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Happens every page here

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  • Happens every page here

    Every pageload here I get a popup to either allow or cancel:

    Top blue border says its Microsoft Program

    From says: (ocassionaly different and never the same once it changes)

    Address: hcp://services/search?query=anything&topic=hcp://system/sysinfo/sysinfomain.htm%A%%A%%A

    Kaspersky says its a possible trojan exploit but those programs are sensitive to patterns and it's not always sinister.

    Since this happens every pageload and only at this site I'm thinking I just need to stop coming to this site to fix it but I am open to suggestions
    Happy holidays from the DEA. You can thank GeorgeForemanRules.

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    A couple days ago it did seem there was a trojan on this site. Firefox safe scan which used googles indexing statistics blocked this site for about a day and a half. It seems like it it cleaned up now because I get no more warnings.
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      Yea Teddy, it resolved when everybody elses did. I saw that people were posting and since it took quite an effort just to get the next page to load i thought it was just mine
      Happy holidays from the DEA. You can thank GeorgeForemanRules.