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How to post PDF articles to forum

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  • How to post PDF articles to forum

    How to post PDF articles to forum

    Most friends join forums of different subjects to ask for answer of their misgivings, hoping to find a way out. It is true, discussion forum is always the best place to get quick feedback of a question. However, PDF is not an acceptable article format in forums post, which disturbs lots of friends.

    Method 1. Turn to a third-party PDF host website for help

    Most people often upload their PDF articles to a third party website such as ZohoDocs, Google Docs, etc for an URL, and then embed the .pdf extension hyperlink in their forum post. Followers will read the PDF articles only when hitting the .pdf extension URL and completely download the PDF files. In order to ensure the successful download, the one who wants to read the PDF article should have Adobe Reader installed on his/her PC. That is to say, if your follower don't use Adobe Reader ever, then it is impossible for him/her to read your PDF article.

    Method 2. Convert PDF to Word doc. or Text files before post

    It seems not clever to copy and paste your PDF article to the forum post, sometimes the layout will be totally changed and you have to manage the article layout from time to time.

    Then PDF to Word Converter will be your wise choice, it saves much labor for you. Such software can easily change PDF to Word doc. for you with several mouse clicks. What's more, the quality is reliable because of the preserving of layout, pictures, tables and hyperlinks of original PDF material. Besides, you can transfer your PDF files to Text txt document by a PDF to Text convert.

    After the conversion, you can just copy and paste the output Word or Text article to your new thread or reply of discussion forum and then post it.

    If you don't want to post the whole PDF files, you can convert several selected pages and then copy them for post.

    Method 3. Convert PDF to image files before post

    Almost all discussion forum support JPG and PNG, etc image. So it is workable to change PDF article to an JPG image and then embed the image to a discussion thread.

    Step 1: Transfer PDF files to image with PDF to Image Converter on your PC.

    Specific PDF pages can be converted to image if you just need to post several passages of your PDF article.

    Step 2: Upload Image to website such as Flickr, Photobucket, etc.

    You have to host your image to an image acceptable third-party website because what really need in some forum thread is the image URL. After uploading the image to Flickr, Photobucket, etc, you will be provided with an image URL.

    Step 3: Insert image to thread

    Go to thread post area, click image inserting icon and paste the image URL in the blank, and then click "Insert," the image will be embedded in the thread.

    Reply to Topic.jpg

    Step 4: Submit your thread.

    Method 4. Convert PDF to flash video before post

    Flash video can be accepted can posted in most discussion forum threads.

    Step1: Turn PDF article to Flash video with a PDF to Flash Converter.

    PDF to Flash Converter can easily convert your PDF files to forum supported flash SWF format files.

    Step 2: Upload the SWF files to Youtube or other video hosting website.

    Find a third-party website to host your flash video is essential, because you need a video URL in your forum thread next. And only upload flash video to Youtube successfully can you get the link.

    Step3: Embed the flash video to thread.

    Log in to your forum account, start a new thread and then click the video inserting icon in the post editing area, and paste the provided flash URL in the blank, next to click "insert."

    11Reply to Topic.jpg

    Step 4: Click "Submit" to post your thread.

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    Very cool, thanks for posting this.


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      Great site if you need to convert to a PDF, compress, merge or resize a PDF for free.

      There is a max file size per upload, so the best way to avoid this is to have your document in word (doc.docx,etc) format.

      The instructions are basic but if your PDF is still too large after converting (before compression, 5MB limit.FREE Version) choose the

      Output Format: PDF/A

      Output Intent: sRGB

      this *should* take your 5+MB PDF down to 100-200kb.



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        Free PDF to Word Converter

        Here is a link to the Best (IMO), Free PDF to Word Converter:

        Free PDF Solutions

        It's simple and easy to use.

        There is another PDF to Word converter that has been out since 2008 by but I think it's junk compared to the Free PDF Solutions.

        Also, if you visit the PDF Solutions website ( you can download (Windows Only) the following for free:

        FREE PDF to JPG

        free pdf to jpg.JPG

        FREE PDF to WORD

        free pdf to word.JPG

        FREE PDF to HTML

        free pdf to html.JPG

        FREE JPG to PDF

        free jpg to pdf.JPG

        Free PDF Unlocker



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          Cool, thanks for the info.


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            Good info.
            Ah shucks BK is fine wit me. I'm low maintenance" Beni Mama


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              Originally posted by conofvis View Post
              Here is a link to the Best (IMO), Free PDF to Word Converter:

              Free PDF Solutions

              It's simple and easy to use.

              Here is the link again. Copy/Paste.