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MD 1 on 1 w/ veteran bodybuilder Michelle Brent!

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  • MD 1 on 1 w/ veteran bodybuilder Michelle Brent!

    ~MD 1 on 1 Forum Leader Interview with Bodybuilding Veteran....Michelle Brent!~

    TP: You have been competing since the mid 80s! What keeps you coming back after all these years?

    MB:Well Tammy let me give you a quick run down of my bodybuilding career. I started in 1985. Officially with the NPC since 1986. I'm not going to list all my shows, but I want everybody to know that I am the longest running 'Top" amateur female bodybuilder. The only years I did not compete are 1987 to have my son, 1995 when I opened my own gym, and 2002 to have a hernia surgery.
    I've had 6, yes count them 6 second place finishes at the North American alone.( Just recently this year) Okay, I'll list at least these years, 1991, 1992,1994,2006,2007 and 2008.
    So what keeps me going? I love. love , love to compete! I love the challenge every year to take control of my body and mind to prepare for one of the most challengng endeavors an athlete can endure. You need to know that I have been an athlete most of my life, playing sports like tennis, softball, field hockey, and volleyball in High School and in college. It's the true athlete in me that continues to strive to improve and feel that I did my job to look better each year. And at the young age of 51(birthday is Sept. 28th) I feel I can keep on improving.

    TP: You have been called the "pro without a pro card". Have you gotten discouraged over the years getting so close?

    MB: Thanks Tammy for that comment. Everywhere I go I have people ask me if I'm a pro, I get tongue tied and don't know what to say, so my husband Bill says it for me, yes she's a pro! Just recently when we were in London, I had so many people ask if I had been on T.V.. They must think I am Joanna Thomas from the "Super-Size She" documentary. LOL!
    I have gotten discouraged, this year was really hard for me after the Masters, I felt like I looked my best and was the tightest I could be with also paying attention to my overall appearance(make-up hair, tan dark enough, presentation and of course my routine, which you all may know I love to perform! When I was called third, there was a few boos throughout. the audience. It hurt me for a few weeks, and then I bounced back again to do the N.A. I like to maintain a professional "attitude" to set an example for us as female bodybuilders

    TP: In the last year, you have made a major move to Conneticut. Has this been a positive experience for both training and your personal life?

    MB: Oh my God Tammy, I love Connecticut. Remember I am originally from California, so when I moved from there to Philadelphia, that was sort of a shock. I lived pretty close to downtown and it took some time to adjust to the bustle of that. Where I live now in Newington, Ct. is a joy. I live in a burb Bill and I kiddingly call "Mayberry", it's so quite. My gym is the bomb, the owners are so supportive and I feel I've lived there all my life. All major stores are so close I can walk. So to say it's been a positive experience so far, YES!!

    TP: You are owner of Michelles Magic Morsels. Tell us a bit about it and how you got started?

    MB: Well, when I was in California I worked in a bakery at one time and I always loved to cook and bake anyway. When all the protein bars started getting popular, I tried most of them and then I thought about putting protein in my cookie dough. I brought them to a local show and they sold good, but I didn't pursue it then cause of other things. I had my own gym and was a single mom trying to make ends meet. Then when I got remarried and came out East, Bill encouraged me to try again and so today I came came up with the name Michelle's Magic Morsels. cute huh?
    Of course you can check them out on my site at ;>)

    TP: How has your training changed over the years? Any injuries you have to be careful of?

    MB My training really hasn't change that much in the 23 years I have been at it. In the beginning I would do the 3 on 1 off, kind of basic idea. I did powerlift for a little while, and during the years of Bayside Fitness( my gym of 5 years) that's when I started doing heavier training. I had these guys in my gym that convinced me to do some meets and I did do a few, mainly push and pull(just bench and deadlifting). Now I do more instinctive training. When I feel I need time off for a couple days I'll do it. I do my weakest bodyparts now two times a week.
    Tammy, believe it or not I don't have and never had any major injuries. A few aches and pains in joints now, but that has been it.!! I do have a Lat. tear, but that was not done in the gym(don't ask how I did it, LOL)

    TP: Being recently remarried, is your husband also involved with bodybuilding?

