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  • MW3

    Anyone here play on XBOX LIVE? Hit me up gamer-tag: sovicious

    I rented Black Ops 2 from Redbox and was impressed with the upgrades in visuals but especially the sound ranges. But, I specifically didn't care too much for the actual multiplayer gameplay... I liked the game response time as far as character movement, but a lot of the assault rifles felt too similar. Like I was using the same gun.

    For a couple days i would run around with the .45 pistol(upgraded) and would mow people down, ending up on top of the leader board regularly. (which is unrealistic) And that is why I think I didn't care too much for the game. Too unrealistic.

    So until MW4 comes out, I'm sticking with MW3.

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    The only thing keeping me from 7th prestige is running around at lvl 80 with the RPG... love it.