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Nerd news- BOINC volunteer grid computing science projects.

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  • Nerd news- BOINC volunteer grid computing science projects.

    What is BOINC?

    BOINC is a software program that was developed by a team in Berkeley University California, led by Dr David Anderson who started one of the original volunteer computing projects called [email protected] The concept behind the BOINC software started in the late 1990's with the idea of scientists using the power of peoples home computers to carry out science research. This idea was incredibly popular and millions of people were volunteering their computers spare capacity to the [email protected] project. So Dr Anderson made the software avalable to other scientists around the world so that they could use the power of volunteer computing to carry out their scientific research in the same way.

    So in 2004, they launched the BOINC project so any scientist could use the software and volunteers around the world could get involved in real science on their home computer. Since it started, all most 10 million people around the world have downloaded BOINC software and run one of these science projects. Today there are more that 50 of these science projects and about 1.5 million people running BOINC on their home or work computers and putting their computers spare capacity to good use for science.

    By downloading the BOINC software onto your computer, you can connect YOUR COMPUTER any number of science projects around the world. This is volunteer computing and means that if you connect your computer to one of these BOINC projects, some of your computers spare time and capacity will be used to process scientific data for that project. The BOINC software just runs in the background on your computer and will have very little effect on the way you normally use your computer from day to day. Its very safe, its free and its doing good for many valuable science projects around the world.

    So by allowing BOINC to run in the background on your computer, you will be helping science in many areas like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy and much more.
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    I am running Charity Engine on the BOINC platform. It is volunteer computing using BOINC and it helps science and medicine also but raises money for Oxfam and other charities
    and also I think you get to win spot prizes. There's a guy on there that's won $10K for running it. Same thing as above really.