    MB:Yes, Bill is totally involved in the sport. He has been lifting himself for 25 years and started competing himself when he was in his teens up to 1994. I got him out of retirement and convinced him to compete with me last year and he did this year too.. We prep together well believe it or not! He has the best attitude!! always so positive.

    TP: What is your most memorable show?

    MB:My most memorable show. Well I have two, one good, one bad! 1999, when I came in 2nd in the Nationals. During the later 90's I was building up my placings in this show. I was so excited for the next year, then what happens? I missed my class by 2 pounds in 2000 and ended up a heavy. This was when there was only three classes. I believe I would of won my class that year.

    TP: Who do you admire in and out of the sport?

    MB: I've always admired Kim Chizevsky(I competed in the NA she won, 1992, when she received her pro card). She went on to bring her physique to astronomical proportions and always improved on her femininity in the process. Then the IFBB changed there minds and wanted smaller and she didn't want to be the scapegoat and simply stopped competing. I love the fact that she decided to have a family and has two beautiful children, and she is still involved in the sport. Out of the sport, I would have to say my friend from California Edrik Syx. He was born with spinae bifida and at 10 years old lost total feeling in his legs, confining him to a wheelchair. We used to train together and it was heart inspiring to me. I would have to help him with doing his pull ups and help him on and off pieces of equipment. He wanted to do a wheelchair show but other things happened medically at the time, so he never did. I think of him at times and it brings me back to reality that I am truly blessed at what I have and the physique God gave me.

    TP: Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you?

    MB:Well Tammy, I used to compete at what is called "Railroad handcart racing" Other bodybuilders, the late Shelly Beatty and Nicky Fuller used to do this also. Its the old fashion handcarts with the crossmember in the middle. They are held in Northern Calif, and also in Canada. I was on a team of 4(two guys and two gals). We raced against a clock and the best time won. I was on the team that won like 4 or 5 years in a row(I was on it for two, 1995,96. It was a blast!! I used to kid that I won a Nationals, because this was the biggest race of the year called the National Handcart Races.

    TP:What is next for Michelle Brent?

    MB: Whats next, hmmm?? Probably the Masters AGAIN. I've been doing this one since the beginning of the pro card status in 2005. Possibly finally going into the Heavyweight class. I was told at the Masters I was "flat" hmmm?? I think it's time after 23 years to go heavy.

    TP:What would you like to see change in womens bodybuilding?

    MB:Boy thats a loaded question. The most I want to see is more in the judging. I'm sure most agree with me. To see it stay consistent and reward the most muscular(relative to the class), ripped and paid to details(hair, makeup suit fit, skin color) athlete period!!!!

    TP: Do you have any pets or children?

    MB:I have one 21 year old son who is serving his country in the Army(he has done one tour already to Iraq, and will be going to Afganistan next summer) I have a crazy cat, Dehlila, I call her my cat-dog. She follows me everywhere. I had rescued her in California and I wasn't going to leave her behind.

    TP: What is your favorite...
    tv show?
    things to do in your down time?

    MB:fav food!! A great medium rare steak and ice cream!!! Yummy
    music. i like all kinds, mostly dance type music(love to dance!!)
    tv show. I don't watch much regular TV. CNN, sports!!
    movie American Beauty, Godfather series!!
    In my down time, I love to go to pro sport events, mainly baseball. I love to read, and now that I have the space around my condo, garden. Hopefully more time to do it next season.

    TP:What are your pet peeves?

    MB:pet peeves. Well lets just just leave it at phony, loud people!!

    TP: What is the hardest part of prep?

    MB: Answer: For me it seems to be the diet in the middle part of the prep. Say if I'm dieting for 14 weeks, 7 weeks into it seems to get hard. The beginning is good, I'm ready to start dieting, and at the end there is "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak. But that middle part is always a challenge for me. I have to curb myself from licking my fingers when I'm making my cookies. LOL!!!

    TP: Who helps you with your prep? Does it change show to show?

