Quanta Research Cambridge and MIT researchers collaborated to develop software that amplifies color changes and movements in video that are invisible to the naked eye. The software allows you to 'see' a person's pulse by magnifying the color of the person's skin, and to 'see' a person breathing by amplifying the subtle changes in movement.

Quanta Research Cambridge has created this web application so that you can experiment with the software on your own videos and with some of our sample videos. To try it out, simply upload a video below, or choose one of the videos from the public gallery, and hit magnify. You will be directed to a new page so that you can customize your video magnification parameters, and then see the results. For more information on the technology, please visit the
MIT Project Site.

We would love to hear your feedback on Videoscope. To contact us, please send us an email at
[email protected].com.

Copy/paste the link and you can upload and test the software yourself: