxing myself here. Tomorrow I'll get a audit letter from the IRS, and come down with terminal cancer (laughs). Anyway bro, growing up I was always taught to share, and be generous, if I could, and that followed me into my adult years. Long story short,years back, I entered, and won, a chili contest where all the proceeds went to the leukemia foundation. Afterwards, the people that ran the contest went around thanking all the contestants for their time and contribution to the cause. Hard to explain, but I felt really good about doing that cook off. Not that I won, but I was helping to make a difference in others lives. That's when I started going around to restaurateurs I knew well, also friends who were chefs, and told them next time they are doing a charity benefit for whatever cause, to please call me. So that is how that all got started bro. Here in south Florida, restaurants are always pooling together to help with a cause, whether it's AIDS, cancer, homeless, various children foundations, you name, I've participated in those events. It's fun. I enjoy doing it. I get to meet people, cook, and help out in my own way. I walk away from the events feeling good about myself, and I believe that has brought good Karma into my life as well.

    marcus300: You are known for your vast knowledge in all areas of bodybuilding, is it all from personal experience's or have you been educated in the field of nutrition/training?

    RazorRipped: While I was establishing myself in the business world, I went back to college (once more) , but only for me, to expand my knowledge so it would help my pursuits in the world of bodybuilding. I have degrees in applied physiology, sports nutrition, and applied exercise science. Between those teachings, and living in the trenches, constantly experimenting with diet, training and drugs, is how I accumulated the knowledge I have today.

    marcus300: What is it you exactly do for a living?

    RazorRipped: While I was working in corporate America, I was training people on the side. Mainly friends/girlfriends. After awhile, people started to approach me asking if I could make them look like the people I was training, and it eventually snow balled into me training people full time. I work with some people solely with their nutrition, and I do contest prep as well. Now that Iím very established, I pretty much only work with athletes. I canít bounce some fat ass around the gym on a Swiss ball. That isnít for me. Iíd going fucking crazy if I had to do that to put food on the table!

    marcus300: Have you worked with any pro's during contest prep?

    RazorRipped: No, simply because I donít network, or promote myself. I prefer staying in the shadows doing my own thing. Iím not looking to be some guru .I happen to value my privacy. I also like working with amateurs. Not much ego, and they are all hungry to learn and make progress, no matter what it takes. That alone drives me to push them to be the best they can be.

    marcus300: What are your personal goals/ambitions for the future?

    RazorRipped: Iím quite pleased with how things are right now. Iím not looking to expand, start a supplement company. Anything like that. The one thing I will do in the near future is open a studio to train my clients out of. I think thatís going to be a lot of fun. Iím certain my clients will love it too. No waiting to get on machines. You can wear whatever you want, curse when you want to, puke at the squat rack, scream, yell, grunt out your last set without having some old miserable bitch run to management complaining because she thinks the gym should be like some country club, she canít afford to belong to.

    marcus300: In the past you once said "I would rather die big, than die small" What's the journey been like trying to reach your goals ?

    RazorRipped: I remember saying that years back. Actually, I was insulting someone in the thread (go figure). I said, "I would rather die big, than die like a small, pencil neck fuck, like you!" (laughs)
    Itís been a pretty interesting journey, so far bro. Besides the times of frustration when things werenít going as planned, the learning process was amazing. As you know, Iíve always been big on self experimentation, so when an experiment went well, that was always a bright spot.

    Iíd have to say, the diet was the toughest thing to nail down. Every time you think you have it nailed, either your metabolism changes slightly, or you read something else and want to try that, even if it didnít work well for your metabolism. With diet, you really have to pay very close attention to your body to see what foods agree with you, and what items donít. That takes a lot of time going through various food types searching for foods right for you. Like many young guys today, I didnít pay near as much attention to the diet as I should have when I was younger. I thought the drugs would compensate for that. Boy, was I ever wrong! I know there are some out there that can eat whatever they want and stay lean, plus grow very well. But for the vast majority of us, if you want optimum results, and look great doing it to, you must be a fucking diet machine. A robot, if you will. Itís real easy to be a fat fuck in the gym. Anyone can do that. Just look around. The hardcore guys/gals are the ones who follow the diet 24/ 7. I really admire individuals like that. Thatís what separates the winners from the losers in this sport. Discipline!

    marcus300: Whats the best advice you would give someone new starting out in the world of bodybuilding?