    MB:I've done my own prep almost my whole career. In the later 90's when I was really starting to improve, I was with a guy named Joe Mesa who figured out what was best for me, and I've used his techniques pretty much since then. I've change maybe the amount of carbs I do now(lower) and cardio, but it stays pretty much the same from show to show. whats the saying? "if it's not broke, don't fix it?? Bill now helps me in the sense that he pushes me and keeps me on track and as he says in his owns words, he's my best cheerleader. I love you billyboo! ;>))

    TP: What is the biggest mistake you have made in prepping for a show?

    MB: Biggest mistake. In 2000, I was supposed to do a mild diuretic to make weight the next day. I used it before and I knew it would work, but this gal who actually was competing herself(don't ever listen to a depleted bodybuilder!) convinced me otherwise. And as I said earlier I didn't end up making weight.

    TP: Thank you MIchelle. Anything else you would like to add in closing?

    MB: The one thing I want everybody to know is, I have to admit it will hurt if I never get my pro card, but I'll NEVER GIVE UP!, I'm a true athlete, and I am so very thankful I have a beautiful life with my husband, a loving family and healthy heart and soul.

    Team-TammyFitness code TAMMY

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    Thank you for the interview, ladies! Good job


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      wow, Tammy thanks for putting up my interview so fast!! I really appreciate it!!! Now to a good off season and come back next year even better!!
      IFBB Pro (at last)


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        your most welcome michelle..thanks for doing it!
        Team-TammyFitness code TAMMY


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          I enjoy reading these interviews! Michelle & her amazing husband Bill are good friends of mine..I truly love and admire Michelle on and offstage! I have always looked up to you as you were the first woman bbr I ever saw in person...I remember thinking "wow!" thats looks beautiful....May god bless you in everything you do and you always follow your heart! You are an inspiration and role model for soo many woman....You sure make 50 look amazing...I hope I look that good! Enjoy your offseason I will be ordering my cookies after the Olympia! (for those of you that havent tried them must!) Much love always to you and Bill!


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            Thanks dEbbie, Bill and i had a blast and got a lot of 'LOVE" from the Brita when we went to London. We went to thisa nightclub and I felt like a celebrity!!
            Wish we were going to the "O", Good Luck girl, my heart will be on your shoulders!!
            IFBB Pro (at last)


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              Hey Michelle great interview. You are an inspiration to me and all female bodybuilders. Look forward to a good off season. I'll be starting my off season hopefully in about 6 weeks, which will give me about 10 weeks since Team U. My infection is healing and the 10 weeks should be plenty of time. Love to Bill. See you soon.

              Love LeaAnn and Louie
              2008 Team Universe HW Champ - Gym Owner


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                Originally posted by Michelle Ivers-Brent View Post
                Thanks dEbbie, Bill and i had a blast and got a lot of 'LOVE" from the Brita when we went to London. We went to thisa nightclub and I felt like a celebrity!!
                Wish we were going to the "O", Good Luck girl, my heart will be on your shoulders!!
                It was great speaking with you and Bill tonight...I just love and adore you both....2 of my favorite people! keep in touch..and like I said I will be putting my order in for yummy protein...I cant remember which one I liked in stood I guess I ahve to try them all...hahaha You are loved and admired by soo many...keep doing your thing!


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                  Great interview and you are absolutely gorgous Michelle and do not look 50....Wow!


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                    thanks alot. I'm also very thankful for the full article Steve W. did on me!!
                    I'm excited for things to come in 09. Watch out for me as a hyvtwt!! These were taking a week after N.A this yr sitting around 150-152
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                    IFBB Pro (at last)


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                      Hey Deb, time to order cookies!! Order now and I'll give ya a half dozen on the house.
                      So should I be a hvywt??

                      IFBB Pro (at last)


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                        Hey michelle how are you guys? Hope all is look great!
                        Learn the rules of the game. And then you play it better than anyone else.


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                          Hey Michelle
                          Great Interview. Looking forward to seeing you clean house at tyour contest
                          If you can DREAM it, you can DO it -Walt Disney