    RazorRipped: Besides the clichť answers like do compound exercise in the beginning, get the mind muscle connection going blah bah. Young people really need to not only focus in training, but diet too. Another common mistake is young guys try to mimic routines of the proís. Doing so, is going to lead to a lot of frustration. Take the time to learn exercises that feel right for you and your body structure. Just because a certain exercise works for me, doesnít mean itís right for the next guy. While Iím talking about training, another valuable tool that is commonly over looked is a log book. Training is about having a plan, and following through with it. You need to document your successes, and failures to. This is how you learn. You canít go in the gym and randomly do this or that and expect to make progress. Buy a cheap composition book and plan out your weekly routine. This way when you hit they gym, you know exactly what you are going to do before hand, the weights to be used, the reps you did the previous week and so on. Lastly, be yourself. You were born with genetics that will bring you only so far in this sport. Donít ever once think youíll look like Branch Warren. You are going to look like you. So do the best you can, to be the best you can..
    Wait! Donít turn off the recorder just yet. Diet also is imperative. You can train properly, but if your diet is off by consuming too low of calories, or your macros are dramatically off, you wonít grow. Just like you can take all the drugs in the world, but if you train like a pussy, you arenít growing one bit.
    Ok, Iím done. You can turn that fucking thing off now.

    marcus300: How long did you train naturally when you first started bodybuilding?

    RazorRipped: Not long at all. Thing was, I wasnít even training to be a bodybuilder at the time. I was power lifting. In hindsight, that was the worst mistake I ever made! I put on some size, but I wasnít eating like a bodybuilder, so I looked like shit. I wasnít training like one either, so I grew out of proportion, and that took years and years to fix. Ah, the young and stupid. You couldnít tell me any different. I was like most other 19-20 yrs olds on the boards today. A know-it-all that knew absolutely nothing.

    marcus300: You are well known for experimenting with some excessive amounts of AAS (I should know ive been involved with some of them with you) but what concoction made the biggest impact on your size and condition?

    RazorRipped: (laughs) Yea bro, I did some crazy shit playing the size game. When the smoke all cleared, the single most outstanding combo, for me, hands down was/still is Testosterone, and high dose growth hormone. It was in front of me the whole time, but I was too blind to realize it. Think about it. What are the two predominant growth hormones in the male body? Need I say more?

    marcus300: What's the worse mistake you have done in relation to AAS?

    RazorRipped: Thatís an easy one. Running cycles too close together. Not only did I get a tolerance to the drugs, thus having to up the doses dramatically to get similar effects, it fucked my endocrine system for life. No brainer I was on HRT at 34 years old. You impatient, I want it all yesterday kids reading this shit?

    marcus300: What's your training program look like and which style do you prefer when building size?

    RazorRipped: I train HIT whether Iím looking to put on size, or dieting. When dieting, training style, and weights, that built the muscle, will retain the muscle. No one will ever convince me otherwise.
    For some time I was training a 3 day split, but recently I went back to my 4 day split, which for me, worked magnificently. When I get into contest prep, Iíll use the 4 day double split which in the past, also worked really well.
    My 4 day split is as follows. Youíll notice I use an exercise rotation as well.

    Rotation A

    Chest/ Bicep

    Smith machine incline press 1 set
    Hammer strength flat bench 1 set
    Incline BD fly 1 set

    Barbell curl 1 set
    Machine preacher 1 set
    DB hammer curl 1 set
    Delt/ Tricep

    Smith machine behind neck presses 1 set
    DB laterals 1 set
    DB hammer grip front raises 1 set

    Close grip presses 1 set
    Incline skull crusher 1 set
    Seated barbell extension 1 set


    Smith machine squat 1 set
    Leg press 1 set
    Leg extension 1 set

    Stiff leg dead lift 1 set
    Lying curls 1 set
    Standing curls 1 set

    Seated calve raise 1 set

    Back/rear delt

    Barbell row 1 set
    1 arm machine rows 1 set
    Hammer strength high row 1 set
    Pull over machine 1 set

    DB reverse incline fly 1 set


    Chest/ bicep

    Smith machine flat bench 1 set
    Hammer strength incline press 1 set
    Machine fly 1 set

    Preacher curl 1 set
    Seated DB curl 1 set
    cable curl 1 set


    Hammer strength machine press 1 set
    Wide grip upright row 1 set
    Barbell front raise 1 set

    Weighted dips 1 set
    Flat bench skull crusher 1 set
    Wide grip cable pushdowns 1 set
    ( I alternate grips between sessions, as well as use a rope at times)

    Quads/ Hams/calve

    Hack squat 1 set
    unilateral leg press 1 set
    machine squats 1 set

    Sumo presses( on leg press machine) 1 set
    1 leg lying curl 1 set
    1 leg static lunge 1 set

    Standing calve raise 1 set

    Back/rear delt

    Dead lift 1 set
    Hammer strength pull down 1 set
    Seated cable row 1 set
    Stiff arm push down 1 set

    Bent cable reverse fly 1 set

    marcus300: Whats your favorite bodypart?

    RazorRipped: Definitely back. First reason is I simply enjoy training that muscle group. And secondly, early on, when I first started training, my mentor taught me to pay close attention to areas you donít look at frequently. Everyone looks in the mirror and sees their chest, arms, delts, quads. That alone motivates people to want to train those areas harder, because itís easier to see progress being made. How many people in the gym do you see spinning around in the mirror to look at their backs? Very few, and that is one big reason why you donít see good backs on guys in the gym. They have good arms, delts, chest, but their backs look like a fucking lake! Another reason for a poorly developed back is people tend to lift far too heavy of weight when training back. Moving heavy weight from point A to point B isnít going to cut it. You have to work the muscle!

    marcus300: In your questions and answer thread in the chemical section you have given some really good dieting advice, what are the worse mistakes people do while trying to build muscle tissue and burn fat? and whats a typical daily food intake for yourself look like?

    RazorRipped: When people are looking to put on muscle tissue, they tend to consume far more food than they need to. On the flip side, some think they are consuming enough food, but instead are grossly under eating. Younger guys make this mistake often, while older guys tend to turn into blimps while in a mass phase.

    The most common mistake people make while dieting is dropping calories to fast. Everyone wants the fat to come off yesterday, and donít give the diet a chance to work. If you see minor changes in the mirror on a weekly basis, the diet is working. Dropping calories too fast just kills your metabolism, and makes getting lean very difficult. Oh, scales. Throw those evil fucking devices out the window. The scale is why people make the knee jerk reaction to drop calories too fast. Just because you might be the same weight 2 weeks in a row doesnít mean you arenít losing fat.

    My diet is all over the place bro. Iím constantly tinkering around with different food items, macro ratioís ect. But this ratio is what works really well for me when putting on size is 60/30/10, generally consuming 4300 calories per day.

    marcus300: Have you ever competed in any shows / competition?

    RazorRipped: Sure, but I didnít compete nearly as much as most would think I have for my age. I got wrapped up in the size game. If I didnít do well, or as well as I wanted, at a show, Iíd take a year or two off to pack on more size .I took Dorianís strategy to the extreme (laughs)

    Another reason why I didnít compete a helluva lot is because I didnít like the day of the show. I like the whole process leading up to the show, except cardio (laughs), but when it came time to step out on stage, I really didnít have that excitement most get. I really never gave a fuck what the judges were going to think. The prep was a personal challenge I loved, and I always showed up how I wanted to look. A few times I didnít like my conditioning 2-3 weeks out, and walked away from the show. Not that I looked bad, and wouldnít have placed, but I have very high standards set for myself, and if I went out on stage 90%, I wouldnít be able to live with myself.

    marcus300: Ive seen you argue many times over the years on many different forums, some of the arguements have been legendary. Have you always been right or have you ever been proven wrong?

    RazorRipped: The debates I used to get involved in were always controversial topics with no science at all to back up either partyís case. No one wins those debates. Hopefully, when the smoke cleared, everyone would still remain friends. Itís when they turned into pissing matches is when things got ugly (laughs). Thatís when the threads turned legendary, as you say.

    Hmmm, canít recall anyone beating me in any of those threads gone array. Unlike nowadays, back then I posted exactly what was on mind at the time. No holds barred (laughs)

    marcus300: What's your biggest fear in life?

    RazorRipped: I donít have any fears bro. Why should I sit around fearing the unknown?

    marcus300: Ive seen you attack some well know bodybuilders/experts over the forums but who are the people you respect and look up to?

    RazorRipped: I always respectfully debated bodybuilders, itís the so called experts who always got under my skin. Particularly, the researchers with no real life experience to back up their nonsensical claims.

    As for people I respect in the industry, there are far too many to name, bro. The list would entail competitors, trainers, nutritionist, and right up to some of the people that write about /photograph them.

    marcus300: Can you ever see yourself stopping bodybuilding in the future?

    RazorRipped: On a competitive level, yes. But Iíll never stop training bro. If I can remain injury free, Iíll train til they throw me in the ground. Hell, Iíve been lifting weights since I was 13 yrs old, so itís more than lifestyle for me; itís a part of who I am.

    marcus300: What 3 things could you not do without in your life?

    RazorRipped: In no particular order. Jerking off, training, and jerking off. I know itís only two thing, but hey, itís the truth!

    marcus300: And finally is there anything else you would like to say or tell us?

    RazorRipped: You grilled me pretty good here bro. You opened me up to touch on topics even some of my friends donít know about me. But Iíd like to thank you for the interview, and having me over to your flat here in London. If you donít mind, I do have one question for you bro. Donít you have a fucking maid?

    marcus300: Sorry for the mess mate, but I divorced the maid 1 year ago (laughs).
    Thankyou very much for being so open with your answers, it was a pleasure for me.

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    very interesting
    thank you both
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      Awesome fucking interview!

      Nark's Place:
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        Good Shit.


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          Great interview!!!!!!


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            Great insight on a board legend!


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              Thank You for this interview.
              RR is one of the real persons i call GURU, here. Always willing to help
              and gives the right advices. He know his stuff really well. Glad
              he's here, very much so. Hope to catch up with him next time i go around the FL area!
              MD should consider a new mag column for RR.


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                GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!
                Thank you both


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                    AWESOME interview!! Great to see that Marcus took the time to put that together and thanks for taking the time to answer it all RR!!!


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                      Originally posted by JohnnyStyles View Post
                      RR is one of the real persons i call GURU, here. Always willing to help

                      MD should consider a new mag column for RR.
                      ^^Despite thinking that RR is one of the meanest sumnabitches that i know, I'm very with you on this one.

                      That he knows his shit is indisputable.

                      It would be great to burden this mean old man with the 'task' of writing every month.

                      I would read it... definitely!
                      Nark's Place:
                      Nark's Facebook:


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                        That was real good...thanks guys, would have loved to read a few of those legendary threads...Im 42 and Im just finding out that there is more than just porn online


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                          Thank you both, very much.


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                            Excellent read. So, RR, you get less than 5 hours sleep a night? Fuck!


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                              Thanks everyone. Even you too Nark

                              West, I take naps in the afternoon